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  • sagacious_miss 1d

    NOTE -

    Going off from mirakee.... I won't be active for a few days...

    Life and circumstances are forcing me to take a break from writing.

    It's gonna be hard to live without writing...But it's the need of hour.

    Thank you for the love and support.

    Take care my lovely readers.. ❤
    Stay blessed.

    Thank you !

  • sagacious_miss 2d

    You said, you love me,
    But now you hurt me,
    Baby, you left me alone.

    I started falling,
    You started dropping,
    I kill myself on my own.

    Cause yeah, you threw it down,
    My lovely love crown,
    You soon did turn into a hard stone.

    You said, I am insane,
    Lost my brain,
    From known we turn unknown.

    But now you leave,
    Somewhere I'm relieved.
    Glad, you're out of my zone.

    I'm glad you're not my lover,
    To me, now you don't bother.
    Somewhere I'm glad that you are gone forever.

    #love #life #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • sagacious_miss 1w

    Here I sit,
    not in your proximity,
    Blowing off the candles which were then lit.
    I ponder, where things went wrong with our affinity.

    Did your heart skip a beat?
    Or you decided to play neat?
    Didn't your chest felt heavy,
    While your lips murmured you no longer love me?

    I sit by me,
    Thinking, who conspired you against me?
    Was it your glass of whiskey,
    Or was it when you lost your car keys?

    You never felt your heart sinking,
    Maybe it was fault, cause I was dreaming.
    Dreaming so long that you so love me,
    I was wrong, now it is pills, remedies and recovery.

    You can't unlove someone when you once love them completely,
    I take the fact deepest into my soma, that you never loved me deeply.

    #unlove #love #unloving #hate #broken #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A myth or a reality?
    (Poem in caption)

  • sagacious_miss 2w


  • sagacious_miss 2w

    In the world of hoax feelings,
    I know your heart broke while it dropped from the ceiling.
    Cause I'm a little heart broken too,
    And baby so are you.

    Cause our partners rang the hoaxed wedding bells,
    We still remember that goodbye and farewells.

    For I trust the supernatural powers,
    We hold future together among the flowers.
    Sitting besides each other, the pains cease to exist,
    Celebrating joy is gonna be on top in the priority list.

    Cause I see my best friend in you darling,
    At your every move my heart is falling.
    We could share deep dark secrets,
    And cuddle in your blankets.

    Because I wanna breathe the air of your proximity,
    Our love is a perfect mixture of salinity and alkalinity.
    For we are major, but still together wanna be sixteen,
    Just a perfect love scene..

    #love #life #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Love, so desired.
    (Poem in caption)

  • sagacious_miss 2w


  • sagacious_miss 2w

    I remember, I was eighteen,
    Only saw him on my phone screen.
    He was just so prefect,
    Just pure, without any defects.

    Cause my phone's gallery possessed his one thousand pictures,
    His eyes were of perfect colour, just like that of a liquor.
    For months we did talk,
    Feelings we did share.
    About each other, we started to care.

    After a long time,
    He said, he wanna be mine.
    We planned to meet at my rented room,
    On the bed I spread roses red, and made them bloom,
    I did apply his favourite perfume.

    Hugged him tight, I saw him for the first time,
    He hugged me too cause I knew, he wanted to be mine..
    After sharing love, we wanted to share our bodies too,
    Baby, my love is original and not a copy.

    I wash my legs so clean,
    Just so that he could get that perfect scene.
    I was ready to spoon,
    I was ready for the dick feast soon.

    I still remember how attractively he touched me in every possible way,
    Whispering close to my ears, "baby, together we'll slay."
    The cold bed didn't pleased us,
    Strawberry or chocolate, we did discussed.

    Slowly he undressed me, moving his fingers all over.
    Suddenly he stops above the lower abdomen and cross overs.
    He noticed my bulging belly,
    "Baby, you're fat and not just chubby."

    He inspected my body, with his lustful eyes,
    Stretch marks on my body, to him they were a surprise.
    My dark skin tone, didn't please him,
    He hated me, cause I wasn't slim.

    He left the place,
    I was lying there like a broken lace.
    He took me something lesser than a girl,
    Days were gone when he treated me like a pearl.

    I was unsuccessful in satisfying his lust,
    That day I realized, for having sex, a slim look and fair tone is a must..

    #love #lust #life #sex #night #slim #tone
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Imperfect Night.
    (Poem in caption)


  • sagacious_miss 2w

    Here, I narrate a scene,
    Of the time when I was teen.

    My friends did take me to the city club,
    I was unaware about the drinks and the pub.

    Unaware about the reason of my presence,
    Still I wanted to taste the beer and the essence.

    My eyes were vacant, searching a man like you,
    Which I knew, are few.

    The vacancy did disappear,
    I found you sitting at the table near.

    With beer in one hand,
    Other was playing with my hair strand.

    I did sit close to you, a bit more close,
    I did go high on love dose.

    Names asked, numbers exchanged,
    Eye contacts interchanged.

    Cause you were drunk that night,
    You grabbed me close and so right.

    Your hand around my waist,
    On my shoulder, your head you placed.

    I could feel your breath,
    Cause I knew I'm gonna love you even after my death.

    For the First time I did feel safe in someone's arms,
    For the first time I did hear the love alarms.

    All of a sudden a drop of tear did fall on my hand,
    Why was the tear from your eye, I did fail to understand.

    Cause you were alone, cause you needed me by your side,
    Cause the were some love rule, by which you abide.

    You narrated your broken love tale,
    There was a girl you loved and remember every detail.

    She did leave you,
    Not realizing how precious are you.

    I was taken aback, got nothing to say,
    Cause I knew love's a gem and not a thing to play.

    I put my arms around your neck, coming close,
    Never thought, about this I'll write a prose.

    I allowed my lips to meet yours,
    Maybe for your heartbreak that's a cure.

    That kiss went deep to our heart,
    Baby, I promise never to part.

    Cause I found my mate right,
    I'll be with you even in the darkest of the night.


    #love #life #peace #kiss #forever #baby #darling #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    My love scene.
    (Poem in caption)

  • sagacious_miss 3w

    You have my heart baby,
    Keep it close, baby.

    You're the colour of my skin,
    I'll go wherever you go,
    From Paris to Berlin.

    Your name is engraved deep in my heart,
    Cause you have my heart baby,
    Keep it close baby,
    And let the tale of our never-ending love start.

    Let's cuddle in the dim light,
    I'll love you over and over again,
    Be that day or night.

    We'll meet someday,
    In the most unexpected way.
    Just an ordinary place,
    Will not be less than a paradise.

    Till then you keep me close to your heart baby,
    Cause you have my heart baby.

    Back after a long time..☺☺
    Will be responding to the tags soon..
    Thanks for the love and support..����

    #love #life #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    (Poem in caption)

  • sagacious_miss 4w

    These verses are very close to my heart, cause these were said to me by a dear one. Hence, sharing with you guys.
    Maybe you can relate.


    My dear Queen,
    Am I the one
    The reason behind your tears?

    I always wanted to see happiness in your eyes,
    You need to be happy.

    If I make those beautiful eyes to shed tears,
    Throw me away from your heart,
    To get back the same smile in your eyes.

    #life #love #mirakee

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    If I make those beautiful eyes to shed tears,
    Throw me away from your heart,
    To get back the same smile in your eyes.
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