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  • saikiran_kilaru 3w


    A man stalks a woman. If this a plot while you’re reading, you’re excited of what happens next, to know him, what’s his motive.

    I’m talking with a woman. If this happens in your relationship why can’t you listen of what happens next.

    Even I’m a thriller novel until you solve the mystery.

  • saikiran_kilaru 5w

    New times

    My eyes opened as sun kissed my face. Lately, it became my usual, some external factors waking me up other than your kiss.

    Darkness escaped out of cage to free me from the light I’m surrounded. I never thought you had the key all this time.

    Pizza and alcohol fragrance replaced yours in my room.

    The sun is burning all the time, we just don’t see it, I have to discover where’s mine burning.

  • saikiran_kilaru 5w

    Talent... haters...

    Danger ahead bad words are on the road.......

    These are the words coming from a guy who vexed with this people

    Now a days, people are just jealous over other people. They try to insult someone, and feels like they have upperhand over others.
    People are jst self-boasting about their crappy skills and makes fun of u.
    Listen ..... fuck them
    Who ever try to makes fun of u about something u dnt know, ?jst ignore them?
    They are more like ass holes
    What ever they speak to u is just... I guess you got the analogy. The shitty smell is their proudness which comes when insult you.

    Don’t ever try to show your skills to them
    They are so incapable to notice your talent

    Once u proved your talent, and bam, that’s the end of them.
    U can fuck every inch of happiness away from them (which they feel proud enough that u r not not capable of anything)
    These people can be anywhere in ur surroundings, even in ur family, ur frnds ,everywhere.
    No person deserves your true self until you trust them.

    If they know your worth after u proved your self, sorry, dead end, they don’t deserve redemption.

    Until you be nice ,everyone thinks that you’re just a tissue.
    Until you believe any one, don’t show ur true self.
    Be egoistic and arrogant, that is not bad. If you appear kind, everyone will be careless.
    Don’t make mistakes by trusting everyone truly, only some people will deserve your trust.
    Only some people will win your heart ,so if u find them, you can be “you” with them.
    Those scenarios are rare so, last don’t give a fuck about ur haters. They hate u because they don’t know you or probably they’re jealous.
    Don’t take anything to heart.
    Maintain an attitude like ‘hey douchebag fuck off I don’t give a fuck about ur opinions’
    Showing badass attitude for deserved people is not bad. That’s your self respect speaking.
    So all my dear #Assholes and #jerks 🖕🖕🖕

  • saikiran_kilaru 5w

    Lit up

    This self iso period has many sides. From one side, it’s not so bad.
    You’ll know true characters.

    Even in this period with loads of time, if your phone’s not lit up with a call, just make them fucking acquaintances.

    And if your phone’s not lit up with a message, just make them fucking strangers.

  • saikiran_kilaru 7w

    No one

    I used to get replies, but never a message.

    My finger goes onto the contact list but never onto the slide to accept bar.

    People invite me to hangout only if no one else is available or if a person is less.

    We kid together, laugh together, fuck we do all the things together. But you never think of me as your best friend. Hell, not even as a friend.

    Am I important in your life or just an entertainment?

  • saikiran_kilaru 8w


    I’m sorry that you misunderstood me.
    I’m sorry that you hate me.
    I’m sorry for the things which made you to misread me.
    I’m sorry for making you look special which made you uncomfortable.
    Apologising someone is not easy. If I did apologise, believe me, you’re damn special to me. Apology is one of the greatest ways to show that their loved one is more important than their self respect. Apology gives a chance to explain themselves.

    Accept my apology and redeem me off of my regret and torment.

  • saikiran_kilaru 8w


    Friends became strangers; close ones became actors.
    Remoteness became habitual, memories became piffle.
    Change is not fortuitous.
    Change happens deliberately
    What I have accomplished from this?
    The meaning of life.
    Being lone is life.
    This accomplishment will be appreciated in the darkest times of life.

  • saikiran_kilaru 9w


    A day will come where all the worthless people comes to know their worth, which is the ability of not knowing their worth. They’ll know that the worth they have is being worthless. Until then, they feel themselves as worthy and call the worthy as worthless. Being considered as worthless by the worthless people helps you to know your worth.

    So, know your worth.

  • saikiran_kilaru 10w

    I don’t and I won’t

    Three minutes lie is more convincing for you than three years of friendship.
    His deceit got stronger impression on you than your belief on me.
    I don’t need you anymore.
    I won’t need you anymore.

    My eyes got wet which you can’t even pet.
    My heart became robust and couldn’t allow any trust.
    And my dear friend,
    And after a while, don’t come crawling back to me as he left you.
    I don’t need you anymore.
    I won’t need you anymore.

  • saikiran_kilaru 10w

    I want to

    I want to see your smile, I need to see your face, I must see your walk.
    You asked me not to, but I want to.
    I want to have a conversation, I’m in complete desolation.
    You told me not to, but I want to.

    I want to listen to your voice, I wanna be in your rejoice.
    You asked me not to, but I want to.
    I want to explain myself, I need you to listen it yourself.
    You told me not to, but I want to.