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  • sachinjeswani 1w

    And I love the sunsets often
    It really feels good to see
    Birds going back to home

  • sachinjeswani 2w

    My Mind is getting heavier now

    There are lot of things to come out

    to share, to care, to cherish & to replenish

  • sachinjeswani 7w


    This heart still believes in Forevers

  • sachinjeswani 15w

    After Years,

    I felt the same vibes today,

    Even though it was for just a glance.

  • sachinjeswani 17w

    A Dragonfly to remind me

    You are eternal with all your
    innocence, words and sweetness

  • sachinjeswani 18w

    Behad ajeeb rishtey bnaye hai rab ne

    Kuch dur hokr bhi pass hai

    Kuch pass hokr bhi dur hai

  • sachinjeswani 22w

    There are endless possibilities

    For You

    For Me

    But Not for Us

  • sachinjeswani 28w

    People leave me, with so many trails behind with heart full of memories and mind full of dilusions.
    Its okay to leave, I am not forcing anyone to stay to tolerate me to be with me. And change is unevitable for you and so for me. what i am always suprised about why people dont end with me good note. I mean they have already parted their ways and ignorance is at peak, had already managed to be with something someone else. I accepting this as a natural part of humans behaviour. In these years, what I am always seeking is A Perfect Good Bye

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    A Perfect Good Bye

    (pls read the caption✌️)

  • sachinjeswani 29w


  • sachinjeswani 29w

    बहुत पहले, इस जगह से मैंने दूरी बनाई थी

    किस्मत ने मुझे फिर से यहाँ खड़ा कर दिया