her language converses in a universal rthym

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  • rupal_teotia 1w

    Today! If they're not removing a single husk from your chunk of pain
    How shall you reason them as a seedling of your happiness ever?

  • rupal_teotia 1w


    On sun worn terrace she stood
    Inside her red dupatta
    deep and twisted
    her crippled emotions
    Flashing rays of grey eyes

    A half open sack of sand
    Volunteers here, letting her
    Move those bangle wrists
    Eroding away any touch
    That came to her flying

    She only looked up and down
    Flaring hands under freshness of the sun
    The shiny sweat on her cold skin
    Holding support of an iron pole
    Lifted back her fingers in gush

    Keeping those dark cracked helpers
    In between creases of her skirt
    garland of embroidery on every touch
    Barefoot her black silvered ankelet
    Then looked-up very ornamental

    She touched the rays
    With her feet & gave them a tap
    and kids playing in a ground
    Heard a kissing sound
    Coming from above
    It's her new morning love

  • rupal_teotia 2w


    A heart who is creative
    Will never survive
    In a corporate environment
    As she will always
    Keep searching
    For fun and festivals
    For flowers and freedom
    For fashion and freshness
    & Can only utilize her mind
    Writing, reading & painting
    About life around her
    She will be seen lonesome
    Among a crowd full of
    Political People

  • rupal_teotia 2w


    Chuckles will be, the world will make
    Jingles will be a playlist of shame
    But never shall you stop by watch
    Ride your train; it’s a time machine plot

    You'll make a home of fascination
    Where you can fly anytime you want
    To the early 90’s or trippy night calls
    I'll be here; you'll be there somewhere

    Nature is simply playing its part
    Somedays our minds will roll above the bar
    Cuddles, hugs, kisses-smelling from the grass
    Clothes being lost amidst all sassy stars

    Hold it upto the edge of the mountains
    Nurture this existence, you’ll never run apart
    Lose yourself like water droplets from the cloud
    Oh! Romanticism dances along rain in applauds

  • rupal_teotia 2w


    Let's make love
    Like there's no tomorrow
    I will sketch using my skin
    From where flows your veins
    Upon your skin my lips

    It's been the calmest way
    Since you & I wore same socks
    Oh! honey that warmest lay
    Washing through each-other's legs
    On a cold Christmas Day

    Time it's all ours
    Come running to me home
    Oh! Tonight's star
    I want to see you go shy
    I'll be your flower
    Be my only butterfly


  • rupal_teotia 3w


    It used to race
    There were honks
    Jumping out from designer motors
    The crowd used to peak in that bad
    We were then looking at each other
    Behind the windshield glass ahead

    It used to race
    Right behind special seconds
    Hidden sentiments talked in a tavern
    Dim lights let out hearts sobbing
    We were crying into each other's arms
    Music & lips together moving fast

    It used to race
    There was smoke
    Freely coming out of the engine
    The sun shed beating the streets
    We were then occupied playing kisses
    In the middle of all this

    It used to race


  • rupal_teotia 4w


    Don't ever regret for this day

    On that day in the past

    A feel must've been strong

    Which took you

    To be happy for quite a long

    You did what felt right

    You lived without staking time

    Was beautifully fitting in this unsettling life

    Never ever you hesitate to speak

    All you're today is because

    You never let it down

    The voice in your heart

    Which has always announced

    "This every single day is yours,

    Only if you're confident to smile

    Right in here you're simply knitting

    Another reason to commit a new mistake

    To feel like human & be more alive

    Each mili-second

    Till the time you're not dying"


  • rupal_teotia 4w


    Every beautiful thing is not hidden in a smile
    Sometimes it's heaped in pain on blank faces

  • rupal_teotia 5w

    MY 90's BROTHER

    I met him once again
    He is still the same
    Too simple and beautiful
    He seem kind & helpful
    He was the one with me
    In my childhood 90's
    I met him today
    He is my unbiological sibling
    From a different mother
    He looked a little sad
    I wanted to offer a helping hand
    But then I realized we have grown up
    Just covering a distance of few years
    He is worried of getting married
    And many those responsibilities
    But I see myself built today
    Due to freedom he taught me that day
    When for the first time I rode my cycle
    And he was my teacher on every riddle
    He is just wonderful and prepared tea
    When I was talking about those games of Glee
    Jimmy the dog and mulberry trees
    That blue tub suimming pool
    and laughter in which we used to drool
    Our plates of food was one
    Even the playground sounded some fun
    I grew with experience & wisdom
    He is somewhere fiddling in boredom
    But his sunshine is calling him
    He will spark like a man of the rim

  • rupal_teotia 5w


    Am I too close to these things?
    Am I not detached from life?
    Its happening in me
    I'm an old lamppost on the market street
    Black showcasing my metal body
    Spits in red of tobacco, fainted deep
    From my taped glasses, i must have
    Watched numerous stories out & in
    Nor I am putting glares to be blind
    Neither bowing myself infront of crime
    I couldn't help, I couldn't share
    That dire need of a little boy
    Fixing his broken wooden car
    and being brutally beaten
    For robbing a few tiny pennies
    Took his smile a shopkeepers drawer
    I am still watching, stubborn in motion
    flaring some light on every such plight
    But. But. But
    To kill the darkness
    To blow away an evil spirit
    For that next upcoming sun
    When the boy will forgot his punishment
    I will see him playing again
    with a half broken & half joint
    His car or his heart?
    I'm that lamppost shamelessly smiling
    I'm still standing, I'm still stagnant
    Not anymore alive amongst the living
    For telling them
    As I rise up every night
    Scars only settle the pain, be it a lifetime