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  • rxywriter 3w

    why, you are not ready yet, go and change your clothes, we are already late and I don't want to late. she shouted on me (she-- my best friend Ashika, she is too much careless and lovely person of my life and I love her. yeah you can say that she is my first love)
    ok ok, I am going to change but yaar why are you shouting ??
    you know, you are not looked pretty and cute when you get angry
    (me -- Nitin I am so careless and lazy person, I always want to stay with her and she loves me too)
    you have not ready, go and change - ashika
    ok, my mother, I am going
    oh god, please, shut her mouth for a while, l want peace in my mind and my home also ( i was thinking In my mind)

    after 1 hour
    Ashika - I am ready
    Nitin - ok then let's go
    Ashika- yes, wait a sec, what have you wearing, she was scolding me
    oh god, you are not a child go right now and change it. your dress is hung on the hanger in the dressing room.
    in this dress, you looking like a...
    go. and change it ( she was scolding on me)
    but yaar Ashika, see, I am so so cute and looking more beautiful in this dress
    no no no, go and change it, otherwise

    I hold her from the backside and said

    ohh my princess
    ohh my queen
    I am your king
    I have no wing
    you have my heart
    but I am not wifi

    what?? wifi
    she pushes me, turns left, and standing in front of me.
    don't talk to me, otherwise, I beat you she said
    oh my my god why is she always in an angry mood (i was thinking in my mind)
    hey why are you stand here
    Go... -Ashika said
    Uff, ok, I m going but yaar I think

    oh my king
    I am your queen
    you want to take risk
    I have stick

    Ashika said with her cute and angry face
    No no, I am going, who want to take the risk??, who??
    stop, don't talk more, go, she was a shout.
    I saw very clearly, she was very angry on me and for a minute, I thought,
    will I have more life is remaining, after seeing her angry mind. She looking Like a ghoast
    Omg run nitin run Nitin.

    #story #writerpen #rxywriter #life #mirakee.

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    The Queen of my heart

    Story (Part 1)
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  • rxywriter 4w

    When I saw you the first time
    Fell like snow was falling in the sky
    You said, tell me hi
    My heartbeat was faster and was very shy

    U was looking beautiful
    Like a butterfly
    But why you so far me
    I also want to fly

    We will meet at this place
    She was curious about that
    I 'll surely come on time
    And time was also take my test

    Now the morning was good
    And I was very late
    Go fast, reach on the place
    You can complete our test

    I fall in love with her
    Very deep and deep
    And i was die on her one smile
    I always want to it keep

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    This was the first time but you always mine
    We 'll always live in this peaceful wind

  • rxywriter 4w

    कुछ कर गुजर, जमाना चाहे तुझे सताना
    हम नही कर सकते, मत कर बहाना,
    जिंदगी का खेल ही है फँसाना
    चाहे जो हो जाए, कुछ करके है दिखाना,

    चाह है लोगो की मुझे रोकना
    बात बात पर मुझे है टोकना,
    चाहते है वो मुझे गिराना
    कहाँ मुमकिन है, पहाडो से टकराना,

    बात बात पर क्या मुरझाना
    हर दम फूलो सा मुस्कुराना,
    काम है काँटो का डराना
    रूक मत, बस आगे है बढते जाना,

    छोड़ बातो को दिल पर लगाना
    इरादो मे मजबूती बनाए रखना,
    बढ़ आगे, कही रूक मत जाना
    चाहे जो हो जाए, कुछ करके है दिखाना।


  • rxywriter 4w

    हम चुप रहते है
    ताकि लोगो को बुरा ना लगे
    और वो हमारी चुपपी को कमजोरी समझते है

  • rxywriter 4w

    In the whole life, we meet from different- different types of persons and they also
    We are totally stranger from each other
    But some person is really different

    Those who take care of each other
    Those who really help to another person
    Those who always ready to help
    Those who don't want return gift
    Those who are a really lovely person
    Those who really kindly person

    We should never forget these types of a person because they really deserve your love, care, your help and want just you like them
    In the whole world, we can't find this type of person who really helps each other without
    A world is big and for that, we should big heart those we have but we never believe another person.
    @writerpen #uniqueyoubest # life #care #friends and family

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    Family and friends

    The wonderful moment of life when we stay with family and friends
    And if one time we lost them then we
    Can't find them again
    Because we too far away from them and I always want to stay with them those I really love, care, respect and tease . they always live in my heart because I love them

  • rxywriter 5w

    आया रे आया
    बारिश का मौसम आया,
    चलो नाव बनाते है
    पानी मे तैराते है,

    चलो दोसतो जल्दी आओ
    संग मेरे नाव बनाओ,
    रंग बिरंगे कागज लाओ
    संग मिलकर नाव बनाओ,

    जलदी जलदी हाथ चलाओ
    मुझको, अब तुम ना सताओ,
    इधर उधर कागज घुमाओ
    रंग- बिरंगी नाव बनाओ,

    नाव भी तैराएगे
    बादल, जल जब बरसाएगे,
    अब हमको तुम ना सताओ
    जल्दी जल्दी बारिश आओ,

    बारिश की हुई शुरूआत
    चलो नाव को लेके साथ,
    रिमझिम रिमझिम बारिस आए
    हम सब मिलकर नाव चलाए।।

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    बचपन की यादे नाव के संग

  • rxywriter 5w

    उसकी आवाज मे कुछ तो मिठास थी
    मुझसे भी बोलेगी बस एक आस थी,
    गुजर गए हर पल इसी इनतजार मे
    पर शायद वो मुझसे नाराज थी,

    हर पल सूना सूना लगने लगा
    मुसकान पर उसकी दिल पिघलने लगा,
    अब मान भी जाओ कब तक रूठोगी
    मिलने को उससे दिल ये मचलने लगा,

    गुजर गया हर लमहा तेरी याद मे
    छोडना चाहता हूँ तेरा विचार मे
    मन कहता है भूल जा उसका दीदार
    बस वो जिंदा रहे तेरे खवाव मे

  • rxywriter 5w

    ये कहती है दुनिया, कया तुमहे हमसे इकरार है,
    कहते रहो जो चाहे, हाँ मुझे तुमसे प्यार है,

    उसके इशक मे, जाने ये कैसा जुनून है,
    उससे बात ना हो, तब तक कहाँ सुकून है,

    इन रस भरी बीतो मे, एक गजब की मिठास है,
    झगड़ती हो तुम ऐसे, कही छोड़ने का विचार है,

    ताउम् चाहूँ तुझे, महफूज रहे तू,
    कहदे बस एक बार, हाँ मुझे भी तुमसे प्यार है

  • rxywriter 5w

    "The journey of Happiness"

    This journey starts with your first cry and ends with the last tears of yours when you depart this life.
    Because Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
    For a long time, this journey has been the life that is about to begin. But there are always obstacles, some things have to go through first, unfinished business, or an overdue debt.

    We do carry the secret to our own happiness inside "ourselves".But what exactly is this ‘self’? And how can this self find its place in the world, so it can experience happiness?

    Happiness is a state of mind – positive and good emotions create it.

    Then life would begin. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment that you live.

    And remember that time waits for no one. So stop waiting until you finish school until you go to college; until you get married until you get divorced; until you have kids; until you got retirement; until spring comes; until you will bear again to decide that there can not be a better time than right now to be happy…...

    Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So, work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like no one's watching, and live like this will be your last day.

    I'm happiest when I'm right where I want to be and I want to be right where I am. I'm not looking forwards, or backward, or sideways, or wishing my moments away.
    And that's the journey, after all, isn't it?
    Written by @praveen Chaudhary
    #NG #article #review

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    The journey of happiness

  • rxywriter 5w

    इन यादो के झरोखो को
    दिल मे बसाए रखना,
    मे रहूँ या ना रहूँ
    यादो को संजाय रखना,

    हर पल की वो मसती
    तुमहारा मुझसे झगडना,
    रूठना और फिर मनाना
    इसे यूँ ही बनाए रखना,

    कभी याद आएगी ये यादे
    तुमहारे साथ वो वकत गुजारना,
    भले ही तुमसे दूर हो
    बस दिल मे बनाए रखना,