Sahil Mudasir is a writer, blogger,poet,born in Melhura Shopian J$k.He is an " Indian Book of Records" award winner and author of 2 books.

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  • sahilmudasir 5w

    Practice is a slow process in the middle of learning.

  • sahilmudasir 6w

    Be Motivated

    People will always discourage you and stop you from doing things worthy. It is because they feel jealous of your success.If you need motivation, learn to motivate yourself by your plans. There is a famous story of a frog who decided to reach the top of a tree.

    All the other frogs shouted, " It's impossible, it's impossible. "

    Still the frog reached the top...


    Because he was deaf...

    And he thought,

    Everyone was encouraging him to reach the top.

    Moral: Be deaf to negative thoughts if you aim to reach your goal.

  • sahilmudasir 7w

    Dear to my heart
    lies a vision,
    Where your presence reflects
    my face
    beneath a costume.

  • sahilmudasir 8w

    An aura has come,
    When we are pushed behind doors,
    Peeled and stripped
    And left with someone's old stick
    Holding in between
    Our decoupled yards
    To measure up
    shared boundaries of shredded humanity.

  • sahilmudasir 8w

    Lost somewhere in you

    Like I have pressed my lips

    Together to take a sip of my blood

    And eat up all the troubles 

    Inflicted by your indifference.

    I bow before the cruel mercies

    Born from the bottom of my self

    Showing signs of fears and tears

    To lead my aching heart with 'Ease'.

    Don't speak as language of wine

    in the last quarter of a woeful night,

    Don't disturb my unfilled dreams

    Who have gone to sleep with me

    And shall wake up before dawn.


  • sahilmudasir 10w

    On the convocation

    Nothing counts more weighty
    Than holding the tectonic honor
    Conferred upon by such notable figures!

    I bear witness how each smile came
    Like an enlightenment
    And every hand tremble it's applaud
    granted on the convocation!

    Not an occasion only, but for me
    It springs as a fresh dawn of a great privilege
    And recognition that shall count my fate.

  • sahilmudasir 12w

    I think I may know them
    Who castigate the approaching waves
    Coming across the the Atlantic bays
    They mark it like they know since ages to go
    And hence pretend to be novel in the artifice
    With their background stink of some foul play
    Staged on the shoulders of some weird characters.

    Hush! Awake them not from such a slumber
    Where they have been acting like fools
    Of an 'outstanding' dramas of life,
    And narrate their tales only to amuse us
    And drag us crazy in a jiffy!

  • sahilmudasir 12w

    Divine Love!

    From dusk till dawn
    Burn your soul for the Beloved
    Where every spark consumes your blood
    And engulf your being for the cause!

  • sahilmudasir 18w

    Will you do me a favour,
    I need not to see you anymore.

  • sahilmudasir 18w

    Throw away your anger, and make me your slave,
    I have collected my nerves to be yours forever.