her language converses in a universal rthym

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  • rupal_teotia 4d


    you may succeed
    in loss. In gain
    if you stop
    to want everything
    the real. the insane


  • rupal_teotia 1w


    through a small hole
    yellow rays of sunlight
    hit the dark walls
    of a girl's room
    taking her arm upwards
    to feel it's warmth
    upon her skin
    she tried to close them
    within her fingers
    she played & smiled
    & felt wholly bright
    until showed up the black night
    her sun took away his light
    she cried and cried
    & It wasn't late to realize
    with someone else's light
    one can never shine


  • rupal_teotia 1w


    In a lyrical pain or happiness
    when after years of life or death
    I will see you in some bar
    singing a romantic song
    taking my name or of love
    smiling to the crowd
    your hands will hum on the drum
    & with each my heart beat will tap
    if my soul is enclosed in yours
    then tears will definitely dance


  • rupal_teotia 1w


    They say feel it
    Get hurt and feel it
    Stay there lying in pain
    Oh! My beloved i am
    I just wonder
    Why it has to be this way?
    If our connection was one
    then why to bring separation
    or association in context.

  • rupal_teotia 1w


    I saw a lad
    bundling up the woods
    but struggled to count them
    one by one he started
    skipping the logs in circle
    & starting again
    his hard-work didn't give up
    unless he got the right number

    That day, at home
    I laid back to count
    for my hard work
    & realized it's somewhere
    where I didn't collect any logs
    maybe I spent it being an axe
    in building logs for somebody
    whom I loved more than me

  • rupal_teotia 1w


    can't face into deep truth
    for I have been watering lies
    mud inside my lungs
    and dirt outside on skin
    I glared and glared and found
    my face in ocean of your soul
    I was there merely crawling
    unknowingly a bud embellished
    of love in between water or tears

  • rupal_teotia 2w


    a uniquely fragnant pink flower

    amazed and proud of being beautiful

    asked her frequent visitor, butterfly purple

    "why you come to smell me every day"

    butterfly was madly in love with her

    he firmly touched her about to fall petal

    and kissed all of her dancing moves

    she thought herself to be special

    & flirted with others

    those butterflies sucked her nector

    pink day by day became weaker

    but purple there didn't appear

    one sunny day a blue butterfly came

    he stopped to look & only smell her

    in a few days she happily bloomed

    also, started getting adult and purple

    finally blue spoke to her-

    "pink is made to turn into purple

    i'm just a reflection of this happening chapter"


  • rupal_teotia 2w


    & with a face of golden light

    turquoise star in simple eyes

    he stood beautiful like a sea bird

    sailing in an old mysterious pond

    a saturday then took him to outside sand

    he jumped into a sky bird & said hello

    she was flying and gifted him flowers

    his pocket was musical, heart with no fear

    he wished to be in this air with her for hours

    but his wings were small & afraid to fly

    so he dropped his glittery beautiful skin

    in that same old rusty pond to cry


  • rupal_teotia 2w

    A boy
    Happened to me
    In that most beautiful way
    In memory of what
    i'll happily ruin my entire life

  • rupal_teotia 2w


    flowers & sand hugs his wings
    fluting a melodious rhthym

    Every evening he walked out
    Crowning a rainbow of freedom

    Joyous his obsession with a woman
    Bowed not under social branches

    With a turban above his bulleted chest
    I see a loner next door in town of noises