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  • salomejr 9w


    If this is the last goodbye
    I will say ....goodbye
    Until we meet again
    In the next few years

  • salomejr 10w

    I wish we never met ��

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    I wish we never met

  • salomejr 10w

    It's Okay to be Scared
    It's Okay to Cry
    Everything will Be Okay

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    It's Okay to be Scared
    It's Okay to Cry
    Everything will Be Okay
    ~muniba Mazari~

  • salomejr 12w

    Feeling ignored
    Don't bother them anymore

  • salomejr 13w

    To my Dear father
    I know it's hurting me recalling the memories of what we faced over some years ago
    But it does make me sad as well.
    For you're not with us anymore
    You might have start a new life without us
    Whatever happens only happen because we had reasons
    But forgiveness is the key to happiness and peacefulness.....
    Where ever you are my DAD
    I LOVE YOU ....
    Happy father's day to you

  • salomejr 15w

    We were so beautiful
    We were so tragic
    No other magic could ever come back ...
    For as long as I live and
    As long as I love
    I will never not think about you .....

  • salomejr 16w

    Let's make the perfect getaway.......
    And... get lonely together......

  • salomejr 19w

    The thought of losing you is making no sense

  • salomejr 20w

    I was so close at giving my best shot
    But then a flash of your face
    And the pain you cost me
    There I stop,even though I wanted to
    But I ended up saying
    "I can't do this anymore; i don't know what it feels like again"
    Tears run down my face remembering
    The day you left...the day you broke me
    And yes!!!!!
    I'm not gonna blamed you but myself
    For trusting you

  • salomejr 20w

    Once upon a time I thought I found the one
    But I was wrong...
    You're the one who brought me the pain ....
    I've been struggling on till today
    I even lost myself because of you
    But now it is what is
    I wish you nothing but LOVE and LUCK