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  • sahana_shree 4w

    There is a big blue sky waiting just behind the clouds ☁️.

  • sahana_shree 4w

    Thanks for the people who were drowning me in the ocean of pain but I am in a way to shore of happiness and peace


  • sahana_shree 7w

    The day i was born,
    I was crying and you were smiling;
    But the day I will die, I just want you see you smile again and say "My daughter has fulfill all my dreams, I am so proud of her"

    I love you appa❤


  • sahana_shree 7w

    Do it for the people who wish to see you lose..!

  • sahana_shree 9w

    No matter what is going through your life, Hope is a constant factor

  • sahana_shree 11w

    Everyday its getting harder
    Everyday its like a nightmare
    Everyday its a another prayer echoing from my bones asking god to take me now
    Everyday its get more impossible.
    Everyday I feel myself to die some more.
    I will leave this hell.
    I have never felt so much pain


  • sahana_shree 11w

    Never design your character like a garden where anyone can walk design your character like the sky where everyone desire to reach

  • sahana_shree 11w

    Sun watches our stronger side all day long but the moon witnesses our weaker side

  • sahana_shree 18w

    Corona or no corona, staying away from people is best

  • sahana_shree 19w

    I can be choices, a priority, a reason but never an option