Writing isn't my hobby. It's just a gateway to my rumbling mind full of thoughts and ideas. I create my own world by writing.

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  • rumbling_mind 2h

    10 feet tall and bullet proof - Phrase credit to
    Travis Trit

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #pod
    #cees10feetchal #phraseprompt #challenge

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    10 feet tall & bullet proof

    While wearing a vest of attitude
    and wielding an armour of
    self aggrandizing demeanor
    He thought that he was
    Ten feet tall and bullet proof;
    Until one day
    his vest was blown away
    By the wild winds of intolerance
    and his armour was
    shattered to pieces
    by the mammoth wave
    of spurning people.


  • rumbling_mind 12h

    Wine + Opines

    Three men met at a bar and a conversation ensued about fine wine.

    The first one holding the wine glass by it's stem said - You know, if it weren't for we CONNOISSEURS of wine, people wouldn't really know much about it. It is we who analyze and judge, the characteristics and quality of the bottled wine. We use our three senses to perform the three phases of wine tasting -

    By eyes : We view the color and nuances of the wine
    By nose : We sniff the aromas that the wine gives off
    By mouth : We taste and feel the sensations left by the wine in its passage through the mouth and lingering taste on the tongues taste buds.

    Our opinion is the only thing that matters about a wine.

    The second one GINGERLY started pouring out an exquisite seasoned wine into two wine glasses with expertise and offered one each to the connoisseur of wine and the third man.

    He then said - Please taste this wine. You'll love it. But, not everyone can pour it like me. I'm The Sommelier, not any ordinary steward serving drinks at the bar. Any person can purchase a wine bottle and drink it leisurely at his home. And yet, they come to the bars, restaurants or hotels, to be served wine by sommeliers like me. It's the duty of us sommeliers to advise the customers in the wine to taste depending on the selected food or just like that.

    Be it Champagne, red, white, sparkling or any other wine - from the selection of the right wine glass for the respective wines, maintaining the right ️temperature while serving, to the proper storage of wine is my responsibility. Any mistake would spoil the delicate taste of even the best wine.

    I make the wine known to the final consumers. I'm the cupid who make the consumers fall in love with the wine by serving it in a way that it's taste would linger in their sweet memories and their hearts would crave for it.
    Both the connoisseur of wine and the third man had finished their wine now.

    The third man who had been listening with amusement to the other two, said with a smirk on his face - I know that both the connoisseurs of wine and sommeliers are good at what they do. But, if it wasn't for us oenologists, wine wouldn't be born.

    We oenologist collaborate with the grape farmers and the winery. We research and master the best methods and techniques of vine cultivation. We take care for the proper production of the grapes and harvest them at the right time. We are an expert in the biology and chemistry of farming grapes and guiding the production of the wine, in the winery. We also decide about it's ageing, bottling, storage, packaging and dispatch.

    We are the artists behind winemaking.

    These three men were OBLIVIOUS to a fourth man who was overhearing their boastful conversations.

    When the three became silent, he walked upto them and said - Please excuse me for intruding. I couldn't help but overhear your interesting conversations. May I bring to your notice that all your expertise would fail and be wasted if it weren't us consumers. Your personal opinion doesn't matter when it comes to the opinion of the consumers. Consumer is the king; Consumer is the god when it comes to any product or service. Without us, your profession wouldn't exist.

    Having said this, he put the tip money for the Sommelier and left. The three men parted silently , each getting back to their respective businesses.


  • rumbling_mind 1d

    Don't worry. I forgive.
    Brutal just rhymed well with liberal.������

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #pod



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  • rumbling_mind 1d


    Dreams died
    Goals remain unachieved
    Visions remain paralysed
    Creativity, productivity and
    passion remain covered
    in shrouds.

    Just talent wasn't enough.
    Just will and passion didn't suffice
    The prospective onslaught of opposition wasn't envisioned. Politics wasn't embraced. Alliance with corrupt schemers was rejected.

    The pure soul was murdered skillfully without any external damage or bodily injury by the elite politics of schemers who had the best talent of all talents.
    The talent of murdering spirited, creative and productive people who refused to gel into their ugly, unproductive and disgraceful corrupt system.

    The spirited soul now remains dormant, wasted and dispirited inside a living body;
    Just like a person in coma, who lies dormant, lifeless and wasted in a living body.


  • rumbling_mind 2d

    A tautogram with letter M. I found it very difficult. Hence, the title 'Mischievous M'.

    #tautogram #mirakee #writerstolli #pod #multitude #writersnetwork

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    Mischievous 'M'

    Maverick millionaire Michael made much money.
    Musing marriage Michael made magnificent mansion.
    Mahogany masonry, mosaic minarets,
    mesmerizing metal-work.
    Magnolia, marigold motif mattings. Mountains, Myrtle, myrrh, moonlight montages, metallic mantelpieces.

    Michael met Molly multiple Monday mornings.
    Molly's magnetic memories made Michael merry.
    Michael messaged Molly - Marry me ?
    Molly messaged Michael - Must.
    Michael met Molly's mother.
    Molly Michael's match made Molly's mother merry.

    Mid-summer Monday morning Michael married Miss Molly.
    Missionary managed marriage-vows.
    Maestros made mellifluous music.
    Martini, marshmallows, mackerel, meat, maize, mushrooms, mulberries, mandarins made-up meals menu
    Many men, many maidens made merry.
    Michael Molly's marriage made multitude merry memories.


  • rumbling_mind 3d

    Happiness always
    follows a
    contented person.

  • rumbling_mind 3d


    Devious dictatorship dawned, dynasty dethroned, darkness descended.

    Dwarfing dynasty dangerously, deceptively, disrespectfully.

    Domineeringly drowning docile denizens down distressful days.

    Decades died, dominancy disapproved despised.

    Doughty democratic dreams dolled dynasty's doe-eyes.

    Dismal, disconsolate dormant dissidence doubled.

    Discerning dynasty, driven denizens decidedly doggedly daringly destroyed dictatorship.

    Discreet dignified dynasty dotingly developed dynamic democracy .

    Denizens dwelled delightfully.


  • rumbling_mind 3d

    Word invented PETICOON - meaning any pet or an animal ( amphibian, aquatic, terrestrial or avian ) who is very rich by earnings or inheritance. Something like animal tycoon.��

    Peticoon is a noun.
    To be pronounced as (pe..tee..koon)
    Plural is Peticoons.

    #ceeswordinvent #mirakee #pod
    #letsgetcreative #wordinventionchallenge #challenge #thinkoutsidethebox
    #writerstolli #writersnetwork

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    In the human world they've made a place.
    Though different, they live with noble grace.
    They're the pets, their contributions cannot be underrated.
    For ages, by humans they've been used and domesticated.
    They have a very different anatomy.
    But, for some humans they're family.
    They love, entertain, and accompany the lonesome human souls.
    Protecting their Masters, they've proved care and loyalty as their goals.
    Some of the pets have earned wealth by their merit.
    Films, television shows and internet are to their credit.
    Some have been luckier than their poor human counterpart.
    They've inherited the wealth by winning their affluent master's heart.
    These wealthy pets are at par with the human tycoons.
    To distinguish them, the word I give them is PETICOONS.


  • rumbling_mind 5d

    The celestial love story

    It was a fortunate happenstance when once the Sun and the Moon met at early dusk in the sky.

    The sun mellowed his bright fiery rays so that the moon could steal a glance at him.
    The moon was full, brimming with beauty and youth. As the winds lifted the cloudy veil, with coy demure she stole a glance.
    He looked like a handsome prince wearing a tangerine robe. The sun bowed from the horizon and sent her a crimson ribbon bejewelled with shimmering diamond crystals floating over the azure ocean. His dashing demeanor was that of a charming gentleman.

    The moon blushed with a smile and sent her kisses to him with the winds. Ecstatic, the sun burst into infinite million specks painting the sky tangerine to reach the moon. He formed a pinkish halo around her as he gently embraced her. With the warmth of his loving embrace her face shone with a beautiful glow. They forgot everything while enjoying the romantic bliss.

    The evil night who got jealous of the moon's beauty crept in and engulfed the sun. The moon wept the entire night filling it with starry tear drops. The cool night couldn't bear the weight and warmth of her starry tears and left at dawn releasing the sun. Happy, the lovers met again.

    But, then Day who was the lover of the night was enraged at the plight of the night and came for revenge. He captured the moon and entrusted her to the night. The jealous night tortured the moon bashing her and cutting her a little everytime. The sun like a brave prince fought a fierce battle with the day increasing and spreading his fiery sun rays relentlessly. The day burnt and shuddered with exhaustion. The crafty night saw that her beloved day needed to rest and heal his wounds or he would surely die. Well rested and healed, he could fight again.

    Praying for peace, she brought the moon to the sun at dusk and whisked away her beloved day to safety. The sun and the moon met again. While the sun was engrossed bandaging his beloved's wounds, the vile night sneaked in and captured him again. And, the fight ensued again with the injured moon attacking the night with other celestial bodies forming a friendly alliance with her against the ever devious night.

    This fight has become a reccuring event now. The moon keeps healing every fortnight. The night keeps defacing her the entire next fortnight only to lose again the following fortnight.

    The love of the sun and the moon is sacred and they are the eternal lovers. It doesn't matter to the sun how much the night has defaced the moon. It doesn't matter to the moon how the seasons change the warmth of the sun. They keep longing for each other while fighting the night and the day, everytime. Anyhow, these stubborn lovers manage to meet at dawn and dusk.

    The sky, the winds and the oceans are their friendly messengers who help them in their own little ways.

    The night and the day are also eternal lovers. But, had the night not been evil and jealous the story would have been different.


  • rumbling_mind 5d

    My post on FATHERHOOD for the challenge @writerstolli with #FathersDaySpecial

    Note : I'm not making a video for the challenge, but I hereby pay a tribute to my father.

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #tod #father #FATHER

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    People who are the happiest can see the best in any situation. They don't look for perfection. They just know that things can't be better than what it already is, considering the existing situation or circumstances.

    And, when things are really wrong, their patience, forbearance and wise approach to the problem makes them different from others. I guess, that is what makes them cool, strong and happy people.

    I learnt this from my father whom I had never seen complaining about any problem, even when there were problems. He could see positivity in any problem like the other side of the coin.

    A father is many things. If a mother is the oxygen of a family, then a father is the air that carries that oxygen.

    Of the many things that he did as a father, the most important lessons he taught me by his own actions were -
    To be happy and positive despite adversities and
    To be at peace with oneself (the inner peace).

    I can never thank him enough by words or deeds. I just want to say -
    ‍ I love you Daddy ‍

    May his soul rest in peace. Amen.