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  • rutuparna__45 2w


    Incomplete has a vast vacancy in itself just like the rough room

  • rutuparna__45 2w

    Words are all about the task of your choice.

  • rutuparna__45 2w


    It's ok to be ok at a stage of ok reality
    after listening priority changes to make
    you and your thoughts took a point of an ok stage.

  • rutuparna__45 5w


    Leher ake tham si gyi thi
    Jese usse kbhi kinara pe na jana pade..
    Aur pal bhar mai wo sukun jara si baat
    Ke waste badal si gyi thi
    Jese usse kabhi baat karni na pade..

    Ese saksh ke piche bhag ti rehti thi
    Jiske LOTNE ki gunjaish kano mai kabhi
    Gunjaran ki hi nhi.. yuhi ki ayal alag thi
    Aur pehechan ki nazariya alag
    Tab hi na mol lagane chale tha
    Janab ki mann ki bhuk..

    Lamhe thami hai bas bita hua kal nhi
    Jo yuhi bhulake phenk leh..
    Jara si baat aahista bola jate hai
    Peso ki laalach se dusre ko unki
    aawaaz se darr si paida bhanti Nhi ki jati hai..

    Garjoge kab tak
    Mol to sab chiz ka lgi thi tab
    Jab barish mai bhig ke bhi han sunne ki intezaar
    Andar se katt rakhi thi..
    Agar chote chote lamhe pasand ata na
    Ese ghamand se apni zid koi bikharta nhi..

    Kaha likha hai sirf paiso se sab kharid loge !!!
    To har koi ese paisa fek ke sab le jata..
    Agar ese kuch soche the pehele, khud se sawal
    Kar lete itna dur ake ye nakhre kaam mai ane wala
    Chiz nhi hi tha..

    Be wajah jhagadna ki aur
    Mere se agge mere baat se agge kiska boli
    Ab tak chali nhi yeh bolne ki bahat mann tha na..
    To tab kaha bikhar gaye the jab yahi chiz
    Mol lagne wakt pucha gaya tha..

    Jawaab hai to bhar lena khud se...............

  • rutuparna__45 6w

    Whatever you’re going through you will get through it

  • rutuparna__45 7w

    My body is tired
    From every point of view
    My mind seat in a middle
    row of parallel plane
    And need to a brake
    From every way.

    My soul is tired
    Bones ache
    Finger crossed
    Frequently I collapsed.

    Heart hurts
    Breathing needs a long solace
    drop of wind in a better way
    Hands can't grasp
    Just need to a break the chain and
    Start ridding from home to
    far away from my needs.

    Harassed by each little daily
    New combination of bad words
    All in one about everyone's worst way of
    Judgment ever done .
    And a new ray of judging from
    Different angles
    How to take
    And make a differ.

    Voice filled with anxiety and
    Cutting of your words a different manner
    Just change a rapture rough sounds
    Between 2 sec in a flow..

    It's really hard to listen
    Everyday a shocking, breaking
    News from your home , own place
    So struggle is not a single kind of things
    It's really hard for bearing.

    @mirakee @mirakee_post @writsparrowsevenfour @poetryshala @poemsnb

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    Tired from every way:-

  • rutuparna__45 8w

    it all reduce when i grown up

  • rutuparna__45 8w

    kuch ladaiyan kar leni chahiye
    kuch yaadein ko na bhulana bhi nhi chaiye
    kuch khamoshi ko chupake se sunn leni chahiye
    aur kuch pal ko bant lena chaiye

  • rutuparna__45 8w

    I need to rise :-

    Awaking and walked through a dream
    And then forgetting like never ever seen
    I could may pretend
    But courage was not there
    I felt unhealthy
    Badass from inside
    And still need to rise..
    Dares were there but requirements
    Were less , and never gave vibes
    Wanting was less in number just
    Pretend to right at that point was necessary
    I tried to stand strong
    But felt down by every single beat
    Conquered from inside
    But still need to rise..
    Wanted to know about something
    To do something what I never done before
    I never tried to forgot
    But body needs to forgot by its side
    Horrible somehow
    And rigid too
    Why the moment was like this
    Why didn't its like a way full of choices of mine
    Murmuring to myself
    That still I need to rise..


  • rutuparna__45 9w

    Where there's scrutiny, there's scuffle too