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  • samswan 3w

    Happy Mother's Day Everyday
    (Wishing in advance to all) @mirakee @writersnetwork
    @asmakhan @geraldine_mary @lovernay @monikakapur a read please beautiful ladies.
    @john_solomon @virtually_real #mothersday

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    More Than A Mother

    A mother owns no body,
    no shape, no face,
    no name yet
    she is in everyone's soul.
    But if asked to paint.
    My brush makes
    your brow and glittering eyes,
    your eternal smile
    and perennial will.
    The beauty that you hold
    is not in the sketch of your robes
    but the pitcher of your thoughts
    and rays of inspiration,
    transmitted right from your heart.
    You are like an
    invincible woman
    more than a mother
    to this naive of I.
    From helping me to
    locate my ambitions
    on the future map
    to listening my cries
    yet reminiscing me
    to never forget to smile.
    You have always been there for me.
    More than a mother .
    As if distance was never the limit.
    After some years,
    when I look back now
    I know I carry a part of you inside.
    Which is so bright
    and light residing peacefully,
    creating your ambience around me.

  • samswan 4w

    #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @alluring_tulip @yogi_writes @redstrings @mismagical @fatima_aslam small read please.
    _Do you wish the same?_
    PC : Pinterest

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    And I wish
    when my mass
    melt with the
    volume of soil,
    my fingers become
    branches for leaves
    and my arms trunk
    for the roots.

  • samswan 4w

    The Silent Sky

    They say: Before anything else existed there was Christ.
    I say : Before anything else existed there was this sky. Our common sky. Embracing similar inches of the riches' skin as that of mine. From welcoming 360,000 new little lives in the same cradle to bidding farewell to as many as 150,000 to grave by each rotation of the Earth. It's our common silent sky. No one's more. No one's less.
    The silent sky whose eyes witnessed our evolution from hominoid to sapiens, saw the civilization advancing through bronze age and classic Greek arts. Keeping silent it always kept an eye on us, watched us reforming in Renaissance, Enlightenment and Romanticism. Recorded the machines of Industrial revolution and explorations of colonialism. Felt the pain of the Two World Wars with humans. Became cold and frozen in the frost of Cold War. With the wrath of globalisation and crimes of environmental degradation, the sky is yet silent but weeping as the clouds it holds are heavy to control their tears back. The agony of depression is hard to hide but the sky tries to smile back on to us like a Jesus to a Child.
    Penetrating its light in our timid souls, giving us wings to fly, stating that "sky is not the limit", it pushes us to take new flight whenever it turns cotton white and blue from purple and starry black. It's our Common Sky. No one's more. No one's less.
    #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @alluring_tulip
    @virtually_real @fatima_aslam

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    The silent sky. Our Common Sky. No one's more. No one's less.

  • samswan 9w

    #pod @writersnetwork thank you so much for the repost��. @mirakee
    After a long break this is what my ink has led me to, like a river flows, so do emotions. @virtually_real @alluring_tulip

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    Letter from Daughter to Father

    In the summer heat,
    golden brown is your skin.
    You look tan and your face
    like a worn out leather,
    you stand like a deer in greenlight.
    I could see you growing old.
    I wish I could quote -
    'from learning to walk holding your finger
    to now being the support of your shoulder'
    But Alas!
    Our fingers never were congruent
    nor were our thoughts.
    I see you now
    on the other side of the bank,
    where you still race
    to hold a rank,
    counting the deposits
    in your bank.
    You turn your back.

    In the frozen winter
    your wobbling steps
    leave a trace.
    You smell like a
    withered tree,
    with no leaves attached.
    I could see you pose
    for an illusion that
    you choose to create,
    so that the big house
    hide the crevices of broken home,
    long gone and never back again.
    The wall hoarding the picture,
    resembles the years
    of your age, it is coughing too,
    and hiding the penance
    same as you do.
    Wake up Mr.
    (for I can never call you father)
    instead of raising the bricks
    of your big house
    and number of rooms,
    mend your broken home,
    stitch it from where it is torn,
    be a tailor or a cobbler
    before the shoe decays
    in the frailties of time and space
    for which you never cared.

  • samswan 15w

    Will you complete my verses
    if I fall short on words?
    Will you add music
    to my lifeless lyrics?
    Will you spot me
    in an unknown crowd?
    Will you march with me
    till the blue sky gets pink?

  • samswan 16w


    When the days are frozen,
    winds are mild,
    air is breathless
    and songs are melancholy.
    There are few faces
    you wish to see
    but a Spring's smile is must.
    She carries no flowers
    but her smile takes your heart away.
    If you choose to pause
    you can paint
    her all shades of colour
    that she adds to life.
    I can never miss out
    this spring from my calendar.
    "If we can be sad for no reason,
    why can't we be happy for the same".
    She said smiling through her glasses.

  • samswan 18w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod
    Capsized in love! But a playlist of questions in Lonely Heart! #love @alluring_tulip @sumana_chakraborty @mismagical

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    Questions in Lonely Heart

    They loved until their affair became the gossip for roadside ferns. I wonder if their bond was just a rumoured tale for folks. Whether it had the fragrance of lilies and purity of daisy? Was it meant for sacred threads to be woven into family greetings? Or was it just a monsoon love as the season of love was all hovering in the air with shower of rain romancing with deserted landscape? Did he really wait till leap year, until she returned in February? Did she schedule her hopes for him in tranquility until he reappeared? Having a playlist of questions in her lonely heart, she thought she must have been disguised as a nightmare in his dreams, whom he fantasized. Yet she held a possibility of umbrella, protecting them from the wrath of the world and weather, where all they wished to be is to capsize their hearts in depth of love!

  • samswan 20w

    Yes. It's difficult to lose your beloved. Some words for those who have lost their beloved and reminiscence them before they sleep and after waking up. Eternal Love!
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod
    @asmakhan #ceesreposts

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    The Letter

    Dear God!
    Knock ! Knock!
    Will you let me in?
    I wish to see my beloved.
    I wish to see her smile back to me.
    Want to watch her hoping over the stars and landing on moon.
    See her in beautiful white dressed like paradise.

    Dear God!
    Knock! Knock!
    I am leaving her favourite lilies
    at the door, so that when she opens.
    She could cry her happy tears out loud and
    think of coming back.
    So that this time I don't lose her
    to you, up in the heaven.

  • samswan 21w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod picture credit: Pinterest #ceesreposts

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    We all keep on
    rolling our heads
    over same rings
    of thoughts.
    Hoarding our minds
    with past less kind.
    This time,
    make a difference
    for a change,
    as another year
    is ready in store
    to score the changing digits.
    Make a difference,
    bury the haunting past,
    discover new journey
    on the roads less traveled.
    We will all enjoy
    as far as the eye can see
    a paradise of blooms,
    burgeoning from our souls,
    raising our heads in new hopes.

  • samswan 22w


    One day...
    The yellow paradise
    will ripe and breakaway.
    Your dream will
    become a distant memory
    and left orphan.
    The sheets soaked
    in your tears,
    will spell them out into words.
    Leaves will then
    lose their chlorophyll,
    flowers will abandon
    their colours,
    bees will forget
    the taste of honey.

    One day...
    It will all
    just be a dream,
    you , me and the blind universe.
    Everything will
    drift apart
    faceless earth and endless azure.
    You will
    not remember me,
    nor will I.
    We will all
    just be strangers
    showing back to eachother.

    But one day....
    The judgement will triumph.
    Your and mine
    evils will be brought
    to test.
    The rest
    of the world
    will spectate,
    their heart will absorb
    the fear that they will be next.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @alluring_tulip @virtually_real #pod I wish we all fear that one day the judgement will be passed, such that we watch what we practice and preach.
    Merry Christmas Everyone!

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    One day this will all just be a dream,
    you, me and blind universe.
    But one day..
    The judgement will triumph!