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  • rudra_00 1w

    Thanks for following my posts. Adieu.

  • rudra_00 1w

    the sun sets for good
    sucked dry of his light
    by the long shadows of humans
    in queues -
    queues in front of bus-stands
    queues in front of railway counters
    queues in front of liquor stores
    and whore houses
    and police stations

    the sun's light was free
    but it wasn’t perpetual;
    it needed the love of a mortal
    to burn

  • rudra_00 1w

    There are times I test myself
    There are times I want to remind myself that this glee is just a bubble
    and the world is still unforgiving to me
    There are times I torment myself
    to remind me of pains past and present
    There are times I don't talk to you
    and believe me when I say
    it is unbearable

  • rudra_00 1w

    It is hard. But I have borne rocks on my chest. This, though, is a mountain. Yes it is tough. But I can do it - I can float in the river like autumn's last leaves. I can never tell you that I love you. My rancorous breath will bring you misfortune. But I can stay away from you.

  • rudra_00 1w

    I do not belong to you. I just love you.

  • rudra_00 1w

    Dear Stargazer!

    I am waging a war
    just as I speak
    armed with a pen
    and blood in its belly

    And you there
    are too young and naive
    to fathom all the lies
    in the belly of the beast

    "The beast" do I say!
    What better name to give
    to a world that is shrinking
    in a fishnet of hate!

    Dear Stargazer
    You are every shade of blue
    in a palette full of red
    and the gray of the tarmac
    and the black of the night!

  • rudra_00 2w

    When I take my own life
    I deny others the invitation
    to a feast!
    How mean of me!

  • rudra_00 2w

    I haven’t written in a while

    and why should I?
    I barely resemble a human;
    I'm just a creature that walks on two feet
    I'm supposed to eat
    but I scrounge with the dogs
    and because of that
    they love me
    I'm supposed to breathe
    but I can hold my breath
    longer than the petunias take to bloom
    and because of that
    I am a permanent addict
    of the east side park benches
    I am supposed to be stable
    and calm
    and mindful
    But I drift every now and then
    with the shooting stars of the night

    O yes!
    I almost forgot!
    I am supposed to be loved
    like the frantic lover I was;
    During one of my seizures
    I realised I cannot clutch on to
    a breathing breast like a sinking man
    clinging on to a straw for dear life
    I can however be a monument
    like the ones strewn across the city-
    high perches for the birds to shit on
    ....and monuments do not talk...
    they just stare at the lovers at their feet

    © Hirak

  • rudra_00 2w

    9 months?

    But I have known and loved you
    for a thousand years
    And I have drifted like a dry leaf
    from generation to generation
    seeking you out everywhere I fell

  • rudra_00 2w

    I cut out a ring from the muzzle of a gun for the Blue Bird in my heart!