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  • samrath_21 2d

    How I can trust you,
    When my feelings can scare you,
    It's simple I can't be confident about anything with you.
    So tell me Should I be with you?

  • samrath_21 2w

    Life's a bitch

    I left you but I am not able to leave,
    Is it over reliance?, I never sought that.
    Enslavement of your own emotion,
    You become what you hate
    You get what you loathe.

  • samrath_21 2w

    Summon the dark or Draw the light
    Make me the beacon for the sleep.

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    I hate sleepless night,
    It tries to give a reality check
    And that's scary.. frightening.. Shivery..


  • samrath_21 16w

    Feeling "low"
    should be official feeling for 90"s adult-cum-kids

  • samrath_21 37w

    Never expected savvy emotions to affect the effected system

  • samrath_21 39w

    Replica of your imagination doesn't exist.
    So save yourself from not so needed Quest.

  • samrath_21 40w

    Walking into the cage to be loved
    It shows the void loneliness left.

  • samrath_21 42w

    Life shows you everything,
    It's you who choose to see only few things

  • samrath_21 50w

    When voice become scream

    In past we ignored voices around us
    With music
    And here we are now
    Trying to ignore the voices inside us
    With music again,
    But this time
    Its of no use.

  • samrath_21 52w

    She was already smiling..
    But the warmth in her smile
    The glimmer in her eyes..
    When she saw him.