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  • rupalibose 4d

    Tu azaad hai

    Tere sapno ki udaan hein unchi
    Rukne ke bahane to bahut hein
    Kabhi sapno ko aur kabhi katon par chal kar
    Pahechan hi liya akhir apne ko kho kar
    Honsla tere mein hee to tha
    Jo pahele samajh na ayaa
    Kuch khoya to bahut kuch payaa bhi to hai
    Wohi sapne aaj bhi hai
    Aaj tu azaad hei apne aap se
    Aaj tu azzad hei apne sapno ki udaan ke liye

  • rupalibose 1w

    When I heard myself

    My thoughts are always private
    I speak with myself
    No I do not hear myself
    The turmoil in my head is about
    What to hold on to
    And what to let go
    I question myself now very often
    What was there in front of me
    With time had become a beautiful memory for me
    New life, newer perspective that's me
    Joyful memories I chose to be a part of me
    Moments which make me question life I hear myself now
    And I know it is a new learning for me
    I hear myself for myself to be
    I carry on with my journey only to look back one day with a smile and pride

  • rupalibose 1w

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    When I speak with myself

    When I speak with myself in private
    When I hear myself in private is not very often
    My memories painful or joyful reside always with me
    The pain and joy is only expression of my learning and unlearning
    Which only I felt and sometimes understood,
    Till the time I heard myself too when I spoke with myself
    challenges are there and will always be there and so is resilience
    And I know it within me when I decide to hear me

  • rupalibose 3w

    Carry you Maa in me

    My best friend, now with the stars
    There was a time when I couldn't sleep
    You didn't sleep either
    I remember the time when you wiped my tears with a smile
    Even when you cried inside
    There were moments when you celebrated me more than me
    I remember how my little things were so big for you
    Even when we laughed together you carried those moments with you for days
    I never felt alone and lonely when around you
    Now that you are with the stars
    Life has changed its meaning maa
    Nothing seems like before
    Relationships have different colours
    But I know you taught me resilience
    Self dignity and pride were your treasure and now it's mine Maa, I carry you in me forever maa

  • rupalibose 3w

    My Maa

    My Maa my best best friend
    My Maa my soulmate
    There were times when you cried because I cried
    There were times when you wiped my tears with a smile even when you were bleeding inside
    How can I forget your sleepless nights
    When I was in pain
    Your life revolved around me
    And I looked at you each time with a surprise
    We had moments of joy and laughter
    We also had moments of fights and wiping tears and hugs
    Little did I realise that you lived for me
    And little for yourself
    The day you decided to go without saying bye
    I didn't even know how time flew
    Everything was same but not me cause all shattered in me
    Part of me left with you to be with you
    Even today I cry like a child looking for you
    I can only feel you inside me around me
    But can't see you, touch you, hear you, smell you, life has a different story line for me
    But I know you live in me and I miss you..

  • rupalibose 4w

    Khyabon ke par

    Sapne to bahut dekhe
    Kuch hanste kuch rote
    Kuch udte hue kuch girte hue

    Jab zeene ka Matlab samajhna chaha
    To jeene ka maqsad he badal gaya
    Kuch pahele jaise nahin mila
    Sab kuch to badal gaya

    Khyabon ke Matlab Badal gaye
    Bahut kuch zamaana badal gaya
    Bahut kuch hum badal gaye
    Khyabon ke udan badal gayee

    Unchein mere sapne hein
    Asman ki unchaoyun se dar nahin lagta
    Jo Saath Hain bahut hi hai
    Jo Saath nahin hai woh bhi to bahut hein

  • rupalibose 5w

    Kuch tasveere

    Kuch to hei hum sab Mein unkahi
    Bahut kuch bhi hei unsuni

    Dil Mein liye jee rahein hein apne sath
    Apne se baatein karna ban gaya apna sath

    Samay beet gaya, bahut rang badal gaye
    Kuch gahere aur kuch phike pad gaye

    Kuch yadein anso aur kuch hansi ban gayi
    Hamne unko apne dil mein hein rakha
    Jo hansi aur khubsurat rango ki tasveere ban gayi

  • rupalibose 5w


    Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form. Rumi

  • rupalibose 6w

    Happy Mee

    Simple reminder, for today I promise myself to be grateful for what I have, I have myself and I feel very secure with my thought's.

  • rupalibose 7w

    Feeling secure

    We are safest with our thoughts always