They/them, queer, I love life and I won't let the powers that be take that away from me.

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  • samtheowl 3d

    I look out the window,
    Of a fancy building,
    Surrounded by poverty.

    My gaze sees movement.
    A departing train.
    I jump, rushing towards it.
    Clawing my way onto it.
    Finally, an escape.

    But it isn't real.
    Just my imagination.
    I'm still looking out the window.

  • samtheowl 2w


    I seek its end,
    I am denied.
    I seek what's owed,
    I am denied.

    Do you see me,
    With your clouded eyes?
    Do you hear me,
    With your closed, clogged ears?

  • samtheowl 7w

    The Goose

    Spirit of the Goose
    Your presence is felt,
    When the land is moist.

    Your hearty bark,
    Is music for my soul.

    A great protector,
    With a mighty hiss,
    Strangers fear you,
    But they do not understand you.

    Your love,
    For your family,
    For yourself,
    Knows no bounds.

    Great Canadian Goose,
    I thank you.

  • samtheowl 13w

    -Foundation of Life-

    With yearning arms,
    I reach out to the foundation of Life.

    With a gratuitous heart,
    I intentionally lay down my stones.

    With one foot planted on Earth,
    With one foot planted in the Otherworld,
    I straddle the balance and become,
    The shaper shaping the shapes.

  • samtheowl 15w

    Whiskered creature

    Today I pray to the feline,
    Both tame and wild.
    A beast,
    And companion,
    Revered through all of time.

    Today I thank you,
    Adore you,
    And cherish you.
    Both in fierceness,
    And in comfort.

  • samtheowl 15w


    A howl to the star filled sky,
    A triumphant cry.

    Dashing through the trees,
    Amidst the midnight breeze.

    Known as a savage,
    Yet you hold so much knowledge

    I admire you from a distance,
    Thankful for your existence.

    Mighty wolf.

  • samtheowl 15w

    The Hunt

    The wind courses through my fur,
    My paws drums upon the Earth.
    Deeply kissing Their flesh.

    Scents arise on the wind.
    I can hear my kin nearby.
    A good hunt will be had.

    The sweet smell of sweat,
    The faint sounds of a thumping heart,
    Oh, my canines ache,
    For the ephemeral feel of its throat.
    The warmth of its life force.

    Ecstacy awaits, my darling.
    Let us revel in it.

  • samtheowl 15w

    I am me.

    I am queer.
    Vibrant like the rainbow.

    I am anxious.
    Strong like the gusty wind.

    I am depressed.
    The calm before the storm.

    And I am loved.
    The reflection of the full moon in the water.

    I will always be loved.
    The sun kissing the horizon good night.

    Many thanks to the forces of nature.
    You have taught many things.
    The shapers shaping the shapes.

  • samtheowl 15w

    Slick skin,
    In the din,
    Of our midnight toils.

    Voices arise,
    We're in disguise,
    She sighs...

    I hover,
    Awaiting her recover,
    She is my adventure.

  • samtheowl 16w

    Many Skilled Warrior

    Many skilled being,
    Bringer of storms,
    And protector of all.

    Lugh Lamfhada
    I call out to you this night,
    Though the storm has calmed,
    And mine enemies wield no power,
    I call out to you.
    Not in petition,
    But in gratitude.

    Lay down your spear,
    Look up at the clear skies,
    And bask in victory with me this night.