In the blue world everything I observe is pure

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  • sahnah 2d

    Blessings come in form of rain
    Rain help the growth of the nature
    Nature where bloom wild flowers
    Flowers brighten the garden
    Garden just like in heaven
    Heaven where there's only love
    Love that grows in heart
    Heart full of good deeds
    Deeds that flow like rivers
    Rivers destination in the ocean
    Ocean with high and low tides
    Tides that rest on the shores
    Shores beautiful creation of the Lord

  • sahnah 2d

    Her mind is clouded with thoughts
    And the eyes are better defined like the drought
    A kind of unknown plea appeared in her gaze
    Like she is captivated in her own fabricated maze
    Her shriveled lips quivered in an undefined pain
    She poured words on a blank sheet like rain
    A mind and heart shaken story she penned
    Like a good poetess always yenned
    Silence the aura beguiled her scars
    Life stood betwixt a black hole and a star
    And she kept swinging on the thread of her melancholy
    Till the time her body got used to her miseries heartily

    #pain #star #rain #words @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    She and her pain


  • sahnah 3d

    #headline @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Hope Mirakee makes a headline in each newspaper around the world one day❤️

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    Mirakee The Antidote

    The sole remedy for all your sufferings.

  • sahnah 5d

    I'm an admirer of the moon
    To symbolize myself I can't find
    anything better
    But I can't truly compare myself to it
    My words are fictitious
    The moon is pure and unique and will remain so forever.

    #symbol #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I as the moon

    In the vastness of the sky
    In the darkness of the night
    In the company of billions stars
    I'm the moon unique in my style
    Seen by everyone
    Penned by every poet
    Remembered by each heartbreak
    And dear to the solitary
    I'm someday weak like the crescent
    Feeble to spread my light
    Unnoticed by so many
    But I become strong with lots of patience
    I hold the hands of the wanderer tight
    I spread a little light to guide
    I protect the lost soul at night
    But I'm a mere human dealing with ups and downs in life

  • sahnah 1w

    And they make fake promises
    By giving hopes to hopeless through their sweet speeches

  • sahnah 1w

    You and I

    I was there
    You were there too
    I found you smiling in my happiness
    I befriended you in my sadness
    My days were lazy without you
    My nights were crazy along with you
    My childhood souvenirs are filled with our hide and seek games
    I used to admire you lying on my bed
    I remember the curtain that always came in between us
    I never drew it till my sister blackmailed me to complain
    Still I found a way by hook or by crook to admire your beauty
    I talked to you whole heartedly
    And I strongly believe you listened to me patiently
    I love the way you appear each night
    Your crescent form seized my gaze those nights
    Natheless your full form please me the most
    Those nights are priceless moments in my life
    Now I'm grown up
    But I still admire you
    I still love you but I love you much more
    You are so close always to my heart
    I know I will and I can always share my each and every moment with you
    My life rotates along with you
    And my friendship is dedicated only to you.

  • sahnah 2w

    And yes to forgive someone is more difficult than to hurt someone. A line my dad taught me is don't befriend anger for a long time as it destroys the beauty within us. So if our inner beauty dies nothing will remain beautiful in this world.
    Either to forgive someone or to ask forgiveness to someone dont ever feel embarrassed in other words your soul will feel lighter and there's an immense happiness that will grow within thyself.

    #forgive @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    The best way to adorn the body and soul is to forgive.

  • sahnah 2w


    Purple the flower of friendship that blooms in my heart for you my mates, for you who is far away still are my intimates, for you who know me yet are unknown, to all who claim to be my own, for all my schoolmates and my soul mate.
    Purple a hue so delicate that bind the hearts
    Like the mauve lavender that seize the sight
    Like the dim violet that complete the rainbow
    Purple together with all the hues that makes life bloom from day to night in the emptiness of darkness that changes every sadness into happiness.

  • sahnah 2w

    Keep life, love and things simple to obtain positive vibes
    Surely it's humans habit to complicate matters first and to complain extremely later

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Pic : Pinterest

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    And what lies in simplicity is undefined more now rarely to
    find but truly it's the best to
    choose than complexity.

  • sahnah 2w

    In the depth of the night
    the moon spreads its light
    all over the dark sky
    like the beautiful fireflies
    adorning each corner of the earth
    to give hope a new birth.