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  • rukeiyahh 4w

    D E P R E S S I O N

    Ever wonder why humans get depressed?

    I mean, even the little things get them depressed.

    It’s not so difficult to pick out a depressed human when almost all of them are depressed at one point or another.

    I’m trying to sound positive but I sound as depressed as those humans.

    In-between, I’ve lost the true meaning of depression and I need a compass..

  • rukeiyahh 7w

    A W A Y

    I want to go away from here
    Leave all my woes behind
    I want to go away to a place that’s very quiet
    If wishes were horses, I would have gone away forever.


  • rukeiyahh 12w

    H O P E

    I’m very sad tonight
    I can’t explain the hurt I feel
    Something died inside me this day
    I felt something else in its place
    I suddenly feel wiser, not stronger
    Scary? Yes, but I embraced it
    Maybe it’s HOPE!
    For better days, I HOpE!

  • rukeiyahh 16w


    My worries are so arrogant
    They strut around like they own the place.
    Had to get rid of them with smiles and good vibes!

  • rukeiyahh 17w

    ME (6)

    Stranger: “Give selectively...”
    Me: “Don’t give at all...”

    Next day
    Me: “This is the last time I’m going to forgive it...”

    I’ve said that **** a ..illion times!

  • rukeiyahh 17w

    S A D

    I found solace here, within
    Exhausting the ink as I’ve exhausted my feels.
    The spills are sadder than most on cold nights.

    In the morning?
    I smile so wide it hurts 😁

    Not again!

  • rukeiyahh 18w

    The One That Left

    I left the lights on
    But, you never showed
    The next morning, I was cold.

    Night came and I slept in the dark
    You never showed.

  • rukeiyahh 20w



  • rukeiyahh 20w

    C L A S H of E M O T I O N S

    What I feel can’t be translated
    Not in the language I understand
    Clash of emotions
    Rooted at the core
    The pain of loss
    Fear of seeing it fall apart
    The stance they all took
    Dragging me along with
    I don’t know why I’m not fighting back
    I’m not weak
    I just need to feel the pain
    So I can heal 😔

  • rukeiyahh 46w


    Find happiness within and not with no-one.
    Find peace within and have a good life.
    Find love with yourself and you might get lucky.
    Find your happy place but your home should be with you at all times.
    Find a balance, never let yourself go .
    Find your strength and let your weakness go.

    Find something!