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  • rutba_rashid 3w


    It has been too long!
    Sit beside me,
    Let me marvel at your beauty;
    Let your resplendent bearing give light to my murky nights,
    Ket those impossible tresses shelter me from sweltering days,
    Ket that lively laugh be remedy to my ailments,
    Let it ment the tears and heal the bruises,
    Let those kohl lined eyes cast a spell on me,
    Bind me in the tricks of your sorcerery, part those tender scarlet shell,
    Shower me with pearls of empathy and sympathy,
    Let me be lovable,
    Let me be hopeful,
    Let me be happy today,
    For i have been sad for too long,
    It has been too long...

    "It has been too long"!
    Break me for one final time!;
    Let the daggers of your spiteful words rip apart my breast,
    Let your eternal absence,make me bleed tears of yearning;
    Discerning you in every stranger
    Let your insolent demeanour,shatter my heart to pieces;
    Each piece rejoining together to find you
    Let the sound of your steps walking away,render me deaf to the cacophony of this universe;
    Hearkening your sound in everything around,
    Let your pragmatic sagacity,turn me to a hopeless lunatic;
    drunk on the idea of your love
    Let me be weak
    Let me be fragile
    Let me be vulnerable today,
    For i have been strong for too long
    "It has been too long"...

  • rutba_rashid 3w


    There are words scarred over my heart;
    Tattooed as unfathomable art,
    Memories some sweet,some best forgotten,
    And some prayers ill-begotten--
    Inked over like beautiful stars;
    Over all the iridescent scars.

    Tattooed there is all the good and evil--
    All the good of which i am capable,
    And all the wrongs that i have wrought;
    The repentance for them that i have sought;
    In abstract,in a beautiful lattice,
    Patterned with lovely fleur-de-lis,
    Birds singing of love and heartbreak;
    The stinging lies-more than i could take.

    And this tattoo shows up on my lips,
    And flows into my very fingertips;
    Pouring out,matching the black of my skin,
    Wrapped in some beautiful metaphor;
    Leaking from my very core.

  • rutba_rashid 7w


    Did no one ever tell you
    How wonderful you are
    Like a pearl inside a shell
    Just how precious you are?

    Your eyes glitter with the beauty of heaven,
    I freeze everytime i look into it,
    Such is it's beauty and benevolence
    I get lost in it bit by bit.

    Your cheeks flatter the radiance of angles,
    Being pink,soft and chubby;
    Yet with your mood their color changes,
    The red color on them is so lovely!

    The tantalizing beauty of your lips,
    Which you bite with a naughty smile
    Oh,my aayu,i can bearly keep in my senses in my grip
    Their alluring decadence makes my will power fragile.

    The thick clouds of your hair
    Flutter over your face with pride,
    They are so aromatic and fair
    Down your shoulders,they playfully slide.

    Your sweet and soulfull voice,
    Like the chriping of a songbird,
    Listening to you makes my heart rejoice,
    Comfort and exuberance to me it conferred,

    With you i laugh,with you i cried,
    With you,i shared feelings and emotions
    That i used to keep buried in my mind,
    You being the first to explore my inner sentimental oceans.

    You are a maiden of gods,
    I end this poem with a note of love
    Your very presence in my life has made it gracious
    Heaven showers flowers on you from above
    Don't you know you're precious?

  • rutba_rashid 8w

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  • rutba_rashid 10w


    In the white,empty room
    I sit there in gloom
    No happiness,but no gloom
    Extends through the universe while i zoom.

    I am lonely,but not depressed
    Some say i look very distressed
    Walking through the endless corridor
    Lies a subtle and faint mirror

    The mirror made with crystal glass
    Reflects my attitude of being crass
    Reflects through my perception
    Making the world feel like an illusion

    Dreams and nightmares coexist
    But success and failure do not exist
    Walking through the delusionary road
    Or perhaps a spacious,illusionary road

    There's no adding insult to injury
    But there is such a thing as intense fury
    Even though our perception and thoughts are keen
    Certainly the impossible and invisible may never be seen

    While i travel through the seemingly blank reality
    There lie mirrors reflecting my broken mentality
    Travel as faint echoes connect me to my past
    Now,i live in nothingness, nothing to bypass.

  • rutba_rashid 10w

    Looks can be deceiving.
    Have you ever thought words can be too?

    We pull our strings of feelings.
    Practice notes of thoughts.
    Tongued instruments,voice our tunes.
    A low whisper moan in love or
    A high pitch screech of temper,
    Words as our lyrics
    We sing out loud for our beloved,
    Anything to make them fall
    Anything to make them hum our memories,
    We are the musicians;Broken.

    We wisely select certain metaphor,
    And draft them meticulously,
    A love note in secret code
    A promise to set them free
    A devised illusion of a trap
    To cage our exotic bird
    In the name of love.
    You and me
    You vs me
    Me. You
    We've become poets
    Feeding rotten love and breathing stale memories.
    We are the poets; POISONED.

    We pull out the plain surface draw our words in pictures
    Paint them in hues of bleeding red
    Everytime you make love
    You leave them stained,imprints on skin to celebrate the art.
    Words in pain,
    We are the artists,CON.

    We pick out the nature's remains
    Garnish seasoned lies
    A delicacy to relish
    To savour the moment suiting our taste buds
    Sugarcoat to our sweet tooth
    Vomit bitter tooth when repulsed
    Sour words there after to keep them away
    We are the chief's;DRUNK.

    We advertise false hopes
    Sell some fancy stories
    Content of curatively crafted words
    To attract customers for Tomorrowland
    Exquisite price and promotions
    Are we rely soley on profits
    To receive more than given
    Everything is a business with terms and conditions attached
    We always fail to check.
    And the disclaimer.
    Read all related docs carefully
    We are marketer's ;FRAUD.

    Words,the primal instinct of our transmission,
    To interact,to bond and with it we either build or rupture it all.
    Words don't just roll out your tongue
    They're servants to your thoughts and slave to your emotions.
    But what are words when we don't really mean them?
    Word is a lifetime.
    Like seasons
    Budding to blossom to fall.
    Lifetime of our connection.
    When we cease to exist
    So are the words and promises
    Talk isn't cheap,words are.
    We are the words gone with the wind.

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  • rutba_rashid 10w

    Brittle beauty

    Oh virtuous maiden,come here to me,
    Let me immortalise your bewitching beauty

    Let us explore the vastness of this universe
    Sitting on the winged chariot of poesy

    Your brittle beauty will fade away one day
    And the face will be as pale as lily and your locks will turn grey

    The apocalypse will come some day
    And apparition of monstrous death will haunt you everyday

    Come,sit and repose under balmy shades
    Don't be so frickle like a ship which without the navigator sails

    Oh maiden don't be so oblivious because of happy days
    Death is your darling o maiden and it will be ever ready to embrace.

  • rutba_rashid 11w

    I just felt to write and idn how this sprouted.

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    Burried inside my ineffable emotions my heart is drenched in the river of self pity,i feel like a rattled snake kept in the sand,i moan like a rejected child casted into the cave of solitude.the thirst to be remodeled into a perfect cast of flawlessness overwhelms me,eluded i find myself sinking into the chasm of antsy,my mind is perturbed by crawling thoughts which eroded my tranquility.
    Embrase my myraids of shameful moment
    I become plunged in self consciousness and guilt that renders me totally inept.fixated in an un fathomed melancholy i find myself debasing occasionally submerged in the sorrow my scar brings me.

  • rutba_rashid 11w

    《♡《Captioned post》♡》
    my eyes shut in forever
    Even before the gleams of light
    Could touch my skin
    My lungs suffocated ruthlessly
    Even before i could smell
    The outside world
    My limbs lost the desire to walk
    To the life which was ahead of me
    The echos of my voice fainted
    Even before the world could hear my laughter

    These people accused me of crimes
    I never commited
    Ammi, is being girl such a blameworthy mistake?
    These atrocious people disowned me
    Even before i could sense my mistake
    Because these people desired a flame
    Instead i become the mothers blame

    Ammi, i want to become the reason to your laughter
    I want to illuminate the world
    With my presence
    But all they want is to
    Bury me a coffin if dead
    Ammi, is being a girl such an unforgivable mistake?

    Even in the womb
    I heared you screaming on the top of your lungs
    To save your Angel from being dead
    But all they did was to threaten you
    Ammi,is the world so terrifying outside?

    I kicked you hard and you sensed my pain
    You drew comforting circles on your stomach
    As if you were stroking my head
    "Angel",the world is so terrifying outside
    I am sorry,your life is so short inside"
    My heartbeat went shriller
    The echos of my voice fainted
    Ammi, is being a girl such an inexplicable mistake.

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