Happy�� in public Cry�� in silent This is my life freinds

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  • sameersain97 11w


    If you not get reply by 2-3 days of your message
    Than understand that someone come in their life
    And then
    I requested to you to move silentiely from his life

  • sameersain97 12w


    Karma said,
    God will sometimes end a relationship for your protection.
    Don't chase after the person he's trying to save you

  • sameersain97 12w


    If your importance was finished from someone hearts
    Then I said to you
    please go silently from their life.

  • sameersain97 12w

    For Love

    Hey you, Yes you
    If you love someone
    Than make that love like a love of Radha Krishan
    because you will seprate from them by the people but your love remain whole life

  • sameersain97 12w

    My Life

    In My Life
    I am happy in public and hide the pain from the others
    In private I tried to hide but I can't hide the pain.
    This is my life

  • sameersain97 12w


    Every one cries in their life
    But somesone eyeswater are visible
    Somrone eyeswater are invisible