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  • sadiqakausar 17w


    Shall I choose pizza over burger ..or
    Doreamon over Harry potter..
    Every time the decision has to be made..
    My mind toggles between the options..
    Finding every single logic to choose the best option ...
    My innocent heart begs why should the choice be made????
    When u can choose both...
    Who shall win this battle ???
    My stern mind or my curious heart..
    Again the vicious cycle of confusion overtaking my mind...
    The decision is .......
    ..I'm confused...

  • sadiqakausar 17w


    You probably might be thinking I'm late...
    But no...
    I was digging into my oxford dictionary to find the best word to describe u..
    But I failed...
    Google came into rescue..but how shall the artificial intelligence understand the tenderness behind our strong bond..
    That binds us together even after being miles apart...
    Little did it know of how to define the emotions I experience even with the small memories of ours..❣
    Even these lines are just my way of expressing my love to u..
    I would forever be grateful for Allah the Almighty..for giving me a great friend like u..
    On this special day I think we can only pray Allah to strengthen our bond and fill our lives with loads of happiness ...❣❣
    Stronger together..SAATHI

  • sadiqakausar 25w


    The sky so vast and unceasing...
    But the moon shall always catch me heeding..
    I wonder how these stars ever be as bright as the moon..
    But the moon shall always hearten them..
    To live like the stars they are!!

  • sadiqakausar 52w


    Main hoon titli..
    Man hai utavla dil main hulchal..
    Ghoomon gaaon sari duniya..
    aadat se hoon main chulbul
    Ghar pe hasti bahar masti
    Hoon toh pari sirf papa ki ..
    Sare doston ki bulbul.
    Pyaar karti hoon bharpoor
    Par gussa na sahoon bilkul.

  • sadiqakausar 52w

    #Happy birthday Tanparìiiii

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    Kabhi teri aur dekho toh mehsoos hota hai..
    Samudr sa vishaal phir bhi shaant..
    Badalon main chupa magar drudh nischay se apne aap ko darshaata..
    Garjan se apni shakti ki jhalak dikhlaata..phir moom se pani barsaakar jeevan deta...
    Har din suraj ke saath duniya roshan karta ..
    Har raath chaand sitaron ka sahara ban jata.
    Har subah muskuraahat se ek nayi ummeed kiranno se le aata..
    Aur andheron ko roshni se roshan kar jata..

  • sadiqakausar 61w

    Mere liye kuch..

    Mere liye kuch...
    Kalam utha kar sochne lagi
    Kabhi ek shabh mushkil se likhti toh doosre hi pal usko mitha deti
    Koi lafz ho ya
    Panktiya koi na bayan kar sakhe pyaar hamara
    Shayad tumhe behen kehna hi mere liye sab kuch hai!!

  • sadiqakausar 61w

    Khamosh ..

    Kabhi bhowron ki bhanbhanahat hoon
    Kabhi titloyon si chanchal harkat hoon
    Kabhi barish si nami hoon
    Kabhi chulbul si muskaan hoon
    Kabhi pathar ki putli hoon
    Kabhi aag ka baboola ..
    Kyu hoon main khamosh???

  • sadiqakausar 61w

    No more strangers...pals!!!

    From those awkward gm ending with hms
    To those Hiii's and sd..
    From those awkward smiles to smiling heartfully ...
    Discussing those weird stories where the stone melts on ice
    For always the stone learn to stand stiff for all the seasons ...
    But the ice learns to morph itself in all the seasons...
    For those long chats on deciding the topic to chat on..
    To finalling ,that ur wish ur wish ending on discussing cricket..
    For heavens the miracle where the two befriends for they were no more strangers...pals!!!

  • sadiqakausar 62w


    I promise you to be your shadow ..
    But I'm scared of darkness
    ©jannat sheikh

  • sadiqakausar 63w

    We grew up

    From celebrating birthday together
    To realise the difference between 1 and 6
    From kuttikamini being war tag to love tag
    From learning about pollution to discussing about the tacky uniform
    From filling the mehendi with the glitter pens to just applying mehendi
    From running to the dairy for that butterscotch cone to going to icecream parlours
    And those never ending talks about the trains and those stories
    To realize how childhood faded away as we grew up..