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  • samikhyadash 3w


    Since history
    There has been a finger,
    A finger pointed
    On you,
    on your character
    A finger that touched you
    Passed instructions
    In the dark
    Behind those doors
    Who knows what happens?
    They call her names
    And him a gentleman...
    Who knows...
    May be there's a finger
    That proclaimed her insane...
    May be a finger
    That muted her for its gain.

  • samikhyadash 3w


    I have watched u intently
    For as long as I remember
    You are a modern art
    A canvas
    filled with colours
    Light and dark
    Blue and grey
    Yellow and green
    Violet and purple,
    Difficult to interpret...
    I remember
    that lovely touch
    It made me feel like a butterfly,
    But that one night
    When u held my hair
    Pulled me right across the dining
    Where our little girl was playing...
    I have seen u dark
    I have seen u bright...
    Not fright!

  • samikhyadash 3w


    every single day
    You walked through that door
    I could see hunger in your eyes
    Lust in your smile...
    You touched
    I resisted
    You forced
    I screamed
    Your hands moved
    I was paralyzed...
    There... Right there...
    I was lying...
    The very first time.
    My soul
    My body
    My heart...
    But now I stand
    Smile at your sore filled face
    I don't hide behind a piece of cloth
    I stand there... Right there...
    As I was born.
    So don't you worry...
    No more torn clothes...
    No more mumed noises...
    I stand up there
    In my naked self,

  • samikhyadash 4w


    I feel trapped in the past
    When I moved my lazy head
    Just to see you come out of the bath
    In pitch white towel and disheveled hair...
    I watched every drop
    Fall over your shoulder
    and glide down your back,
    Your smooth brown body
    And your firm athletic legs
    Moist still, made my heart race,
    I watched as you dressed...
    You come over,
    I could smell you
    The drops of water fall from your hair
    Over my face, I feel kissed,
    It's lovely and refreshing
    I still remember...
    As you bend your body
    To come closer
    I could see your masculine chest
    Sexily filled with hair...
    I still remember
    Lying by your side
    My head over your shoulder
    My fingers drawing patterns over your chest...
    I still remember...
    As I look at the mirror
    I could still see you
    looking back at me...
    In that white towel, disheveled hair
    I smile
    And you smile back at me.

  • samikhyadash 4w


    I have given my youth to you
    Now I give you my wrinkled arms...
    Standing there, wrapped in a towel
    Water dripping through my curls
    The thumping of my heart
    A drop, finding its way down
    I once knew what being young felt like,
    I gave you my firm breasts to hold
    My chaste lips to taste
    I let those curls fall all over
    as you made love
    I let your hands move all over
    fingers searching in hope...
    I had felt my nipples tighten
    With caressing of your mouth
    I had found peace in your passion.
    Now I stretch out my wrinkled arms
    To take me with you
    Passionately into your lonely slumber.

  • samikhyadash 6w


    How similar is life to a pencil-
    We keep on sharpening it
    and it keeps on getting blunt...
    Until one day,
    There is nothing left to sharpen.

  • samikhyadash 6w


    Hush!! Hush!!!
    Don't speak this loud
    They say, as i voice my anger
    You are a lady
    Maintain your grace,
    That's what you are for!

    Hush!! Hush!!!
    Laugh slowly
    There is too much of teeth visible
    You have to look adorable...
    Your teeths must be there for alluring
    None for biting!

    Hush!!! Hush!!!!
    Why do you act so different?
    Watch the others and learn!
    You should have beauty along with Grace
    A voice of a Nightingale
    A head always bowed!

    Hush!!!! Hush!!!!!
    You should not protest...
    You should not tell those truths
    He doesn't want to hear,
    You are a lady
    You need to be protected!

    Hush! Hush!! Hush!!!
    She never followed rules...
    Let her be.
    That's what she deserves...

  • samikhyadash 6w


    You call I, a "feminist"
    As if it's a curse or a slang.
    Following the prototype
    You think I a weaker gender,
    Just because i have a different body
    Breasts and clits
    And you stand with your dangling thing,
    A simple organ, elevated...
    To the standard of a warrior's sword!
    But man, I see the common between us
    A brain,
    Your's more messed up than mine.

  • samikhyadash 6w


    Life is an art.
    It is neither painted completely
    by head or by heart...
    It's filled with layers of meanings
    Definitions that leads to paradox...
    It's an abstract...
    Anyone who tries
    to find something concrete
    Usually gets lost,
    In the abyss of meanings and beliefs
    Clashing and coming together
    All at once.

  • samikhyadash 8w

    For sushant singh rajput... Who left too early.... #R.I.P

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    Why is the departed
    always cared and loved
    Too much after they had left
    Than they were when they lived...
    Why so much love
    so much affection
    For the life u ignored often...
    Why so much you feel
    With their life you never deal,
    Why these tears now??
    Are they even real or reel...
    Someone died.
    Because there was no one
    Who could hold him
    Sit beside
    And make him heal!