dawning in poetry wanna grow up to dusk if can !!

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  • sanathkumarb 9w

    While her world is emptying? From nowhere, will she find him ? #love #pod

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    Will she find him ?

    To the heaven and night, she dared;
    Searched everywhere to find him.
    The sweet smell of flowers indicating
    Locating his place the bees fly.
    Grass making her feel eternal,
    The dawn dusking out all her strain.
    The walls echoing his voice,
    Air carrying all his essence full of cane
    Together she plans a happy future,
    Together she cares all his pain.
    She is still roaming in the sweet streets,
    In the streets of love full of red.
    Will she find him? Hope she does:)


  • sanathkumarb 46w


    When 820 million people
    Sleep with their stomach empty
    Wasting a palmful of rice or food
    Is nothing less than committing
    A SIN

  • sanathkumarb 47w


    There was a bright palace glowing
    The grand chariots readily functioning
    The guards steadily protecting
    The shiny golden dome reflecting sky
    The galloping horses running on meadow
    The flowers of the garden smelling sweet
    The clothes of the family sparkling
    The fence of the palace filled with pores

    There stood a poor mother with her child
    Outside the fence peeping through pore
    The child screamed out of joy
    The mother didn't control him as she knew
    That she can't afford this in reality
    Her eyes were filled of tears
    The boy wiped her eyes and says
    He will become like the royal prince
    The tears will arise again due to his wish
    Hope of the dawn rises again in her life


  • sanathkumarb 48w


    He grownup sailing the sea
    With the grace of seagulls
    Considering books as his gems
    Flights of world war his dream
    Inspired everyone when raised
    Built missles for self defence
    Flew rockets for people's good
    Speeches ignited the spark
    Administration was at its best
    Science was his life
    Questioned about the purpose
    He was the perfect homo sapien
    He is DR A P J ABDUL KALAM !!!


  • sanathkumarb 48w


    Nine months of hard course
    Nine minutes of re-life
    Nine years of tender education
    Nine fresh flowers made her ready
    Nine gemstones weren't enough for beauty
    Nine colours composed her skin tone
    Nine planets can't explain her care
    Nine moments made her lose her virginity
    Nine days are reserved to worship her
    What is this called ? HYPOCRISY OR FATE


  • sanathkumarb 48w


    The birds once left to flight
    Should return to ground after work.
    Animals once left to feed themselves
    Should eat something for survival.
    Machines should be switched off
    For better maintenance and performance.
    A book once started reading
    Should be finished to know everything.
    A flower will get faded after it blooms,
    Waves will reach the shore once started.
    Sun will set in the sky after rising,
    Organisms will die once born.

    Nothing is permanent in this world
    It may be only your good deeds performed
    The service which you poured to mankind
    The life cycle ends once started
    This is life, find your existence.....


  • sanathkumarb 48w


    This is the world of dark and bright
    Which one to believe, it is up to you.
    Decide to believe the boulders of dark
    Or the wide range of white.

    I am in the world of dark and bright
    In the dark reflection of terrorism
    In the white virtuality of humanity.

    In the dark hands of corruption
    In the white mantra of serving humanity.

    In the dark reality of unemployment
    In the bright fulfilled literacy.

    Being a human have humanity,
    Decide to fall in dark clutches of panther
    Or to rise in brightness of white rabbit.


  • sanathkumarb 48w


    It was the intellectual thought of human
    Started industries in large scale
    Caused universal development
    Leading to the laziness today.

    The alike intelligence is dusty today
    Leading to the destruction of humanity
    Polluting large rivers and canals
    Killing millions of organisms.

    It was the intellectual thought of human
    Started to fly large spaceships
    Caused the global communication
    Leading to space pollution today.

    The alike intelligence is costing
    Billions of dollars to spend on a mission
    Without the confirmation of success
    Sometimes resulting loss of life.

    We are thinking of existence in space
    Floating away all our natural resources
    We are spending all our time and energy
    Spending billions to find life in skies
    Expending millions to lose on earth.


  • sanathkumarb 49w


    The real air comes into picture
    When you switch off the fan.....
    You find the real you
    When you let go your outer you......


  • sanathkumarb 50w


    A reindeer was walking along milky snow
    Amidst the beautiful coldness
    With its horns covered in snow
    Body coated by jasmine sheet.

    It was a very fine day for it
    Started the day by having a quick run.
    Like seetha chased the golden deer
    In the holy scripture ramayan,
    Similarly the reindeer was attracted
    By seeing lush green and mushrooms.

    It ran all around the plane searching
    For the best species it can meal upon.
    The best grass was on the lakeside.
    It decided to cross the mountains.

    But the fate was destined for it.
    While crossing 2 stones, it stilled
    It couldn't move an inch.
    Struggled hard till the sun lost its energy.
    Cried in agony, screamed in fear.
    Finally it died of starvation....!!

    After all this, i recalled my life
    Compared with that of the animals
    Exclaimed i am fortunate enough!