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  • saikiran_kilaru 18h

    Your presence šŸ‘ø

    Our soul looks everything but our eyes can only take some things,

    Our inner voice talks about everything but our lips can only utter some things,

    My heart loves everything and you are my everything my love.
    When Iā€™m with you, i look through my soul and speak with my inner voice.

  • saikiran_kilaru 1d

    A love story

    Waiting to see you from a distance you canā€™t notice,
    Aching to listen your voice,
    Ending call after you say ā€œhello!ā€
    Bloody one sided love. Itā€™s so pure to avoid and hard to express to express without fear.

  • saikiran_kilaru 2d


    Your presence lit up my life,
    Your smile gave zest to my heart,
    Your absence became melted ice in my eyes,
    I still love you ā€˜cause once your back, my life will lit up again.

  • saikiran_kilaru 5d

    Red šŸŒ¹

    Do you know how red roses are born?
    At first they used to blush when people praised their beauty until youā€™ve born on this earth.
    When you took your first breath, you became the most beautiful thing and it made roses angry and they turned into redšŸŒ¹

  • saikiran_kilaru 1w

    Increasedā€¦ decreasedā€¦

    Decreased importance with increased ignorance,
    Increased ignorance with decreased love,
    Decreased love with increased treachery,
    Increased treachery with decreased ethics,
    Decreased ethics with increased conceit,
    Increased conceit with decreased respect,
    Decreased respect with decreased humanity.

    Oooh youā€™re fucking with the devil. The actual devil brings punishment upon seeing evil in humans. But I bring evil upon you by seeing your disrespect towards me.

  • saikiran_kilaru 1w


    For a writer the more disastrous the life is, more effective writings shape up.

  • saikiran_kilaru 1w


    People having needs which are not even necessary and they are craving for them to obtain no matter what. We have some needs to survive but wanting more than required cause problems. So what is need?

    Never ending desire which
    Escalates negative emotions and
    Emerges viscosity in people while
    Draining humanity.

  • saikiran_kilaru 2w


    I started running towards my goal and you keep coming at me.

    When Iā€™m achieving step by step Iā€™ve realised one thing. Iā€™m not the one being chased, itā€™s you- THE one and only great negativity who is trying to get away from me like a coward.

    Success is like air whereas negativity is like fire.
    It can get as much big as it wants but if once air blow a bit harder, fireā€™s gonna fade away.

  • saikiran_kilaru 2w


    *she uploaded a new pic
    *i commented

    ... and the whole world started to fade away and i focused on you and your bright twinkling eyes.

    *she blocked

    Thereā€™s nothing to be embarrassed or be angry at. You could have contacted me if you find that odd.

  • saikiran_kilaru 2w


    Shivering legs,
    Smiling face,
    Confident attitude,
    Spectacular intelligence,
    Perfect words to fit in a sentence.

    Someone: you are going to propose your love right?

    Me: no, Iā€™m at the interview.