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  • sairam_7 7w

    Sleep with a VISION... Wake up with a MISSION.... Work without INTERMISSION

  • sairam_7 8w

    The terrifying moment is when we deal alone with our mind

  • sairam_7 12w

    U started hating me
    U started avoiding
    U started to blame
    U said break up but not me
    I just kept on loving you

  • sairam_7 12w

    Dont aim for the BEST
    Grow for the BEST

  • sairam_7 12w

    Middle class family

    They know the pain of sacrificing of their dreams because of situations, parents, etc

  • sairam_7 13w

    No one can stop the sun moving from east to west similarly no one can stop you if have talent

  • sairam_7 14w

    All that you are is all that
    I'll ever need

  • sairam_7 14w

    When you feel that you are surrounded by full of problems.... Just take a second and think about the girl who climbed the mt.everest with one leg she is non other than ARUNIMA SINHA

  • sairam_7 14w

    I'll never cry when you hurt me
    But i'll die once you leave me.

  • sairam_7 14w

    ~ bold writers

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