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  • rumpapal 14w

    Naye raastey, nayi manzile, khwab ek naya,
    Anjaam se anjaan, befikr sa jahan.


  • rumpapal 42w

    We always have time but not for them who are always be with us who always take care of us .Who always show how much they love us. We didn't realize how precious they are until, they left us. Only then we realize how much we need them . How much we love them . How precious they were. So plz take out some time from your busy schedule and spend that time with your loved ones till you can.

  • rumpapal 43w

    You don't need to be someone's someone,
    When you are everything for your parents.

  • rumpapal 64w

    Last day

    Last day college ka,
    Ek hod si machi hai
    Muskurate chehre kahi,
    Kahi aankhon mein nami hai.
    Yahan yadein kai hai,
    Batein kai hai.

    Vo roz ki masti,
    Vo morning wali selfi,
    Vo teacher ki daant,
    Vo padhai ka stress, jo hum sab lete bant.

    "Hey! Class sab chup raho."
    "I am the leader of this class."
    Uff! Ye line , ab hai bas yaad.

    Vo first hi, vo last goodbye,
    Vo sath me rise and fall ,
    Guys I will miss you all.

  • rumpapal 64w

    Dil ki baaton ko lafzon ki zaroorat nahi hoti , vo hoton nahi , jazbaaton se bayaan hoti hai.

  • rumpapal 65w

    Kisi ki jannat ho tum , kisi ka jahan.
    Meri sab kuch ho tum maa.


  • rumpapal 65w


    The first step I took,
    The first word that I spoke.
    The first dream I dreamt,
    Can't remember any of them.

    The first day of school,
    Those strict rules.
    The first friend I met,
    I remember all of that.


  • rumpapal 66w

    Nothing matters when you are with someone who truly loves you