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  • sajalgauri 11w

    Giving up?

    Problems have the uncanny ability to make us feel hopeless, trapped. But you aren’t trapped; there is a solution. There is a way out of your predicament – your situation. You just need to spend some time figuring out what you need to do in order to get to where you want to be. Laziness is a poor excuse to give up on living.Losing the will to live is, unfortunately, common: It not only afflicts those who find themselves in difficult situations, but also those who seem to have everything they could possibly ask for. Living life happily isn’t as easy as it should be, but I’m sorry to say that is our very own fault and no one else’s.You’ll one day look back at your life and look back at all your struggles with a smile. Some of you surely overcame and others likely didn’t, but you’re smiling because you’re still alive and breathing. You’re stronger than you know:)

  • sajalgauri 12w

    I’m great with short-term goals. In fact, I prefer them. Work my butt off for a few months to reach a goal? I’m down with that. I’ll give up a social life, down time, spending money, eating yummy food (read: sugar), drinking alcohol—whatever it takes, for the short-term. Long-term goals—ugh, not so much.There have also been quite a few of these goals that I’ve dropped that I wished I hadn’t.There are loads of reasons we get off track with goals. Self-doubt, fear we won’t succeed, and concern that we are not setting realistic goals are just a few of them.This is really important to remember: You can change this goal if you want. You can keep going, you can revise it, or you can dump it altogether.When we are experiencing doubts, it’s easy to feel like we have no power; it’s easy to feel like we don’t have a choice. However, most often, we do.It’s so important to give ourselves permission to go for goals with full-on focus and gusto, or to change them, or put them aside for a while, or whatever else we decide is right at that time.

  • sajalgauri 15w

    Baahon mein meri jo afsos hai,
    Rooh bhi meri toh behosh hai...

  • sajalgauri 17w

    Aankhon mein samandar bhar ke teri photo dekhu, par tera hasta chehra mujhe rone na de yun....
    Suna maangte ho rab se ki mai khush na rahu,tum ek baar aao to sahi mai jeena hi chor du!

  • sajalgauri 21w

    "Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong." --Peter T. McIntyre

  • sajalgauri 25w


    In life everyone will have to be in the dark for sometime. It should not be the time when you wait for the light to come for itself .It's the time when you search for the light within itself. Something that can only be found in dark ,where we can see nothing but ourselves. Something finding that passion within, unearths the reason of that darkness. Those who sit in the dark cursing the fate, will be there forever.

  • sajalgauri 30w

    You say "I Love You" ,but who is the "you" that you love?...Is it the things I own? The stories I tell? The way I make you feel about yourself? Is it the way I smile away your concerns? The shared dreams about our ideal tomorrow? The world getting smaller as we hold hands...Is it the ocean splashing in your chest as I raise my eyes to yours? The clouds painting foam over the sea when we touch. Is the"you" that you love all about you? Or is it about me? And If you got a glimpse of the latter..could you please tell me?

  • sajalgauri 31w

    Some people are so poor that all they have is "money" . If you want to truly know how rich and wealthy you are, then drop a tear and see how many hands actually comeforth to wipe that tear!

  • sajalgauri 32w


  • sajalgauri 32w

    Achieving goals ain't my goal,
    "NOT TO GIVE UP IN BETWEEN"- that's my goal!