you cry a little and then you wait for the sun to come out and it always does.

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  • saba_rizwan 7w

    It is the law of nature that the creator is the destroyer too....

  • saba_rizwan 9w

    This is an imaginary composition

    Her lips have almost
    Forgotten the taste of lips colours
    Her eyes wear the kohl ( black powder used as eye make-up) of
    Someone's absence
    Her wrists haven't remembered
    The jingling sounds of bangles
    Her smile has lost the warmth
    Her nail paints have been closed
    In the cupboard for years
    Her ears haven't Heard
    Sounds of any celebration for ages
    Because people consider her
    Presence as a bad omen ( a sign of something that will happen in future)
    She has left singing and
    Dancing completely
    She does suppress her
    Heart from expressing
    Any kind of emotions
    Every day she opens her
    Jwellary box
    She touches all the ornaments
    With love and care
    She wants to beautify herself
    She longs for pampering herself
    She wants to wear
    All those ornaments
    From toe to head
    She is living example of
    Beauty with brains
    But she is not married yet
    Her friends have done this ritual
    Years ago
    And she belongs to a very
    conservative community
    People around her
    Don't allow her to fulfill
    Her wishes
    They don't let her enjoy her life
    They ask only one question
    For whom you want to look beautiful
    She has no answer
    She is not supposed to reply
    Them perhaps
    They know nothing about her
    And they never care for her dream
    They don't know that
    Just like her ornaments
    She has kept a memories of
    Someone in the treasure box
    Of her heart
    There is someone
    Whom she has waiting
    For years
    For whom she want to look
    The most beautiful women
    Of the world
    She has been holding
    A deep ocean
    Of emotions within
    She has been controlling
    A giant volcano of desires
    Inside her
    She has been preventing
    The brooks of love songs
    Deep down in her veins
    She deserves all the happiness
    And luxuries of life
    She deserves to be
    The queen of her king.

  • saba_rizwan 9w

    Allhmdollilah Saba k liye dua krne walo'on ki ta-daat Bohot lambi hai...........ab isse Mera guroor samjho ya Mera yakeen..

  • saba_rizwan 11w

    Women is the backbone of the family
    Women plays different roles in her life
    She brings new life in to this world
    She creates, nurtures, protects and educates
    She take care of each and everything of her family
    If she is healthy mentally and physically as well
    If she is educated, well trained and skilled
    She will make big difference to the society
    Welcome her to this beautiful world
    Let her see the beauty of this world
    Let her breathe the air of freedom
    Respect her
    Do take good care of her
    Educate her
    Train her
    Encourage her
    Appreciate her
    Accept her
    Love her

  • saba_rizwan 13w

    Dear parents,

    Your child is watching various things on the internet you never know about or don't have knowledge.yes for sure time has changed, we are living in the Morden times".

    I think that itz okay if the child likes to eat junk food once in a month, go out with friends for picnic with a few adult accompanied, enjoy certain laughter movie and so on..

    but there's always something called disciplining your child in the Morden day world. It happens when the adult monitor their children..if we could look 10years back, we did not have phones neither our own iPads or anything of that sort..

    because our parents did not feel the need to give us those gadgets as gifts. We played indoor/outdoor games, puzzles, hide and seek and so on..yes we had TV time, we had computer time

    . But if we encourage our children with phones, we ourselves giving them a chance to watch things online which children should not be watching. Remember this, one things leads to another. It must be 2020 or 2030...

    we should always have strict screen time for children and monitor what they watch...

  • saba_rizwan 13w

    Why it is important to focus on our children!!!!

    In the generation we are living. Every other child has a phone in their hand..every other child watches YouTube, Facebook, chats with friends, watches movies...

    The disadvantage or problem with this is not children having phones, but they are able to access the internet, which is today's generation had every "odd" things on it...

    we have given so much freedom to watch anything on phones, and we feel they should know everything before an age, where their main focus should be studies, extra curricular activities and sports...

    children can be educated about various things by communicating on helping them with moral values, disciplining them about dressing and so on...

    That where our part as protective parents come in..

    if we can protect them from different physical diseases and illness, we surely than focus on their emotional and mental well-being too!!!

  • saba_rizwan 19w

    Mai kahani mein naya modd bhi laa skti hoon
    Mai tumse Milne tumhare ghr bhi aa skti hoon.

  • saba_rizwan 20w

    Isliye toh Mai royi nhi bichhadte waqt,
    Tujhe rukhsat Kiya hai Juda nhi Kiya hai.

    Ye bad'tameez tujhse darte rahein Hain toh phir,
    Tujhe bigaad Kr Maine Bura nhi Kiya hai.

  • saba_rizwan 20w

    Uski Khushi k liye shayar ko bhi khamosh hote Dekha hai,
    Kabhi-kabhi sabr toot'te bhi Dekha hai.
    Kabi haste Dekha hai toh kabi rote Dekha hai.
    Uski galtiyo'on pr darguzar karte Dekha hai,
    Uski baato'on pe farmabardaar bante Dekha hai.
    Usme ek ajeeb thehraao Ka markaz bante dekha hai.

  • saba_rizwan 20w

    Jiske bare mein Sara seher Baat Kr Raha tum wo shayar nhi lagte, tum haskr sabse milte ho, tum Dil k ghaayal nhi lagte...