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  • samrudhipatil 13w

    Life is full of sunshine and rain,
    Never let it go in vain,
    You will be the sufferer in pain,
    And next what, is the happiness you gain..

    Trying to end up all? Wait for a while,
    It will just make your existance futile,
    Pick up there, and walk a mile,
    And on your face, you'll get a smile..

    Be your life's own creator,
    And enhance it as a narrator,
    Go through it as a spectator,
    By being a version of you better..

    From your only mistakes you learn,
    Sometimes, somewhere take a right turn,
    Look back, smile and see what you earn,
    Because at last, everyone is gonna get burn..


  • samrudhipatil 20w

    Raise your Voice..

    After every dark night
    There's a beautiful sunshine,
    Going throught the plight?
    Don't worry everything'll be fine.

    Stand and collect the pieces which were scattered,
    And break the people around you who all gathered.
    Be enamoured for the one who pray,
    And let all the blackguards fade away.
    Showing the fraternity, make your own choice,
    Don't shut as they say, but 'raise your voice.'


  • samrudhipatil 24w

    I try..

    Yes..yes it hurts ..
    Because i have emotions..
    I try a much that i'll not cry,
    But then an eyedrop tumbles down my eye..
    I try to hold that eyedrop,
    I try futilely, not to waste it..
    But juss rolls down
    Cause in the eye, it dosent get fit..
    Then, i go and wash my face,
    So that i can cease the further mess..
    Yes, i try to hold my tears stronger,
    Because i know that i'm a fighter..
    Yes, moreover, I do try a little harder,
    That no one can create around me a border...


  • samrudhipatil 38w

    The world in which you stay is hallucinated, and you are a hypocrite in it...
    Celebs may somehow survive, but you wont..
    Genuinely, be vigilant of virtuality..!!

  • samrudhipatil 39w

    Tere ishq mein hu jo
    Galtiyaa karungi sau
    Keh dena khuda se tu
    Mere naam karde voh..

    Roshni mein teri yaara
    Zindagi bitaungi
    Andhere jo ghir jaaye toh
    Saath bhi nibhaungi..

    Hasta rahe tu hardam
    Khuda se yahi hai dua
    Baahon mein teri jo rahu
    Mile muze sukoon saara....

  • samrudhipatil 39w

    Agar taharna nahi aata toh samandar ke kinaare baith mat zhaak unki gahraaiyon mein...
    Balki, samandar mein chhalaang laga, taharna apne aap sikh jaayega....

  • samrudhipatil 39w

    Dear fate,
    Dont make me play with plights, I have my own dreams more bigger than it, which are soon going to get fulfilled...

  • samrudhipatil 40w

    Pankhon se nahi honsaloo se bhar udaan tu,
    Apne andar ke insaan ko jaga tu..
    Chattano ko paar karke hi milega savera tuze,
    Andhere me rehte logon ko iss roshni ka de sahara tu..
    Vaapas milega mauka pata nahi ye kab,
    Dusro ke bhati kuch karne ka aaya hai wakt ab..
    Prashansa ke liye, haath faile nahi kabhi hamare,
    Bass gum sirf iss baat ka hai,
    Drohi toh tab bhi kehlayenge humsab......