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  • sakshsaying 7h

    Lack your stress,
    And no cardiovascular disease will create a mess!

  • sakshsaying 4d

    Learning little by little the fact of drug,
    Because we know humanvalues can't be snub!
    We are the pharmacist,
    And to serve your health we will always persist!!

  • sakshsaying 5d

    The god gives a gift so its called present,
    Then why are we in past accent!!
    Getting depress with last mistake,
    But not correcting them to relieve that ache!!

  • sakshsaying 1w

    Mayne zindagi ke na janu main,
    Raste zindagi ke na janu main,
    Mushkile zindagi ke na janu main,
    Dard zindagi ke na janu main!
    Bas chal padi main bas chal padi,
    Gumsum si gupchup si main bas chal padi,
    Soch leke naye sawere ki main bas chal padi!!

  • sakshsaying 2w

    Hey sunshine,
    Thanks for waking me up,
    To start with new efforts by taking thoughtful sup!
    Hey sunshine,
    Thanks for cheering me with a new believe,
    After the cold dark of grieve!
    Hey sunshine,
    Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone,
    Under a whole blue zone!!

  • sakshsaying 2w

    In a journey of finding worthiness,
    The way was shining!
    Moving step by step achieving gold of happiness,
    As efforts was mining!
    Flowers in a route smells with quality of ambitiousness,
    As fragrance of them was inspiring!
    Greenery around removed within emptiness,
    As frond was completing me and admiring towards towering!!

  • sakshsaying 3w

    Meri zindagi ke mayne alag hain,
    Teri zindagi ke sapno se kuch alag hain!
    Mere udan main thoda dum alag hain,
    Tere udan se usme thodi beparwahi alag hain!
    Tu galat nahi,
    Bas tere raste alag hain!
    Tu mujhse juda nahi,
    Bas tera sath kuch alag hain!
    Tere khwaishe kam nahi,
    Bas tu unhe bunta alag hain!
    Tu raah pe gumraah nahi,
    Bas mere zindagi ke mayne alag hain!!

  • sakshsaying 3w

    Mushkile toh har jagah har kadam par hain,
    Par thodi si hasi bhi kam karti inn mushkilo ko hain!
    Kamyabi ke raste dukh bhare hi sahi,
    Ye raah to haske hi hain guzarni!
    Koi vakt na hain thama huasa,
    Koi hausla na hain bejan huasa,
    Vishwas rakh teri koshish main tu,
    Na pareshan ho kis pal main tu,
    Aaj har to kal jit tu,
    Bus hasde tu bas hasde!!

  • sakshsaying 3w


    In a full of darkness,
    The one arrives with whole of lightness,
    Who always shows the path of rightness,
    By diminishing the unpleasant wrongness,
    And encourages to acquire your highness,
    They play role of teacher but are the perfect example godness!!!

  • sakshsaying 9w

    Kuch vakt toh ab bit gaya,
    Sath main kuch naya sa sikha gaya!
    Pal main koi nirash hain,
    Toh pal main kisi ki muskurahat hain,
    Par jate jate ek haseen sa lamha de gaya!
    Zindagi ke naye raste bunta koi hain,
    Toh koi purani mushkil se ab na hi zunjta hain,
    Par jate jate kuch alag se hi maene de gaya!
    Kuch naam mithe se yade laya hain,
    Toh kuch naam kr rahe man main sannata hain,
    Par jate jate alag rishte de gaya!
    Raah pe ab koi akela hain,
    Toh koi sang apne sath chal kr ladh raha,
    Kuch vakt toh ab bit gaya,
    Par jate jate safar main sachai de gaya!