I just want to cry for no reason let the numb wounds ejected from my broken soul

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  • rumanrulesneverend 1w

    I realized
    I'm still breathing
    it was too late, to stand
    on my feet back again,
    the broken pieces of my heart,
    which freezes from ages, was bleeding
    in his poetries in an appearance of betrayal
    I know, now I should stop writing about him, cause
    the poetries he named "Me". as the story he wrote
    about our love, was. all are in a blazing the paper
    by itself. I wish, I could stop myself before,
    I lay down in the bed of the grave
    with the blanket of soil
    and with the regret of
    loving "You".
    now I'm
    "I" not "you".
    we're just a chapter
    of the past not a future
    of the poet and nor the hope
    of the reader neither the bliss of
    of course
    we are
    not a
    of the broken
    heart soul in an
    appearance of a

    hold the right
    of giving
    to those
    falling stars
    of their own
    died jasmine
    of your garden
    blooming in the tears
    of herself and screaming
    in her an own graveyard with
    the rose he planted on
    my grave,
    it was
    with my tears
    and trust me it scream too.

  • rumanrulesneverend 1w

    When I said I want to live in a poet sonnet forever as a metaphor. he was scribbling overnight he made his eyes sleepless and an open eye dream to write a book on me. before I hug the death. the sickness I'm suffering from will soon take me to the grave.

    I may bury in a grave and the earth covers me with his peace, but I want to live in his words as a poetry as an inspiration and as an healthy love. so I may breath in afterworld too. I'm not begging for the life I just wanted to breath.

    actually, he won't like to pen down his emotions on a paper, he scared cause of, may the ink gives you a life, but if a single drip of water fell down on a paper, it will fade the words as well as the interrelation between the writer and the reader.

    the interrelation between a writer, an ink, the paper, and the words are like the moon, the stars and the grey skies. alike the moon is nothing without a gloomy sky as well as a writer is nothing without an ink.

    If a writer, writes about heartbreak a reader felt the pain. If a writer, writes about love, a reader kiss the essence of forever. If a writer, writes a stories of fairy tales a reader will imagine themselves in a heaven of promises of trust, through his words.

    a writer can make a weak person strong. a writer can give you the wings of freedom. a writer can write the whole world on you. a writer can paint your life with joyful colours or can just leave you in a gloomy birth till death. and a writer can write me as you and you as me. when a writer bleeds with his words, it feel like a falling star, which every anthropoid wish for.

    he believes a writer can change the whole universe with his words. and can live with his own imaginative world of fantasy. but still he scared of writing, cause how the flawless words the emotions the love the promises would leave somewhere in this poetries only.

    what if it happens? may you live in those poetries, but I can't abide if someone fall for you. I write, you I read you, but only I can paint you with my love. I'll be a writer, but I'll never make a poetry on you, I'll write my heart to you, but I wouldn't name "You".

    cause I know whoever reads you they lost themselves in the ocean of your love and those poetries, which I named you. you are mine and I don't want to share you by writing on you. my selfish and selfless love for you never allow me to let others read you.

    a writer is a king of his own fantasy. but the love role who plays within those poetries of a writer, a reader falls for.
    a writer will die someday, but the ink he bleeds with his heavy heart will never.

  • rumanrulesneverend 2w

    when you touched my infertile lips
    with your rough lips
    how blissing moment it's for me,
    when you turned the autumn season
    of my life in a spring season with your
    growing seeds of love every second.

    I found myself lonely
    your hazel brown eyes are like
    twinkling stars which gives me
    a warm feeling of you are my home,
    as I'm making a wish from
    falling stars to stay forever with me.

    I confess my love to you
    the glowing face of yours
    when you see your image in my eyes
    with some shyness that shining smile
    of yours like a moon, which taking
    away all my gloomy sides, just like
    it's raining on barren land after ages.

    the love we make
    the romance we do
    with the kisses of promises,
    cuddling of trust,
    with the child of understanding,
    holding hands like dark has held
    the moon forever, staying with
    each other like bloom holds the
    erotic essence after drying too.

    the love we've for each other
    will never let us die, may we stop
    breathing today if not tomorrow
    but your heart always feel the presence.

    when you step in my graveyard
    with a bunch of red roses and with Itar
    and started performing prostration with
    shedding tears on my grave those tear
    drops absorb the soil, feeding my numb
    dead body with those holy drops. and
    making me again your worship with
    your pure love, my freezing heartbeat
    and my captive soul, both are released
    cause how strong was your worship which
    can bring me back after stepping in the hereafter.

    After getting a new life
    may you can't touch me
    but you can feel me, the deep.
    when I heard your heartbeat again,
    which whispering my name with
    yearning, again I'm dead being dead,
    how your inner self was screaming
    the wounds, I've given for you which
    broken you from inside still your
    pretending how strong you're yet feeble.

    when my soul touches your soul,
    I feel the purity of paradise.
    as I'm in the heaven after death

    I slay myself for the sake of keeping you alive


  • rumanrulesneverend 3w

    Senseless! (._.)

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    me a life with
    his breathtaking
    serene poetries on me,
    I slept
    forever in the
    graveyard with the
    pinned jasmine in my hairs,
    I can sense his exotic love essence
    in my afterworld too, which is so unreal

  • rumanrulesneverend 3w

    write an end
    to you then maybe,
    I can die without a regret that.
    I let my own heart die while breathing you

  • rumanrulesneverend 4w

    the stars you left on my creamy lips,
    while making love pure will never ceases
    me to adore the moon, as the grey skies
    come with peacefully every night to
    keep calm many broken hearts, which
    screams all the day by choking the breath
    of mine, which I used to breath with your mouth.

    may, the rain falls as per the season,
    but the clouds of you're sky always
    made me sob in your love.

    maybe, the leaves of trust fall down
    on earth as per the season,
    but your betrayal buried me in
    the hell of my blind adherence on you.
    and this seeds of trust will never
    gonna grow this tree of trust,
    again and this season will never
    gonna wish of growing again the old
    trusted seeds in next season. well,
    how can I break my heart again.

    the winter season comes
    with a hope of bliss, that this cold
    weather bring closer to the couples
    who haven't spend a quality time
    together, lying side by side of their
    own bed, still the distance between
    them never, let em come closer

    just, like plucked rose craves for love,
    but the rose never found a true lover,
    but the aroma of this bloom can make
    you fall in love but with a fear of losing it as well

  • rumanrulesneverend 4w

    The only thing we lived is memories.

    did you
    recall the nights
    we spend together
    on the roof. the dream
    we lived. and the portrayal
    of ours, which we've painted
    on the gloomy deep sky with
    the colour of love
    one star
    which always
    so closed to the heart
    of the moon, has never left
    the moon in her loneliness isn't
    we have fallen for them, then why
    are we broken up, as if this moon
    is no longer belongs to the

    Why weren't strong enough to survive the heartbreak

    are the
    serene of my
    gloomy lonely sky
    with the graceful, elegant moon
    with those infinite twinkling
    stars in my grey sky
    with never ending
    nights of my
    the sunshine
    turns nightmare for me.
    how your love bites on my body
    left the deep wound under my skin,
    the erotic essence of your breathe
    burning my soul, making ashes
    of my fragile heart, as if I
    betrayal in love,
    on you and
    left you
    without a

    I tried to live with you happily, but
    your betrayal made me embraced death

    hopeless I'm
    yet I lost the battle
    of love, since my love was
    true for you, but my fate blessed
    me with slow death. how can I
    bury my body cause, there is still,
    your image in my eyes with love
    and my heart is still
    remains for

  • rumanrulesneverend 5w

    @writersnetwork thank you :)

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    how can,
    I write "the end"
    of your life,
    the stars between
    you and me,
    they'll never let
    us adore the moon,
    the loneliness and the dark nights
    the skies crave for. how can we bless
    em cause we're a bliss of love. how can we
    be apart just to own the moon of grey skies.
    the butterflies of love in my stomach, the jasmine
    in my hairs, the kisses of honey on my lips
    when we share it, your heart a full
    of love, when we crave for each other
    as paradise, I feel you within me
    when you think about me,
    I breathe you,
    when I was in
    your arms,
    love you
    as, the moon
    loves the darkness.
    I owe you as my first
    and the last breathe,
    I live you as if death
    hug me without
    a regret of dying
    soon. cause
    I've lived,
    seven lives
    with you
    in just
    a limited
    of my

  • rumanrulesneverend 6w

    Senseless as well long write. Skip it! :))

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    I died on the day when we get apart, when your breath cease, along with your breath, my psyche also ceases.
    may, I found you dying in that road accident still you are uttering my name, in those few seconds of your life and I'm not able to give you a breath, a breath of life.

    again, as a main part of your body. I failed as being your heart throbs, along with you my heart stops throbbing cause you make my heart learn, how to feel the essence of love. those last seconds of your life and my name on your lips, which whispering the pain your going through. I wish I could expunge the day. which has taken everything from me even my soul.

    how can I forget the black era of my life, 2009 of 15th November. how your first meeting after ages becomes a last meet. still, they have been no hope of being in touch again.
    A 5 years of relationship which left only memories behind me, with that precious heart but not alive you. memories are a way to live, a past which makes us stronger or depressed or closed to the death.

    a death which we want to hug, but fate never take us close to nor every human are strong enough to kill yourself neither, I can suicide cause the heartbeat, throb in my chest was his own heart.

    and I'm not a criminal to kill myself as you, rather I'm tasting every single sip of those nostalgic memories with a numb heart, and I choose to hug a slow death which reminds me of you.

    when that stranger asked me to give my love's heart (who died a few hours back) cause his wife suffering from heart disease with the last stage. every word he spoke to me was giving me a fear of hell. those tears rolling down from his cheeks, it was a like fire tears drops burning on my skin, thinking about what if my love's heart, throb in her chest, maybe she falls for those serene heartbeats and I can't afford this who have lost her life just an hour back, how can she let this happen.

    I was numb with a frozen heart, shedding tears and my soul was screaming to hug him. I wanted to help em I really want to.
    but I'm helpless, I don't want to see again a couple being apart just cause of fate.
    cause I know this stranger also dies before the death arrives. but I can't give her heart, which throbs with the name of mine.
    here i was killing my humanity with my own hands. what if I give her a heart, which I own with the bliss of lord, the fear of giving the heart of my love to his wife this guilt never lemme die with peace.

    I'm selfish. I won't lie, I'm.

    how can I be so heartless when the aroma of your breath is still, present in my breath, I was breathing you. then how can I separate myself from you.

    Hey! stranger, I offer you my own heart rather giving my love's heart. then let my lover heart throb in my chest. with no guilt.

    How can I let my heart die?
    I was living as well, I'm dead. I'm just a dead body with that precious heart. will who gets a good life by snatching my breathing from me.

    How can I let your lungs suffer with the choke?
    I wish I could share my breathing with you as long as I've a life.

    How can I let your heart throb, throb in someone else's chest?
    I'm not an angel,
    I'm a part of your dead body, where you left your alive heart for me.

    How can I let go the heart, which gives me a life?
    I can't. Never

    How can I give your heart for someone to save their life?
    I can't. but I'll give her my own heart and
    I'll keep my beloved heart in my chest.

    How can I sell your heart, which is my only home.
    I know, may your heart give life to someone else but what about me?
    Lemme breath you.
    let your heart throb in my chest till my last breath.

    Yes, I'm selfish, when it comes to you.
    Yes, I lost my humanity, when it comes to you.

    shh! didn't knock the door of my loneliness
    me and my heart were busy making the things normal around my body and his heart.

  • rumanrulesneverend 7w

    thaw on my lips
    as love taking us in
    the heaven of forever
    and when I placed my head
    on your chest, those serene heartthrob
    of yours, which made me blush with the
    bliss of my name, which your heart utters each
    second and the love your lungs breath