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  • ruthuu 3w

    If my happiness was hidden in the stars,
    It could have made me second guessing,
    Because they are engulfed by the dark,
    "Cause they don't shine any brighter during the day...

  • ruthuu 3w


    Once they were just the friends,
    They became the closest,
    Your keepers they were,
    You were even convinced they were your family,
    Little did you know,
    They were the phoney,
    The real them was behind their pretty faces

  • ruthuu 10w


    Please stay for a moment,
    No,actually stay forever,
    I am hollow,
    If you leave I'll never be complete...

  • ruthuu 10w

    My lover

    The sky is clear blue,
    Just like ocean waters,
    And there is this breeze,
    Gently rubbing my skin,
    I stood there watching the sky,
    Fragrance of love filling the air,
    I definitely guessed right,
    It's you my love standing behind me,
    I had missed tight hugs,
    Forehead kisses,
    And even just a touch of you.

  • ruthuu 10w

    Longer days

    A day without a chitchat with you baby,
    A day ending without you blowing up my phone,
    A night when I got no sleep,
    Waiting for the three days to go,
    A day is equal to a month,
    Second day equally to a year,
    It's a third day and it's a decennium,
    A decade in hell I've been.

  • ruthuu 13w

    All the night was a nightmare,
    She buried her head in her pillow,
    Cried hard till she was sobbing,
    Her beddings are soaking also,
    She is uttering some strange words,
    That she couldn't even bring herself to saying them,
    Fortunately she slept away,
    Now it's dawning,
    Rays of the sun hitting directly on her face,
    She wakes up her eyes swollen and so heavy,
    Try to think of what happened at night,
    But it's all gone,
    She got a second thought,
    And she's starting a new of it all,
    She is brave, daring and beautiful.

  • ruthuu 13w

    Empty promises

    While he promised to stay for me,
    Now I look all around I can't see him.

    He promised to support me,
    When I can't stand by myself,
    But trust me am falling already.

    He promised to hold me,
    Lead me when am lost,
    And show me the way,
    But I can't even find anyway with a sign of him.

    He promised me to wipe my tears,
    But I'm floating in this pool of my tears,

    In my dreams did I trust you,
    But also trust me that you will just see me in you dirty dreams.

  • ruthuu 13w

    When I write...

    When the emotions are overwhelming,
    And can't talk them out,
    Not even to stammer a word,
    Get in to deep thoughts,
    That I can't help myself off them,
    My head aching till the sunset,
    Night is here,
    And I am a sleepwalker,
    But then I wake up and write,
    Write all them down in my notebook,
    And all are brought to ease,
    And by writing I am now,
    Into control of my emotions.

  • ruthuu 13w

    Be the real you

    And the nature is also a lesson,
    It converted me from fictitious perception to the reality,
    And here I am saying,
    Be the real you,
    The world needs and embrace the original you.

  • ruthuu 13w

    In a confused state I was,
    There i stood still,
    My legs so burdened,
    My eyes open but couldn't see a thing,
    All was blur.
    My head spinning,
    Voices feeling my head,
    In my thoughts I was screaming,
    But all I heard was my echo,
    No one noticed me,
    No one gave me solace,
    I was really hurting,
    Where were you?