Heyyy!! My names sadar and I write poems as you have probably seen ��

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  • sadar_ammar 13h


    The strangers we are told not to speak to may be the strangers we are friends with today
    Friends we are friends with along with other friends perhaps

  • sadar_ammar 1d

    Innocence I shall try to prove

    Never have I thought I'd be here locked away
    Away from the world to serve the crimes I did
    Did I do it though? Does it even matter if I did?
    Did they even try to find more evidence to prove my innocence?
    Innocence that now I have to prove since corruption Is a thing so is injustice

    Injustice which may lead to my death
    Death which I thought was far far away
    Away that thought goes for it's near
    Nearer then I ever knew yet I try staying calm
    Calm enough so they don't ruin my peace
    Peace which I've been trying to have for years
    Years now I wish to go back to but now,
    Now i must try proving my innocence

  • sadar_ammar 2d

    The mystery continues

    Are pigeons spies in disguise or not?
    The mystery continues

  • sadar_ammar 3d

    A star

    This symbol is a star ✮
    It's a star that shines brightly in the sky giving hope to some
    It's a star that helps some cope with their thoughts that pace more so at night
    It's a star that people admire from a far while wishing everything to be alright

    It's a star just like the other billions of stars yet it's still special, it still gives you hope
    It's a star that gets you through it all until it's day time for then the star must go but,
    It always comes back to help you get through the night again or,
    It's the star that guides you back home when you are lost

  • sadar_ammar 4d

    Our society

    We still live in a society that determines how we get treated by the color of our skin
    We still live in a society that doesn't accept some of us for how we are, they judge us instead as if us being us is a sin to them
    We still live in a society where they don't accept our mental illnesses among many other things which I do not understand why

    We still live in a judgemental society that judge how we look in every aspect
    They judge enough for us to think we need change but we don't, don't we?
    We still live in a society that doesn't respect nor allow man/boys to show emotions, they discourage it but,
    Why? We should encourage them to show it, no?

    We live in a society where you have to be afraid of getting kidnapped or worse if your a woman so,
    Some become afraid of being out alone at night alone so,
    Home is where they stay safe yet sometimes our home isn't safe either but,

    It's been centuries yet there's still so many flaws in our society that we try but fail to change?
    The 21st century is strange is all I can say but,
    There are many ways to show you but,
    Would you even see what it is I have to show you or will you turn a blind eye to it like always?
    What if I were to make you read about it or hear me out would you? Or would you just think I'm insane for speaking the sad truth?

    For you think the society is so fine yet maybe you don't you just fear to accept it, why is that?
    Do you fear to accept that there are camps in some countries that hold people against there will when they've done wrong yet we do nothing
    Do you fear to accept our reality or do you just wish to only see the good in the world not the bad?

  • sadar_ammar 5d


    Run run
    For the monsters in our imaginations is out and free

    Run we must do, we must flee
    For the monsters are coming

    Run faster then before
    For the monsters are near

    Run run into the safety of our home where the monsters won't come
    For this is a safe place or so our wild imagination imagined

  • sadar_ammar 1w

    Steering your life

    Steer your life into the right direction but don't
    For if you steer your life into the right direction never the wrong you'll never learn nor would you ever be stronger so,
    Hit a tree if you will on the bumpy road it's okay.. I think

  • sadar_ammar 1w

    My diary

    21ist of February
    I feel nothing but,
    Everything all at once
    People think I overthink nothing but,
    I overthink everything
    I overthink overthinking which keeps me up at night
    Making me leave behind my self worth

    Is my kindness ever enough?
    Or is it just enough for someone to take advantage of it?
    Is time even real or is it an illusion?
    Am I delusional for thinking it isn't?
    For someone just one day happen to say the time is 8'o clock in the morning yet they're not delusional but I am?

    I feel as though im anxious today
    For no reason or maybe there is a reason I just don't want to say
    I know I must find a way to deal with it yet it seems like there's no way to do so only music can help
    Maybe this can help too or so people have said but,
    Maybe this is all I shall write for now
    For now I must go start off my day before it ends

    Yours truly a crazy person I'm just joking haha or am I?
    - Sadar

  • sadar_ammar 1w


    Equality is something we've been fighting for centuries right?
    There have been wars, deaths yet it all came to no avail
    For equality is still something far from our reach but that means our fight for our rights isn't over

  • sadar_ammar 1w


    My family used to take the worst pictures of me then posted it
    I wished they would stop but,
    They never stopped till this day
    I have now just accepted the fact that there's no way to stop it nor a way to stop people from looking at them
    I have accepted it for the simple fact I will look back at it and laugh