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  • rusty_rocus 13w

    When u bore people, they ignore u.When u express uaself, they express it too.u dnt have too much expect from everyone n dnt let others expect from u either. Keep distance but dnt let d distance keep u from them. Live ua life to ua will n let people cruise along with it. Dnt let them hold ua wheel. Not everyone is a good driver, some r learner, b gentle with them, some r expert, they will drive u crazy but in d end if not careful ull crash in both case. Getting into an accident is no worries, getting repaired n acts like it's normal is d one thing, that's worst case.

  • rusty_rocus 18w

    U dnt need a boy, u need a man,
    U just need Someone who will b there for u, someone who will understand.
    Someone who will care for u, someone who will love u
    Someone who will fix ua smile n b crazy like u always do.
    This is real n this is normal.
    Everyone knows n everyone sees it n it's very simple.
    Never let ua happiness b swipe away by others.
    N never trust anything from their cover.
    Haters will b haters n lovers will b lovers.
    In d end life is just an endless show.
    nobody really cares what ua heart feels, nobody really cares what ua heart knows.


  • rusty_rocus 26w

    Dnt let anyone deceive u,
    dnt let anyone define u.
    Dnt let anyone treat u wrong n talk behind u.

    People uses different faces every day.
    Got no heart for u but just fake words is what they say.
    Go no space for u, just want u to fill d way.

    Ull b left alone after all d things u do.
    They b walking over u after they r done with u.
    They will pretent they love u, n Ull seem to know that its true.

    But after all those days n months,
    The thing they want, they will never have enough.
    U gota embrace for d end n gota b tough.

    Things r never d same for everyone.
    what they like n what they want.
    It's never d same in how they have fun.

    Broken hearts understands broken people
    U won't find no evil intentions with them, it's just simple.
    Both hearts being fragile.

    Live in d moment, survive d thoughts.
    Nothing is permanent, time to raise the notch.
    Time to change d plots n face d odds.


  • rusty_rocus 26w

    I just wana live,
    I just wana feel.
    I just wana make everything seems real.

    I wana make a deal
    Let d scar gets heal,
    Let it disappear Before my inner self gets killed.

    Now it's me,
    Take a seat, Ull see
    What r d things that's bothering me when u let me be.

    I m dumb
    I m weak,
    But with u, all my weakness r set free.

    Take over my soul
    Take over my body,
    Take over my emotions n dnt let me feel sorry.

    Do d talking,
    Kill me softly.
    Inner demon, make me feel godly.


  • rusty_rocus 28w

    Nothing beats the thoughs of a broken heart.
    Nothing can beat the action of a desperate mind.