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  • samuelsanthoshkumar 9w

    We live life forward and understand it backward .

    This is called realizing

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 9w

    Hope is a fuel for survival so fuel your hope for it to survive.

    Hope of a better day has been the fuel for my survival till today. ..

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 9w


    no words can change
    the broken strange ,
    crazy idiot
    who lost his Juliet ,
    lost dipresed
    a fool self suppresed ,

    guilt had killed
    everytime he tries to himself build ,
    the pain has grown
    though love was shown,
    stupid thing he did unknown
    did all and now he morns ,

    the dark fate from past
    the reason in present he lost ,
    the fate caused stupidity
    and that stupidity stole his joy
    this is all i know about the broken boy.
    -samuel santhosh kumar

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    Today's situation were ae are to attend online classes ..this has become like a punishment .. i have class for 40 mins and a short 10 mins break and again the next class starts .. it is not to make us hate online classes but to tell the difficulty and reality of today's situation

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    My in ear head phone
    Tieing my neck
    An image of a slave is shown
    Like in a jail is struck

    This whole point seams good
    But the reality is dead
    Look at the screan you should
    And note down what he said

    Write down and learn
    For this is your fate
    With eyes that burn
    We'll have to wear glasses my mate

    One good ,I can enter my classes
    With my sleepy face and my nightdress on
    Timetable splits a path like moses
    I have ten minutes to cross the lawn

    It's like holding breath under water
    Forty minutes under and ten minutes on
    We might become Amphibians later
    But first let's stay safe and face *coron

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    In my gene

    I feel so down and cracked But still
    Ill try to hold up the smile i will ,
    Though there's fire upward the hill
    I hold on, till my memories me kill

    Though hiding the truth is cold and mean
    Here I'm hiding pain makeing it unseen
    Killing Memories of how i could have been
    Fate of being a dipressed clown is in my gene

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    The time when we sit to write but we are completely blank and get no idea ..

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    But no

    I sit to write
    With the little light
    I got ,But No ,

    Deeper i think
    To run round the ink
    On the sheet ,But No ,

    Thoughts are mixed
    Ideas are fixed
    In my mind ,But No ,

    But no words come
    Out from my heart like gum
    Sticking in ,i tried ,But No ,

    The sheet is left blank
    My ideas for the poem have sank
    I still hold My pen ,But No .

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    The ticking of the clock is much worthy than the sound of a breaking heart for many... the ticking will continue it's ticking but the broken heart will be left at the same tick that it cracked

  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    I fall hold your feet and cry sorry ...

    My past fate caused stupidity and that stupidity stole my joy ..
    In a million dreams you were the only one who came true..the love i held for you ,pulled me through from what I was to what I grew , but all this was messed up by me my fate my pain ...

    The whole story is long and you know ,,the real face never planed wrong ,never dreamt to even think of hurting you ,,he never knew he hurt you till he felt your smile fade and your tears flowed

    To you your tears ,its tears ,to me it's blood ,I'm holding the guilt of a murderer the pain of a beast loosing his whole in a beauty of a eye that held him evry time he almost died ,

    I Never dreamt what it was like without you , but that movement i felt you left me hopeless , in pain in my own guilt and chains left with one weak guy in me to hold the biggest pain i have ever faced .love hit me hard ,life slapen my heart , hope just fell and killed him self,dead hope fate did his work and hit me in my heart dark and broke ..

    All i could see was pain but still I wanted to stand even after you left ,coz I promised i won't let loose the grip of what I survive for ,

    the biggest punishment ever was when my heart made it clear "that your gone ,bye
    This bye meant more , and just tore
    Me to million ununderstandable pieces

    I fall hold your feet and cry sorry ...


  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    Was and is true .

    No word no emotion , no care , no thing , no person , no feeling can replace, you except the one God above ,you were the only one who made me feel worthy to live , made me feel like smiling , made me smile truely , still remember your small efforts with great love ,but my fate my mind didn't find difference and my heart was stupid to hurt you in evry little thing I did ,

    Fate has played his part and you left me , departed to no were i can see or feel or be , to invisibility , a lonly man left just more broke ,guilted and pained ...

    Till now i mean evry word that i told you ,, evry word from i love you to i miss you ,and I'm sorry.

    Though water becomes ice or vaper it's still water , though my love is hurt , guilted and fated and thrown ,he was and is true ....


  • samuelsanthoshkumar 13w

    This is a very real info written in a different type of writing hope people understand...this is the emotions of a dipresed man .. he can tell them but it's very hard for them to understand..

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    Hrad unseen reality .

    It's Hrad 2 lvie hloidng teh gilut , sruavving dpiertoin hsa tkaen all hpoes ,drak drak iennr pian cuaesd by mmeoreis dirlls me ,ervy dya is jsut aontehr btatle .

    -Smaeul snatohsh kmuar