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  • saiabi 2w

    # Mom # dad ♥️

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    I walked down the lane
    of memories and stumbled
    When I saw how easy it was
    to have this happy life
    Because you were walking on
    thorns for me to walk on roses !

  • saiabi 2w

    I lay down
    thinking of you
    the way we make love
    the way we fight
    the kiss after quarrels
    the touch after months

  • saiabi 2w

    We all unknowingly play bad in someone's story !

  • saiabi 10w

    Amidst the scent of your neck
    I lay down my head
    Dreaming forevers
    With you !

  • saiabi 16w

    A man is not a man
    if he is not strong
    enough to protect
    to respect
    A girl or a women.

  • saiabi 16w

    You ♥️

    Tinge of happiness
    In a mournful night

    Evergreen leaf in
    a dead tree

    Little curve on
    the lips every morning

    Extra pillow while
    I'm sleeping in an
    Uncozy bed

    Full of nuts in
    Chocolate I eat

    Sweet words when
    We fight

    Warm breeze
    In falling Snow

    Of all,
    You are the promising love of forever


  • saiabi 16w

    Being grateful is apparently a promise !

  • saiabi 16w

    Live under the roof of hope ,
    Never betray hope

  • saiabi 17w

    All the dawns,
    I search for your face,
    But everyday
    I see your facade
    Falling off.

  • saiabi 17w

    Being patient is guts.
    You just need patience
    to prove yourself