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  • saima_20 1d

    #hersaviour��story tag


    LUCAS POV(point of view)

    I was in my library
    The favorite place of mine in the whole house or more like a mansion
    I was reading a book about human behavior
    I was fascinated by them
    They were the beings filled with emotions and a heart
    I have carefully watched them
    Throughout these many years of my life
    They are unpredictable
    Just like life......

    I walked to the big window present in the library
    The sun was shining brightly today
    The sky was blue as it has always been
    Just like everyday...
    Everyday it was same
    The cycle keeps going on like a loop.....
    It's boring now.....
    I sighed loudly

    "I know what you are thinking "
    Marcus spoke while patting my shoulder
    "I am not thinking anything" I spoke coldly to him
    "Don't be this cold now
    I have known you for years
    So I know what you are feeling right now"
    "Drop the topic"
    "Ok as you wish friend" He said and left

    Marcus is a good friend of mine but he irritates me sometimes
    Though it's not his fault
    This void has made me cold over the time.......

    To cool my mind of these thoughts I went for a run in the woods.
    They were the best place to relieve the burden of my mind.

    I lightly jogged through the woods
    And inhaled the fresh air of nature
    "Hmm I smell humans near me.
    One women and three men"
    "Gotta see what are they doing here" I smirked and ran towards the source of smell
    And my heart stopped.......
    Though it never beated
    But what I saw totally took my breath away

    "Oh my Lord she is beautiful" I muttered in a daze
    I had never met such a beautiful human.

    I kept looking at her face

    It looked like the time had stopped for me
    I couldn't hear any single thing
    That she was lipsing
    Then suddenly my eyes fell
    On her tears

    "Why was she crying? " I thought

    Then I heard it

    Her screaming.......

    Rage filled in my eyes
    When I realized what they were gonna do to her

    I couldn't control the being residing in me
    At seeing the beautiful human
    Suffer like this

    He wanted to kill......

    He wanted blood.....

    To relish his needs

    And he did.....

    Tell me if u wanna get tagged in this story����
    If u guys couldn't see the bold letters in the previous part too then u can read the previous part again bcz I have changed the bold font now

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Her Saviour-8


  • saima_20 2d

    Thank you so much!!!!!! ��������
    One year work paid off����

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  • saima_20 4d

    "What are you doing here again young man? " He asked me

    "I don't know sir " I replied the same answer that I have repeated thousand times

    "Why do you come here
    everyday? " He asked again

    "I don't know" I sighed

    "Ok don't reply as always"
    And he left

    What should I reply to him

    When even I don't know

    The answers of his questions.....

    I gazed at that grave

    And touched it

    "Why did you called me here? "I asked to that person residing within those fragments of dust

    " Who are you? "

    "Why does your grave calls me to you everytime? "

    "Why your grave doesn't have a name? "

    "Were we something in our past life? "

    I ask those questions everyday

    In hope

    That one day someone will reply

    To me

    But there isn't anyone to reply

    "Maybe we will meet one day
    Whether it's earth or the heavens"

    "But we will surely meet one day"

    I promised to that person as always

    And left the grave yard.......

    #fragments @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #writersnetwork #tanzread #yaish_ #julietscorner

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    We were meant to see each other one day


  • saima_20 4d

    Fool was I

    Fool was I....

    That I chased them

    That I chased those fragments

    Those fragments of memories

    Memories filled with you

    Memories filled with us

    Us being happy

    And in love once....


  • saima_20 1w


    Yes I am a virgo female

    Born in the month of September

    When rain prevails

    On this beautiful earth.......

    Google says,

    I am kind

    Which maybe true or maybe false

    Who knows?

    Cuz I don't think I am that great

    Of a good being.... ��

    Google says,

    I am stubborn

    Which is hell of a truth

    I was stubborn during my puberty

    And I am stubborn till now

    Even if I am wrong

    I won't drop out

    Bcz of my silly stubbornness ��.

    Google says,

    I am romantic "coughs behind"

    Dude I am single as hell

    Who do I romance with huh?

    Google says,

    I am creative

    Well dude I know it already

    Cuz I was born lefty man duh��

    Google says,

    It's difficult to have a relationship with me��

    Cuz I build walls immediately

    With some cement and bricks

    And where do they come from

    Idk man.......

    Totally random��
    Hope it's entertaining ��
    #zodiacsigns @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • saima_20 1w

    #past @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Imagine credit to the rightful owner

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    Scars of past
    Wounded my present

  • saima_20 1w

    #hersaviour����story tag

    The hero is here��

    LUCAS POV (point of view)

    It's been almost 4000 years

    Since I breathed into this new world
    I have seen a lot of changes
    Around me

    I have seen a lot of my friends die
    In front of me..

    Some have even died in my lap..

    I gave them the last chance

    To live once again

    But they always said "NO"
    Cuz they know

    How immortality can make someone.......

    It's a boon and a curse

    The Royals used to say

    But I don't think it's a boon

    Cuz it's been a curse for me

    Since the last time I remember.....

    I have seen the others around me
    Of my species

    How they don't feel this void...

    How they have always someone
    Who loves them and stays with them

    At one time of my life
    I used to feel jealous
    But now....

    Living for this many decades
    Made me more tough,

    It made me forget
    What love was once....

    It made me to stop

    To finding her...

    Yes her

    My other half.......

    My other soul.......

    My other life.....

    Which would keep me alive
    And happy

    My SOULMATE........

    Tell me if u wanna get tagged

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    Her Saviour-7


  • saima_20 1w

    "It maybe boring for some so��"



    I touched you(it's my guitar)

    After a month

    You were as always

    Placed in that black cover

    With it's zip half broken

    It never fully covered you

    Nor even sheltered you once

    But I liked to place you there

    At least it made you less dirty

    Than your cover

    I touched you today

    In the afternoon

    I don't know why

    I had planned to write a poem

    But my hands wanted to remember you

    They wanted to play something

    Similar to our gloomy mood

    I took the chair

    And climbed on it

    I saw you

    I took a hold on your neck

    And took you out of that confinement of dirt

    I cleaned you

    But not fully

    Cuz the keys were always hard

    To be cleaned

    Like a puppy

    You made my hands dirty

    So I washed them

    And then placed you on my lap

    Where you always liked to rest

    I took the pick

    And plucked every single string

    They were all tuned right surprisingly

    I touched the frets

    With my other hand

    They were trying to remember

    Anything or any song

    But none came

    So I opened my book

    Where thousands of tabs

    Of various songs resides

    My hands flipped those pages

    And stopped at one song

    "Kiss the rain" By Yiruma

    A song whose lyrics

    Are foreign to my tongue

    But there's something

    To this song

    Which makes me

    Remember pain

    Remember heartache

    Of two lovers

    Who longed for each other's


    But they never got it

    Cuz every fairytale

    Doesn't have an happy ending


    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #yaish_ #tanzread #julietscorner

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    Every lovers don't have a happy ending


  • saima_20 1w

    Thirteen years have passed

    Since I felt your departure

    I don't know who you are and what you do

    But my soul

    Feels your emptiness....

    Today again I sit here

    In this graveyard

    Mourning upon someone

    Who I have never seen

    But somewhere I can feel

    That someone close

    Has left me forever.....

    As always

    Every year

    I would sit on this rusty bench

    With a big tree on it's besides

    I would gaze towards the sky

    And close my eyes....

    Those tears

    Would start it's work

    By falling down

    As always

    Like there's no tomorrow

    To cry.........

    I would feel you

    Near me


    I closed my eyes......

    But as I open them

    There would be no one

    My tears

    Wouldn't stop

    When there's no one

    To look upon

    And I would scream

    "Why! "

    "Why! "

    "Why! "

    But there would be

    No response

    As you aren't even there

    To feel me breathe


    Based on my imagination
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Maybe the sky won't let us meet


  • saima_20 2w


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    Under the moon
    Lies a secret
    Secret of the silence
    Which surrounds the space