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  • s_varsha 4w

    Oh Rain!
    Awaiting your arrival i settled.
    Wash my tears away with your gentle mizzle.
    Drench my soul with those reposeful drops.
    Take me along with your caressing zephyr.
    And turn my sorrows down with your musical patter.
    Enlighten me with the scent of petrichor.
    That can last long to fill my heart forever,
    And obsess me to yearn for your return!

  • s_varsha 4w

    I lend my hands to join with yours!
    You used it as a stone to walk through !

  • s_varsha 10w


    Have you ever cried so hard ?
    That your ocean blurred your vision !
    Yet you strived so hard to text your love,
    Without giving a hint...

  • s_varsha 12w


    If memories were a person,
    It would be my best friend !

  • s_varsha 14w

    A soul struck between pulling that rope hard to sustain which hurts and leaving that will make you fall apart !

  • s_varsha 17w


    He:Did i hurt you?
    She: Can you count the drops of the rain ?
    He: Uncountable.
    She: That's how much you hurt me!

  • s_varsha 23w

    When people come back to you,
    Think what you can do for them,
    Not what they did to you!

  • s_varsha 24w

    If you are daring enough to turn a bewitching women sinful.
    Then handle her!

  • s_varsha 24w

    Your love was always in the tongue!
    But never in eyes!

  • s_varsha 25w

    Even when I saw no love inside you,
    I saw me inside you !