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  • rupikateotia 5w

    sab btaya ,jataya or smjhaya nai jata

    Kuch bate khudse hi ki jati hai

    unka sach kbhi duniya Ko dikhaya nai jata

  • rupikateotia 5w

    Either you can be hurt or dead.
    Either you can be living or feel alive
    Either you will be dumb or smart enough to survive.
    Either you will be great or selfish enough to strive .
    Goodluck! Strive for that which is yours while leave which can never be. Live , let live and smile behind

  • rupikateotia 7w


    "Blood on the floor , blood in your bedsheets
    Are you bathing in blood
    Or it is just showing up
    You said you got hurt
    But it don't hurt you anymore
    You said you don't cry
    Then what are those shivers that you adore
    Tell me everything , I want to know .
    I know you are killing in yourself
    I want your soul to grow" -
    My mom asked with tears in her eyes .
    I was shut , I couldn't move
    Those strokes were making me forget everything
    I got blind , I was deaf.
    She made me alive , she my ref
    He killed me on and on and on
    Those scratches were nothing
    My soul was tore
    Yet they ask about tears I adore
    Was I a trembler , a trespasser asked
    I said I am living , is itself a remark
    I made through it , he lost his glory
    He killed , hurt , burnt , scratched my body .
    But , but my soul made me survive
    It said , I can't die for somebody
    I just can't die for everybody .

  • rupikateotia 8w

    Hum chalein hi nahi akele kabhi
    Akelepan se dar bhi na tha ,
    Par akelepan ka ehsas hona baki tha
    Chup Reh kar bhi to unhone bht kch kaha tha
    Par Abhi Zara ikrar hona baki tha .

  • rupikateotia 8w

    Meri nazro ne bhi aksar mjhse ye sawal Kia hai ,
    Kyu tune bs usi ka intezar Kia hai !

  • rupikateotia 11w

    If anyone here is interested to get their own books published , or to be a co author of a book with 6-7 writers only , where you will be recognised with your work since you will have apt number of pages in the book to showcase your talent .
    So the ones who are interested to become a writer above above a mirakian , comment below .


  • rupikateotia 13w

    Har adat Badal Dunga
    Vo ESA kaha karta tha ,

    Har gum Dia hua uska
    AJ mujhe hi Badal Gaya
    Adato ki jagah .


  • rupikateotia 14w

    Okay,so talking about my childhood
    It was magical , beautiful , emphatic and filled with love
    Being the first child of the family
    Every command of mine was fulfilled
    Which gave adamence to my personality
    What all I said , I could flourish
    Which nurtured me as stubborn and stupid
    All my wishes were complete
    Before even I revealed them
    I know it might sound awkward ,
    But this is true !

  • rupikateotia 14w

    Your ignorance taught me how to live in hell
    Now my silence will teach you how to survive on earth

  • rupikateotia 14w

    Mene to kaha hi tha dur raho
    Tum nazdeekiyan badhane lage
    Mene to kaha hi tha Sambhal jao
    Tumare kadam dagmagane Lage
    Mene to kaha hi tha dekh lo
    Tum ankhe churane lage
    Mene to kaha hi tha hath mat lagao
    Tum or Kareeb Ane lage

    Pass Ane Tak to thik tha .
    Gehraiyon tak pahunchna bhi thik tha
    Ab zameeno ki sachai se rubru hue hai
    To ab ankhe dikhane Lage .