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  • sai_kiran 10w

    Unrequited Love

    What can give better support
    Than tears in unrequited love?
    What can be a better companion
    Than solace in unrequited love?
    Unrequited love is always in sacred form.
    Feelings, poems and letters become the only truth
    Perhaps it's the only proof
    That their love is boundless, elated and benighted.
    It insinuates blushes and crescent moon smiles,
    Gives simultaneous pain and wounds,
    Pecks the heart with long awaiting dreams,
    Condenses the time with imagination and hopes.
    The one who experiences unrequited love,
    Either it makes the person feel
    How profound love is or
    Makes how hopeless love is.

  • sai_kiran 16w

    When you came into my life

    When you came in my life,
    you were like a romantic full moon day,
    serene and pleasant
    looking at you, being in your feelings
    and dreams brought me a
    pleasure and serenity.

    Now you are like a winter sunrise,
    warm and lively,
    I hardly look at you for all
    I know the presence of yours
    but I'm completely warm and energised.

    when you came in my life,
    you were like a brownie with vanilla,
    and the taste of your presence
    melted my heart with its sweetness.

    Now you are like my fruit,
    smooth and raw
    I hardly taste you at all for
    I know the savour
    but I'm completely nourished.

  • sai_kiran 20w

    I'm moonstruck

    Your words
    aren't your words,
    those words leave
    a gleaming smile
    on my face
    and makes my heart interlace
    I'm moonstruck, let me write a poem for you.

    Your smile
    isn't your smile,
    It is an electrifying smile
    that charges me for a long while,
    I'm moonstruck, let me write a poem for you

    You aren't
    just you.
    You are chiselled
    with exquisite vibes,
    with embellishing smiles,
    you give me
    an intoxication,
    an effusion.
    I'm moonstruck, so this poem is for you.

  • sai_kiran 21w


    I haven't seen you,
    I don't know much about you,
    Then why do I care much about you?
    your absence making me in presence
    with my desires and dreams towards you
    your existence making me acquiescence
    with dreams without sleep and
    heart agitating without a clue.
    Am I loving love? or worshipping
    my affinity towards you?
    Beauty has no origins and ends
    I'm adoring your beauty with no origin
    as we adore nature with no origins and ends
    My rhythmical feelings towards you
    dancing with your beauty waves
    are all these welcoming unborn love?
    or am I entering into a cliff of love?

  • sai_kiran 23w

    The breeze around them was heavy and wild but between them, it attractive and magnetic. Everything arranged into the pattern of welcoming them for intimacy like an invitation — the waves, breeze, sea and the hidden sun. There was no more distance between them, they could have touched their hands if they moved at once but they didn’t. They are both just a few centimetres apart. Except for the giggling and quick glances at each other, there was no real conversation, it was more silence than expressions. This silence had been tuned to their intimacy even more.

  • sai_kiran 23w

    If we know when the love leaves, passionate lovers would have broken their heart and broken hearts would have fixed their hearts without pain.
    If we know whom the love chooses, love loses its power and bravery. If we know how love creates, emotion loses its liveliness and we lose our curiosity.
    If love is uncertain: How and when,
    Why love to be considered as pain rather than the emotion to be felt? Why love to be considered as a sin rather than as a quest to look forward to?”

  • sai_kiran 49w

    I'm me

    My identity appears  in chaos, not in tranquillity,
    My existence lives in precision, not in perfection,
    My reflections exist in the writing, not in actions,
    My power appears in kindness, not in violence,
    My happiness spreads within, not in materialistic,
    My compassion is for all species, not especially in human beings.

    I express love in the form poetry not in naive words,
    I intend to be in introspection, not in introspection.
    I'm defined in my opinions and thoughts, not in someone else opinions.

  • sai_kiran 50w


    What should tell you about words?
    Ah! shall I tell you the words
    as beads that makeup
    the beautiful chain as words makes
    beautiful prose and poetry.

    or Shall I tell you the words as raindrops,
    which fill up rivers, lakes and ponds
    as words fill in our heart
    and outpour emotions.

    let's see it as dew or snow particles
    that comes from writer's heart,
    or ashes or as soot comes from
    the fired object from the poet's heart.

    Words, they are clouds of mine which makes
    my writing whippy, floaty, bouncy and frolic.

    Words, they are petals which complete the
    flower, like it, completes the poetry
    Ain't they as flowers in the garden?
    yes, Words are like flowers.
    They make a garden to attract bees, insects and
    all beings like readers get attracted to poets words.

    They are ceaseless metaphors
    And as a universe where always something beyond.

  • sai_kiran 53w

    A shooting star.

    A man had been following
    a girl's beautiful path
    But she lives in her world,
    with unimaginable thoughts and
    In solitude, this is her path.

    He always looks up for her
    as if silver rivulets fall during rain,
    like looking up for a rainbow.
    Scorching summer, fall of leaves,
    blooms of flowers and
    all the season were passing as clouds pass.

    Though she doesn't have a conversation,
    for him,
    Her short hair, beads eyes and art
    are his admirations.
    The fear of conversation startles him
    than her admiration.

    Love has endlessly passed through space and time,
    in his every atom.
    He's waiting for his love to penetrate with a force,
    in her heart like a shooting star.
    Does that shooting star passes through her heart?

    Sometimes love unable to succeed, but it gives us
    hope to love, enthusiasm, humility and
    gives us life- worthy lessons.
    There is inevitable energy comes from a person whom we love.
    And all the blender of this
    can't be forgotten and perceived anywhere.

  • sai_kiran 54w


    Days are piercing with rage,
    Life is stuck in a cage with haste.

    Heart and souls are apart,
    Faith and hope are ready to depart.

    Trying things to settle
    but they are no more subtle.

    sacrifice was the option
    but it became inevitable now.

    The clear sky, like a white paper
    The barren land, like my heart,
    As barren land wants to rain upon
    from the white sky
    to live and replenish,
    My heart wants to rain upon
    paper to live and refill.