From A Small Town Girl Who have big dreams

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  • rushmilithaosen 21w

    Dont say I can't live without you just say I want to live with you
    Dont say I can die for you just say I want to die with you
    Dont say I will never leave you just say I will never get away from you

  • rushmilithaosen 21w

    The best feeling is waking up and having my cup of tea and end my stressful day with having my cup of tea

  • rushmilithaosen 21w

    Unrealistic peoples

    Somedays peoples say that love is the best feeling in the world and the other day they endup saying love is worst

  • rushmilithaosen 21w

    My Dreams

    Growing up in a family where everyone was supportive
    So to make them proud is my real motive
    From Childhood I had some dreams but that time I was too kiddish it seems
    After entering to the teenage world
    I knew the dreams aren't easy to owned
    My dreams were not easy to pursue
    Still I worked as it is not impossible too
    The dreams for which I work hard every single day
    In a hope that it will become true someday
    I always believed
    If you want it,work for it
    Make your dreams happen
    So that you won't regret when life ends