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  • samadritaa 7w

    Inspired by Danish Zehen

    Kisike Successful hone se jalo maat kyunki unki upar tum jaloge toh Kabhi khud Nahi ho paoge life me successful...
    Unke barabari hone ki kosish kro
    Jo Maja jalne me hai
    Unshe adhik Maja barabari Karne me hai..

  • samadritaa 7w

    He want you for love
    But u want other boy for love but to be used...

    P.s- keep ur mouth shut and eyes open girls .. ur not a garments...

  • samadritaa 15w

    Dil ki sunu?
    Dimag ki sunu?

  • samadritaa 17w

    Not your friend in need...
    (Yesh sounds selfish)

    But being selfish is the ultimate parasite

  • samadritaa 17w

    In the world of Pie and Oreo
    Be someone's jelly bean ...♥️♥️

  • samadritaa 17w

    Walk alone...
    Be Happy....
    From being
    Stay with fake People

  • samadritaa 19w

    Single or Committed

    He ask???...
    She replied

  • samadritaa 24w

    Happy Teachers' Day to all my haters whose hatred show me what success is..!!

  • samadritaa 25w

    Clouds come floating into my longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky...

  • samadritaa 25w

    Taking cigarette is not going to make you cool Person....
    Wearing bikini is not going to make you hot....
    So plzzz.... Stay at your own temperature that's only suits u...