Why do I write? Writting makes me feel relieved, and lessen the burden in my heart

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  • sammas 3w

    My whole body is cold
    I tried keeping my heart warm
    But I failed my mission

  • sammas 5w

    Someone once told me
    It was his dream to make me his
    I replied
    I don't want to be a dream
    But to be a reality

  • sammas 7w

    Am back guys
    From being
    A villain
    To being
    A beast


  • sammas 9w

    #morakee #marrychristmas #happynewyear
    #(to all my friends in Mirakee)

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    Hi, am very glad there is an app like Mirakee.

    I found somewhere where I can write my poems, how I feel... at the Same time share it to the world too.

    I also get to explore other peoples work.

    Well my main purpose to write this is to wish all of you here in Mirakee...

    A merry Christmas and a happy New year

    I will be gone for a while.... Will meet again when am back.


  • sammas 10w

    Everyone around me.
    Like literally. EVERYONE.

    Cares about the society.

    They restrict me,
    Put me in boundaries.

    I can't fully explore myself,
    Because of the fear,
    Of what the society will say.

    Am suffocating.
    But yet still breathing.

    Am gonna explode.
    Yet everything is in place.

    Society, society, society


  • sammas 10w

    Ain't asking anyone

    To steal

    Nor to murder

    Just asking for your company

    But seems am asking

    For the moon and the stars


  • sammas 10w

    Even thou
    I don't shine
    Neither at day
    Nor night
    At least I camouflage
    Avoiding hunters
    To hunt me down


  • sammas 11w

    Life is nothing but a blame


  • sammas 11w

    Was I bought in second hand shop

    For I never come first

    But always second

    Should I blame it to destiny


  • sammas 11w


    I've changed
    Soo much
    More than you can ever imagine

    But I can't seem to discover
    If I've change to be good or bad