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  • sadhanajoshi 2w

    When you get what you want, that's God's direction. When you don't get what you want, that's God's protection.

  • sadhanajoshi 7w

    Mohabbat ki intezaar mai na jaane kitne din bitaya humne, par jab tum mili aur chali gayi, tabse zamana guzaara hai humne..

  • sadhanajoshi 15w

    I found myself lying on the carpet of love, I never thought I would have. I sunk into those golden eyes of yours, albeit I knew I would drown.
    I allowed myself to surrender this life you, just to know I was wrong. I became impure because I knew the purity of your touch.
    Now, I am betrayed by myself for I'm not mine as I've made myself yours...

  • sadhanajoshi 16w

    A deep shallow heart,
    Spoke to me one day- about the things it desires, it walked a lone mile for eternity, countless prayers made, innumerable imaginations it made.
    About YOU.
    It wept a new lake everytime, until the end of time, until the end of tears,
    Then YOU came in, from nowhere and reached its everywhere.
    Now it's thorns are its swords, it laughs on its own, it knows YOU will never abandon it.
    It resides in you.
    For given everything it still prays for YOU.
    It knows a language~ and it's YOU.


  • sadhanajoshi 20w

    There's a fall for every rise as there is a rise for every fall.
    Our flight is because of his wings.

  • sadhanajoshi 21w

    Have my birds of thoughts reached your place?


  • sadhanajoshi 21w

    On a sultry noon,
    A phone call in my call log made a lot of sense. I checked into an inn. With a relaxed gut I stood at the window waiting for a longing desire. A knock on the door shivered my sensuality. She stood with a bottle of wine, her hair semi wet, a goddess of unknown place, she has an unusual smile, she came to make love with an unloved soul. I looked at her blossoms trying to avoid the contact with her eyes, after all eyes are the eye of love- they see through an opaque wall.
    She sits on the edge of the bed, waiting for me, I wait for her. She handles her vulnerabilities to me. Her heavy breathe into my ears makes me ask her if she ever made love. I dared to ask her in the middle of our intimacy, she says she makes love every day. It makes me wonder if I ever made love to a woman, it reminds me of my lost Love, when I made love with her. Here, she takes my muscle into her, I give my part for the sake of pleasure, the bodies entwined like once my soul was entwined with my love.
    I am done with her now. She starts dressing up, i start questioning again. She leaves. I am left with nothingness again.

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    On a sultry noon...

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  • sadhanajoshi 50w

    Ab tohe jaane na dungi...

  • sadhanajoshi 51w

    Sometimes it feels like,
    To love, and to be loved is like to swim in the ocean of tears, but flow with the beauty anyway...

  • sadhanajoshi 55w

    Love is the only intoxication that let me live.