I am on the aisle of life to swim across the new suprises!

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  • samswan 1d


    I stand over the hill,
    drilling my dreams,
    singing childhood rhymes.
    But so many times
    I hear an inner voice;
    echoing, deep drowning.
    Performs my soul
    then rituals for almighty,
    to ring me up on a fine
    sunny day,
    so my soul shines
    under the legacy
    of the serene ocean.
    I far sight
    my thoughts and their flight.
    They call for sublimation
    to the hands of death.
    Seeking for the curtains
    to fall in certainty
    engulfing hues of blue ocean.
    The ride of
    consumed thoughts,
    rise to wave to the albatross.
    Coral beds cushions
    my bewildering soul.
    Surmounting a halo,
    I muse ...
    and sail across the ocean,
    with my poetic bards.
    - Samiksha

    All we aspire for is peace.
    And nothing can soothe our soul
    better than ocean's cream.
    So let curtains fall
    to swim and crawl
    on the aisle of life. @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #pod #ocean @coldplaydreams @kublakhan

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    Let The Curtains Fall

    I don't need a straight highway,
    to find my way.
    I just need a ride in the ocean
    to travel the bay.

    (Please read the caption)

  • samswan 3w


    It is not my impotence
    that red is my defiance.
    The red sindon is my defence
    don't misinterpret it as an offence.
    Red is my manifold emotions;
    My love! Anger! Spirituality!
    Red is my halo against virility.
    My untainted spirits become flawless,
    when it baths in stainless

    My sheets emersed in red
    are sins for you.
    Don't forget mankind
    it's the purge which liberalises you .
    Don't assign me as a weakling
    just because I bleed.
    It's a blessing from angels
    for me to be freed.
    The day onsets with sun's red rays.
    Dusk wreaths with lucent blaze.
    The walk to the love is red.
    The walk to anger is red.
    Both wrapped in the reaped emotions
    of spirituality, marked with highness of devotion.

    Red is Radiant !
    Red is Efferent!
    Red is Devotion!
    To the angels of lord.

    Let us be proud that we posses this divine gift of
    the angels of lord: Mensturation .
    #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee #readwriteunite

    @virtually_real @when_eyes_narrate @writerstolli @lovenotes_from_carolyn @coldplaydreams
    @alluring_tulip @sip_of_roohaniyat @mismagical

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    Her divinity revolves around
    the ground of humanity!

  • samswan 4w

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #path
    Each path that we travel leaves a scar to be told as a story. And after traveling those memories travel our bones, skin and brain.
    Thus there are many untraveled paths hiding untold stories.
    @vina_puth @virtually_real @when_eyes_narrate @imprateek_qm @alluring_tulip @samikshapattanaik @sumana_chakraborty
    @the_polymath @coldplaydreams

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    The Silk Route Of Emotions

    My wandering ink wondered
    whether the goods of my emotions,
    the bulk of their feelings
    could trade with my antibodies?

    By all the spiral paths,
    traveled in haste,
    my veins bore
    their heaviness in blood,
    injected with virus of fear
    and antidote of happiness.

    The absorbed worn outs
    of the feelings,
    swam across the cells,
    stationed my nerves.
    Delicate as the fibre of silk
    yet they rained heavy in my brain.

    The path climbed,
    was then swept away.
    No trade ever happened
    as agony fermented my flesh.

  • samswan 9w

    #lanturn : a descriptive japanese poetry of lantern shape of 5 years having 1:2:3:4:1 syllables.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    Red Ink

    red ink

  • samswan 10w

    #kimo @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Kimo - An Israeli version of haiku
    10:7:6 syllables

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    The Fall

    The fall of dripping petals and my words
    vibrate with eachother as
    their meanings dive in air.

  • samswan 10w

    Charisma of Candle

    Capricious darkness haunted
    clumsily wrapped silence ,
    casting rings of shadows,
    carrying hidden secrets where
    candle surmounted evil spells,
    collided to enlighten human will
    converging the charisma of flames.

  • samswan 10w


    When the world is half asleep,
    he grabs his sword and leaps
    down the valley, where mistful fog
    breathes. His sword sings the song,
    brandishing chorus to keep his motivation,
    making his every drop of perspiration
    count. Resolute was he to wipe out
    all hindrances, to walk and scout
    on the draconian traces of hardship.
    His inviolable cartilage entwines sacred
    workmanship against all odds and warship.

  • samswan 11w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod
    Sorry.. if it sounds negative.. don't mean to hurt anybody's emotions or feelings..

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    Another Year on the Calendar.

    A great sigh of relief. Isn't it? Another year is dead, the days are buried in graves, the hours slipped like sand from our hands, white flowers beside the graves to put up an act of mourning but hardly did we learn any lessons.

    2018, patronized itself just like its ancestors and foetus of 2019, has already taken birth.
    Open the envelope of last year, flashback...
    do you spot yourself in the same scene as you are today, receiving and wishing others the greetings for new year, which is actually another year in the blue sphere.
    Close the envelope, come out of the trance.
    Welcome to the present, find your this year's diary which is similar to that of the last one's, which resembled its previous one, there is no change except in the digit at one's place; which is '9' this time. Now retrospect before spilling the ink on the very first, pristine page of the year; was last year happy and new as these bundles of wishes incorporated? And to what extent are you expecting this year to unwrap happiness and juvenile scripts to come your way...don't forget your mother still cooks the curry with the same spices whether it's 2011, 2019 or 2030, you'll be loved by her as always.
    Oh! dear ones, we all know that the second diwali by which you polluted the lungs of mother earth once again during astral night, under the label of 'celebration' won't sustain across the board. The alpha and omega of this year will be no different than that of the previous one's. Instead it is better to breathe the tenderness of each floating moments with calmness in our nostrils while raising our arms to heaven but we act as if we have ants in our pants .
    Without batting an eye, I am sure, sooner or later we all will realise that this is an another proceeding year of the last one, which brings rare changes except in statistics and changing political powers. Followed by the custom, this year will also contribute another 82 million to this human race at an average rate of 1.07%. It is high time, that we understand that it's like beating a dead horse, by fits and starts we'll resume United Nations Security Council elections, Algerian presidential elections, North Korea's general elections and so on and so forth.
    We should better wake up from our utopias in which we perform a ritual from the dawn of 1January till dusk every year and walk on the aisle of life with practical senses. Let us remove our blindfolds and stop counting the stars in the sky rather discover ourselves, hidden in the fallen leaves of autumn and through alchemy polish our actions.

    My dear friends, I am sure by the time you'll be halfway of the ocean of 2019, 2018 will be mocking at you because that's what you do each year , celebrate at its inception and condemn at its completion. Therefore, there is nothing to be happy or sad , new or old about this year or the previous one, or the one before that or the coming 2020, they are just another years, proceeding the last ones.

    I wish my words have given you food for thought.
    Be it 2019 or 2040 they'll be just another years on the calendars.

  • samswan 11w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #goodbye #pod
    A special thanks to all mirakeans and mirakee ofcourse, fr their love and support.. Thank you !

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    As I say goodbye to 2018, I look back at the most memorable moments of my school life which departed , as the scenes rolled on the film of life and then faded away as the prisoners of past in March 2018. At the beginning of this very year: 2018, the pages were vacant, fresh and inexperienced but as the days strolled by, the ink of lively moments of happiness , joy, togetherness, grief, reality and lessons bleeded on these pages. Just like this, the dairy of the year came on its last page. Or merely today is the last page.

    While my limbs are in the most relaxing state, the brain is on the fastest motion of its thinking pace, although I wonder if those stained pages have taught me something? And if they did, then instead of reminiscing those well spent days with friends during classes and outside spicy chats, with dews of tears, I should bid them farewell with a smile; as the corners of my mouth slightly curve. And treasure them at the abyss of my heart.
    These moments depositing sediments of unforgettable teachings, clad my bones as the sky clads the chest of the Earth and bind every inch of my soul to those lively experiences. Each moment with its irreplaceable space and time fills the the RAM (Random Access Memory) of my mind, which are precisely acted by precious characters of my life.
    I cannot manifest all my emotions without elucidating the different seasons' blossoms who offered me dramatic cocktails of life; reminding me that after each of their fall and merge to the origin , a new bud will bloom next morning, perfuming new fragrance of refreshment in the air.
    So, let the curtains of this year fall with the legacy of their curves and let them rise again with the dawn of next year on the same stage of our lives.

  • samswan 12w

    Let Earth Regain

    This earth is no more blue,
    green is scarce, hue
    of the sky remind
    of deadly scar. Rewind
    politics is poisonous
    like before, harmonious
    symphonies are lost
    and we as beings are frost.

    Can we rise in a rebirth
    as an arm of the ocean called firth?
    Can our different rivulet paths
    wash away our sins with heavenly baths?
    Can we all AGAIN
    make this earth regain
    the beauty that it bestows
    and hold solemn vows
    to revive the aspirations
    of Gandhi into our realisations.
    Embrace eachother in the arms
    of fraternity and drop scary arms.
    Once AGAIN
    let earth regain
    all the pristine peace
    in one lease.