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  • sakshipriya 7w

    Fire And Rain

    Cold, quiet rain gently falling
    Yet the dampness we don't feel;
    For our bodies are absorbed in each other
    Hot as the heat from hell.

    You lead me slowly into the woods,
    Your clear brown eyes gaze into mine.
    The fire burns hotter as my hand in yours,
    you pull me to you to the sheepskin rug by the fire
    Place a quilt on the ground;
    The noise of nature is all around us,
    Yet the beating of our hearts is the only sound.

    Electricity flows between us almost visible 
    in it's intensity.
    My body arches to feel the feel of you-
    I give myself completely to you.
    Without resistance to you, I yield.

    You raise your lips to kiss mine, hands
    tangling in my hair, and enchanting your mouth with the caress of an eager tongue.
    I feel your breath so hot and sweet -
    Circling in my soul.
    I sip your lips feeling a heady rush sweet and warm.
    You taste the essence of my body.
    You bring more pleasure than I've ever known
    The quietness is disturbed by the sound of our lips.

    You rise above me - kiss deepening as
    the rain and fire sing a lulling duet;
    We become one, lying there on the ground.
    The rain has never been more beautiful
    As we lie together in each other's embrace;
    The taste of you, the feel of nature - A beautiful moment.


  • sakshipriya 15w

    My Guardian Angel

    You hold my hand when I am weak,
    and vulnerable at times.
    When I am sad or unsure, you make me laugh.
    And even when I am happy and content,
    you are there for me.
    I realize how lucky I am to be sharing my life with someone as special as you.
    You are the music that I breathe, the lilt of my heartbeat.
    You give me warmth, so willing, so free.
    You are the swan song of my dreams-
    Precious, one of a kind. 
    You are the bloom that gleams and scents the lanes of my mind.
    You are my treasure, my world, my fame;
    You are my everything -
    My comfort, my weakness, my joy.
    And I thank God every day for sending someone like you,
    To care and comfort me in times of need,
    And to be my guardian angel.
    For this I thank you,
    And hope you will stay in my heart

  • sakshipriya 15w

    Acquainted With The Night

    The moonlight today dances on the waves in abundant joy.
    It sways and swirls and prances,
    As if it stars in a vibrant, medieval ball.
    Everywhere that I see are signs of love’s joyful glee.

    My heart says that this memorable night
    should never come to an end.
    This caravan of happiness should move on bright
    And never reach a craggy bend.
    And no matter how much I try to hide
    I know that you are by my side.

    My beauty now has a vibrance too.
    Every joy is alive and young.
    It’s almost as if the sky, fresh, anew
    is bathed in celestial light,
    And in my arms copiously hung.
    I feel I am walking on stars tonight.
    I feel I am bestowed with this boon for infinity
    as if I found divinity.


  • sakshipriya 15w

    Heart To Heart

    You are the moon that illuminates the skies.
    I am the dust of the Earth that aimlessly flies.
    You are the God of love, my paramour.
    I am a flower offered in your splendor.

    You are prayer and I am the priest.
    I am thirst and you the nectar that quenches it.

    You are the limitless borders of an ocean.
    I am a little wave on the jetty.
    You are the notes of classical music.
    I am an incomplete symphony.

    You are the body and I am your shadow.
    I am an error and you the power to let go.

    You are the radiance of dawn.
    The vermilion sun on the horizon.
    You have been the echo of my breath from the start,
    The joyous peacock that dances in my heart.

    You are prayer and I am the priest.
    I am thirst and you the nectar that quenches it.


  • sakshipriya 17w


    One by one the petals drop
    There's nothing that can make them stop.
    Nature in its "adult state".

  • sakshipriya 43w

    Eyes of Love

    I love your eyes the way they stare into mine,
    lit with a passionate fire;
    getting me lost into your alluring embrace.

  • sakshipriya 43w

    Fire of Love

    I love your lips when they’re wet with mine,
    so warm and red with a wild desire;
    nourishing me and my soul for eons.

  • sakshipriya 56w


    Your chest is like a tent that shelters me from the pouring rain,
    embedded with love and care.


  • sakshipriya 61w


    She was a sassy soul.
    Yet the longing of his arms made her weak.


  • sakshipriya 62w


    Seating beside my window looking at the moon, thinking of you sends piercing pain through my heart.
    I think back to a few years ago when I thought you were the only one for me and you would never leave me as others did.
    And all the while I think of you, I call out the eternal promises we made.
    I wish you'd dare to look at me and hear what I have to say.
    I wish you'd dare to look at me and feel the pain of my bleeding heart.
    "I love you and I really do "- but these words you just won't hear.
    Sadness and frustration - Drowning me with a fierce undertow;
    Pulling me down beneath the lonely waters.
    I want to escape from this grip but I can't.
    You were my first priority, my love, my best friend and now you don't even care.
    You don't seem to remember me.
    You're doing fine as you were.
    And here with my head held high, a tear in my eye I am still missing how we were.
    How could you just blow it away like so easily?
    We were the perfect pair.
    How could you just leave me without uttering a word?
    You let me down when I needed you most,
    You seem content to let me go.
    Do you know how it feels?
    I fear I'll never again feel passion and joy or even the anger or despair.
    It's complete and pure emptiness.