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  • saimaa_ 2h

    Random (it's raining)

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    Cold water from the sky
    Reminds me of the secrets we hide

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    Those tears were converted
    into an ice years ago
    and now they don't fall ever

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    Find me when my breath stops

  • saimaa_ 2d


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    Your coldness reminds me of ice

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  • saimaa_ 3d

    #thebodyinsuit ��story tag


    After hearing from doctor Saluke
    about the shocking news, that the pills of paranoia found in Sima's room wouldn't let her pregnant but however she actually was pregnant that too 7 months!

    The Inspectors were confused,
    they talked among themselves,

    "If the pills wouldn't let her be pregnant then how is she pregnant? " Fredericks asked

    "Inspector Purvi did you found any hospital files in her room? "Abhijeet enquired

    " why hospital files sir? "Fredericks spoke

    "wouldn't a pregnant women go to the hospital for regular checkups?
    that too monthly, so there should be a hospital file" Abhijeet told

    "No sir i haven't found any file there" spoke Purvi

    "oh, so there are 99% chances that she isn't pregnant, but how do we prove it that she isn't? "

    "Sir i know how to prove it" told Inspector Purvi.

    Next part will be posted soon

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  • saimaa_ 3d

    #PoetryWednesday @writersnetwork
    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    S e e k s


  • saimaa_ 4d

    Those sins
    made me leave those tears
    In my heart

  • saimaa_ 5d

    Don't know what I'm doing #five @writersnetwork

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    Today I walked that path again

    Where the tides constantly

    Hit my toes

    Making them wet

    And cold

    Just like my being

    Who's finding it's door

    To flow all these coldness within

    With a key

    Which is hard to hold

    As my hands

    Aren't warm anymore


  • saimaa_ 1w

    My presence drifted away
    Like that cold air
    Drifting away from your body
    by a warm blanket