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  • samaksh_30 9w

    To the souls,
    Who have gone through pain & suffering,
    struggles of life or are still struggling.
    Don't let the dark cloud overshadow your Light, the clouds are not going to stay forever.
    Don't let the pain mould you out of shape,
    Don't let the pain to paint out an ugly picture,
    Don't let the pain make you bitter and harsh,
    Pain is synonymous term of strength..
    Not an antonym. It will make you strong.
    Wear the shield of confidence, hold the sword again.
    Go out in the world, fight for the dreams
    Your vision has to be saved by you.
    It will take time to stand up, but put your feet out.
    Change the bigger picture,vision of your life.
    It's fine to lose some battles,for the ultimate war.
    Brush it off,shift the focus,wipe off tears.
    It's okay to be a emotionless stone for a while,
    No one cares,neither your dream knows how you feel.
    Walk the road,come what may,don't let anyone alter your walk.

  • samaksh_30 9w


    I want to know why
    Why did you stop talking to me..
    Why do you seem to hate me
    Why did it hurt so much when you left...

    Why did I get annoyed when you pretended to be
    someone else and say mean things to me.
    Even though you didn't mean it.
    it's left an echo
    i am broken
    But i will try to find out the reason for being so

  • samaksh_30 9w

    IT's just You❤

    It's just you who makes me happy even after i am sad
    It's just you who proves the true definition of best frnd❤

  • samaksh_30 9w


    Is that you who first stole my heart,
    Is that you who secondly make fake promises.
    Is that you who thirdly played a game of being in love for two years,
    Is that you who end up after two years by giving a reason that you are with me due to some reasons
    I just wanna say Karma will hit you
    If it will not then i am here

  • samaksh_30 12w

    Some bonds always stay the same.
    Even after a Million abuses and infinite arguments,
    the feeling never change.
    They just keep multiplying and end up creating a pool of endless love and care

  • samaksh_30 12w

    Learn to live without Anybody's approval,
    Learn to live without thinking of anyone
    Sometimes the best way you can do is to let Go,
    Let go those negativities and live your life freely❤

  • samaksh_30 13w

    Sometimes things go so worse in life nd so unplanned that a phase of life comes where you think Desth is more better than living

  • samaksh_30 13w

    The brain was ready to forget everything, And was asking me to move on.
    But it was the heart that was filled with hopes and expectations who wasn't able to move on, just wanted to wait, knowing that he'll never come back

  • samaksh_30 14w

    "In the beginning, some people try to appear that everything about them is "in black and white," until later their true colors come out".