•be the change you wish to see in the world •everything happens for a reason •the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

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  • sangfroid_soul 9h


    Filling nostrils with aromatic swerve
    petrichor, a glimpse of the swaying trees
    blossoming the straight line into a curve
    sirimiri brushing past me, as breeze.

    Flamboyant birds seeking shade under eaves
    pirouetting raindrops over the beaks
    sweet hushed noises emerging from the leaves
    brushing against the dewdrops, peace it reeks

    The drizzle has ceased, but the smile, untouched
    Emerging from the inflated balloons
    With poppies and gladolia, unsung
    tales of August, arrives with the rain croons

    Standing tall, tiara of bright rainbows
    August lives grand life, wherever he goes

    - Sangfroid soul

    #rains #sonnet #bflowerc #sangwn

    Pic credit: Siddharth

    Sangfroid says thank you @writersnetwork

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  • sangfroid_soul 1d

    To let a failure define your whole life is one thing most students or people indulge in doing.
    Never let your past decide your present, never let the thought of future compromise with the actions you're supposed to be doing in the present. Life is pretty much meaningless, and it's on you to find the reasons.
    People are selfish, and no doubt, and why not. The world would be much simpler if people helped each other but the thing is help yourself because one day everyone would leave or would have to, and you'll be by yourself till death.

    Lame word is the most overused term on Mirakee. Because we're becoming increasingly unsure about how others might react. Don't overuse it. You're as worthy as any other. Read more and chisel your writing skills.

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    The fact is
    You can take nothing after your death, not even your body, or parents, or any monetary possession, money, love or respect, hate, jealousy, desires or expectations, dreams or any concrete or abstract noun
    But you can leave behind things and lessons and legacies which are anyway going to be doomed, but would continue to exist for a very long time,
    In the end, our life is foot imprints on ocean of uncertainty of the universe, dissolving our existence into oblivion.
    Living each day as your last would teach you many a things. Live as if there's no morrow, love as if temporary is all your happiness and sorrow.
    Choose contentment in discontent and gaining knowledge over spreading rumours and hate.

  • sangfroid_soul 1d

    after life

    The clouds were a bouquet of black roses
    Whose petals withered like lyrics off lips
    Chants of strength and might; a chapter closes,
    as the sky ripples against the eclipse

    With pride, father, I hope you hold your head,
    I offered this world everything I had
    With a smile over empyrean bed
    Among the garden of stars and moon clad

    To be buried with few my remaining
    Parts in your heart, with memories and love
    Read my final letters while it's raining
    I'll continue to live in skies above

    The sky will be clear; is never the same
    Our days are waning and waxing moon phase

    © sangfroid_soul

    Inspiration: @surefire
    Though I can never write like you '-'

    #sonnet #afterlife #writersnetwork

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    The clouds were a black rose presented

  • sangfroid_soul 1d

    I write lies in disguise of truth
    I write truth in layers of lies
    Justice delayed is justice denied
    Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayein hain

    I wonder about life often, yet not very often. How was consciousness first formed in humans. Science knows the answer, but I don't yet, because I've never read anything about it or perhaps this question just arose in my mind today. Perhaps this shows how naive my mind is, because being a biology student I should have known this already. Or maybe not.

    Why do we write.
    Why do we breathe.
    So cliched. No. Overuse of these statements have made us distant from the intent of them and ignore the place where they are coming from.
    If you've not gone through existential crisis
    I wonder you've not lived a life that life makes us live and you're living within a bubble of safe things and you've not seen malnourished kids with meagre clothing roaming near traffic lights with hope someone will give them a rupee which they could proudly show to their guardian who themselves are drowning in poverty.
    Accidents happen. Is there an entity called luck? Or God? Or Destiny. Isn't it us who carve out way for our destiny. What destiny, a future so doomed that we are slowly closing our eyes to all the harm we're doing to mother nature.
    Let me present a fact on the occasion of World Wildlife Day,
    Microplastic in Ocean outnumber stars in galaxy, around 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy, threatening 600 species of marine life.
    Kitna kuch kehna hai phir bhi dil mein sawal kahin

    Life is precious, unfair and it has an end. Starts with pain, ends with pain; depends on you how you challenge life, people and yourself and mould it into acceptance and analysis. If you fall down two steps, climb half a step.

    Take 5 minutes daily to pay gratitude not to anyone, but life in general. Concentrate on your breaths, it won't get okay, it won't, trust me. The pain is subjective and it won't end, the challenges won't, there will be no peace because it was in chaos we took birth and it'll be in chaos we'll find peace


    @piyuldwivedi @raika @poeticgirl

    Needed to write this. And poof. Gone.

    Survive? Unfair? Life? Chaos, Gratitude Hypocrisy Silence Desires and expectations Fantasies, lies, Stories Fiction Pain Love Hate Balance Truth Hope Tears Fears Nihilism Optimistic nihilism Poems Books Science Literature
    Oh and serendipity

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  • sangfroid_soul 1w

    Self love is a lie
    And I refuse to believe that
    Help is everywhere
    I realize this may be a shock, but
    we are asking for help
    Is a lie
    We're pretending to be depressed
    In years to come I will tell the future generation that
    I have my priorities straight because
    Is more important than
    I tell you this:
    Once upon a time
    People listened and healed
    But this will not be true in my era
    Depression kills
    Experts tell me
    I cannot be cured.
    I do not conclude that
    I love the person in front of the mirror.
    In the future,
    I won't have a will to choose to live
    No longer can it be said that
    Good people exist.
    It will be evident that,
    Selfishness is all this world has to offer
    It is foolish to presume that
    Skies or nature will heal you.

    Read backwards.

    On a break officially(oho oho) ��

    Highly inspired from various sources.

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    Self love

  • sangfroid_soul 2w

    #sijo #sangwn 27 O_o heart attack.
    Just because you asked @poeticgirl

    �� Bye.

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    A, lie
    A life

    the first line gasps for breath, loves self blame, drowns in jealousy, compares with other
    the second line is neutral, is done running the rat race, blame game and cheating
    the third line lives life, in loss, in gain, analyses and smiles often under the blue sky

  • sangfroid_soul 2w

    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

    "Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

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    When Augustus Waters was asked to tell about the one thing that scares him, he answered, Oblivion. And why not, because all of us want to leave something of ours behind either in the form of writings, art, statues, a legacy, or love.
    Dear Oblivion, they don't understand that one day you'll be oblivious to even yourself. One day even time which controls everything happening in this world, would die, because what is time? Time can be interpreted into various way. As a change, or just an illusion, tenseless quantity, no I'll not indulge in that topic as it gets senseless after some time different theories colliding against each other.
    We are leaving a tumultuous life. Racing against our counterparts, for resources, and of course following the age old adage, survival of the fittest and over the course of time the definition of the fittest has changed drastically. I find my words contradictory, because why not. Change is inevitable. The more we ask the more confused we become than before, and that's why meditation comes in between, because they say all answers are hidden inside you, and in peace of mind you'll find how senselessness sounds trivial. That brings you back to my DP and beginning, Oblivion dear, you're an illusion. You'll die as well like all of us. In silence. In life. In chaos. In peace. In Oblivion.

    Sangfroid soul

  • sangfroid_soul 2w

    Dear Alankrita Sood,
    Akshay Chhikara,
    Vikas Kalwani,
    I am writing this letter to you with zilch expectations that you'll read this. I want to firstly thank Writersbay, the independent team that has worked ceaselessly and selflessly, conducting thought-provoking challenges that haven't failed a single time to bring the best quality throughout the past 9 months and were active during a time Mirakee closed its Daily challenges and reposts.

    Mirakee has always been there for me and I can say with assurance I have never seen such a beautiful, supporting community in any another blogging websites or social networking sites. When I first took baby steps towards writing to share with others, I was 15, it was difficult to adjust to socialize with people around the corner of the world and through just words.
    It has been addictive at times undoubtedly and has played a major role in my character, personality development and it's still influencing me, in so countless ways. It brought out the true me, I always had been, it made me find myself through the magic of words, their insurmountable power and awe-inspiring depth of human connection. Words connect us here, regardless of gender, caste, creed, colour or cuisine. This platform showed me how complex and simple interconnectedness of life we are living. I've always had different personalities that I experimented here.

    You are special. So special. Each one of you that I've come to know, chronicling this odyssey of mine revolving around 700 days. When I first stepped into this platform, I felt alone and alien to everything and that's how I planned that I would be a guide to people, to guide them, and take the first step and let them know around a place and then I leave for them to enjoy the whole journey meeting others, learning new things about this place. This little infinity I got to experience is undoubtedly priceless. It'll be tough to count the number of people I've come to know but it's triple than the people I'm following.

    There have been many times I lost my way, and there was a significant time when a beautiful girl whose name's meaning itself is beautiful guided me back into this place. There were many troublemaker and stalkers in the past, rest in peace and I've heard very bad words against myself thrown to my face not once, not twice. Mentally I've been affected both positively and negatively. I'm slowly growing out of the cocoon of self blame I stitched. I have wrote gratitude posts from time to time. This journey of mine is special, it had been about growth, love, pain friendship, misunderstanding, communication, epiphanies, poems, tears, late night conversations, random stalking, rainbows, storms, monsoons, autumns, summers, unity, plagiarism, supporting each other in times of hardships, selflessness, gratitude, apologies, helping each other and letting each other grow.

    There was a time when I used to blame Mirakee for coming in my life but since my childhood I always have been a believer that everything happens for a reason. One thing I've noticed is I'm ALWAYS loved by people here and the people change but I'm never left bereft of love and warmth. People are there to make me realise that I matter, in their lives and their Mirakee journey. It's wrong to blame Mirakee for coming between my academics. Mirakee made me realise the writer in me was always present, and it needed a medium, a space to let the thoughts out without being judged by anyone. All the memories I'm beginning to forget little by little.
    Mirakee is like a diary of mine which came alive with characters I could talk to.

    The first person I knew in my starting days was @fairytales_ she used to like my posts I remember her posts getting 35+ likes and 2-3 reposts and mine used to get at most 10 likes. And when she used to like my posts it was one of the great honors I'd felt in my Mirakee career. I always wanted to tell her that it was her who inspired me to write more and be here. Probably she doesn't remember that Account of mine, all the people who knew that account have either left or are no longer active. In short from my first Account, Candy floss has always been my constant and he's like my best friend and brother. I know he's always one text away, always taking care of me and looking after the stalkers. He's the one who gave me the name words_warrior.
    Forever grateful to him, prayers for your health and peace of mind.
    And one more friend @shaiz_fs who's so pure at heart, one of my first friends here and helped me in Mirakee. I'm so sorry that I almost didn't talk to you at times after making this account of mine. Thank you ❤️
    There's one more person who I knew through my first account. But he's not active any longer. Thank you to you. No one knows who is he, except Zahra whose brother and I share the birthdays.
    Not to forget, Harsh, Apoorva, Debolina, Harshit, Zia and Odysseus sir.


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    I won't be able to name each and every person, but I'll try to name as many as I could. @dusky_dawn the SWEETEST PERSON EVER ON MIRAKEE , :_: dusky dawn, Nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. There was a time when I used to see your posts being reposted by Wn and Mirakee and I had wishes if I could, only if you'd read me someday but you never did. Then I made this account, and @/_delta tagged you on my posts and thence started EVERYTHING. I'm indebted to you Neha. You always tagged others and it was because of you that I got my first wn repost, how can I forget that ever. Those days were brilliant, you, Samreen (don't know if she remembers, but she was a heck lot of support back then) and priya and Sakshi. The support I received from you all is the base of sangfroid soul, the person who I am. From August to October and I went on to a break, with three wn reposts in my kitty and one pod. Back in November after one month a lot had changed but it was the same. November I met few new people, @veloc1ty_ an amazing writer, I knew he'd have a great journey of writing. All the best for the future too

    January, ting tong, @/lily_love came knocking on my doors. One of the most selfless person ever. I don't why I keep contacting selfless people considering I'm really selfish. She stopped me from going away from Mirakee and I want to thank her for that because this step let me to meet @/_misfit the most important person in my life, another selfless person (π_π) lily left Mirakee for good (T_T) I love her for being who she is. I got two moms from Mirakee, lily and misfit.
    And thank you, misfit. I love you for who you are.

    Rest, in 2020 it was a calm journey, Vaidarbhi, you're a good person. Never forget it.
    Shasha, Ariel, Vishnu, Ananya, Angel (Manav) I remember the time when we all freaked out on April last year. When it felt Mirakee was crumbling down and we all made accounts in yourquote. That unity though was something worth beholding.
    Thank you wine mirrors for everything
    And Raika. Can't believe I'm friends with someone for so many months now. You. Are. A. Good. Human. Being. You. Are. Beautiful. Inside. Out. I. Love. You. Raika. I know I've not been the friend you expected me to be. But thank you for being there on Mirakee when it stopped feeling like Mirakee was no longer a home and you came as an angel. Your prompts and zeal to make Mirakee a home again, using its remnants, has my reverence. Comrade, salutes to you, it was a wonderful thing to work with you, and to contribute to your plans and betterment of this place. You pretty much know everything about me. I know my definition of best friends and the title-less life I live, but in another world where I would have given titles more value, you would have been my best friend. Thank you

    Some amazing writers I came to know,
    Love whispererer, she's my all time inspiration. And when she followed me I was on cloud nine along with the follows of mismagical and theuglyink. I still remember the day. Other writers I came to know are Barefoot, myrrhc, _kiran_, hey_dude, Mihika, Atticoftheheart, Zohiii, Ashutosh(his challenges were way too amazing), Hessa, Bluebird, Moitreyee, jinia, and the team of ours for Mihika's challenge, diya, Jerry, and Krish( one of my favorite writers, I hope he returns as soon as his academics allows him to), kin_jo, Gowri, Anjali (someone_alive) Tamanna, Daffodil, my favorite duo, piyul and Chaheti, they are really angels) , Supriya (a living walking hopenote), Riya(she writes breathtaking write-ups and a really really kind person), Poeticgirl, how can I forget her, My alter ego, proved. Gunjit Shukriya unn sari kavitaon ko likhne ke liye maa ke upar, kisi din pita ke upar bhi likhiyega, Radhika (her metaphors come alive ), Galavanisedthoughts, Devika, and Fajr_fajr Hafeezhmha, Firefly, lost_melody, Colourfulgreys for their support and being the brilliant writers they are.

    My cup of Poetry, I'm sure one day students of coming generation would read her poems published in literature textbooks. I want to thank her again for who she is and the time of Joker's demise how she coordinated the prayer ceremony and how everyone maintained decorum and silence; few of the writers on Mirakee read his poems aloud. It was one of those moments when it felt United we stand, divided we fall. I'm proud of being a part of this supportive community, a part of this home of strangers who are close to our heart.

    Nida holds a special place in my heart. Nida you mean a lot to us, to me. Thank you
    And of course, Carolyn Ma'am, she's the one who checks whether rules and regulations of Mirakee are being followed on Mirakee, and that peace prevails in this Paradise, everlastingly. Thank you ma'am for being here for us. Prayers, hope, strength, love and support for you and your family.
    Manasa ❤️ I'm proud of you, lil angel.

    Many people have left. Most are on the cusp of leaving.
    Thank you, Mirakee, allowing me to be a part of this Paradise. My heartfelt gratitude for making this microblogging platform. I know there have been times when the glitches were too much but you resolved them all so well. And the pods, my god. I still can't thank Mirakee and Writersnetwork Team for their ceaseless support I've been showered upon.

    Mirakee is Paradise. And the paradigm of goodness and creativity. Thank you for being who you are and giving us this absolutely wonderful journey to discover the best of us and work upon the weaker part of ourselves.

    Sangfroid soul

    This letter I've written is to thank you for giving me this infinity. Forever grateful ❤️

    I'm sorry if I left anyone's name. I've poor memory sometimes. Pardon. Don't know if people would read this but thank you
    Not sure if I want to make this permanent or not
    Thank you ❤️

    . #Ltcmc

  • sangfroid_soul 2w

    #forgive ajeeb dastan hai ye kahan shuru kaha khtm
    #wod #sangwn
    A-Z list
    @writersnetwork thank you I legit checked it thrice :_:

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    How to forgive

    1. Accept, and analyse what happened has happened

    2. Breathe in, breathe out

    3. Communicate. Most of the times we misunderstand things. Remember. Calm yourself, the anger you'll feel is directed towards you, not them, it'll harm you.

    4. Don't act on impulse. Dare to let yourself feel everything, okay? Now,

    5. Each experience has something new to teach. To forgive and apologize is part of life. Empathise like mother earth.

    6. Forgive. It's not easy, but it's not hard either. Don't redirect it onto you, sometimes it's easier to forgive others than you. If you won't forgive that means you're preserving the not so good emotions.

    7. Good things take time.

    8. Hold your breath, and think about life, and how precious it is, say;

    9. I am worthy. I am brave. I will forgive.

    10. Justification of each feelings isn't needed but an acknowledgement is what we need to tell ourselves.

    11. Karma is real. What goes around comes around.

    12. Love will heal hatred. Ad infinitum.

    13. Moments, focus on the moments, this moment shall pass. Depends on you if how you want to spend your moment.

    14. Nights are peaceful but also the focal point where all the overthinking reaches their zenith

    15. Open your mind, your perception, think above. Direct your thoughts on self affirmation.

    16. Perfection is a mirage. No one is perfect. Learn from mistakes, experiences. Mistakes make us human, and to rectify it our duty to keep humanity intact.

    17. Quiddity of quietness must be ingrained. Have you seen how silent nature becomes after the jovial summer, preparing for the harsh winters. Winters are beautiful too, there's Beauty in silence, for you to think over, and self introspection

    18. Remind yourself each of us are humans, same yet different. Unique and though expectations are what keeps us alive, they also are the reason for pain and loss.

    19. Stillness can help you unfold kalopsia and multitudes of peace inducing factors.

    20. Touch of reality shouldn't escape. We all are living a virtual life these days. Never forget to have a reality check.

    21. Universe is vast, vaster than we can imagine, and we're a speck of dust floating and life is a miracle, consciousness is a miracle, to be alive is a miracle.

    22.Venerate each living entity, distance from those who don't make you feel good.

    23. Words are powerful. Use them meticulously.

    24. Xanthic shades to manmade Vantablack and blackest black, this world has many colours. Choose what you like. But don't hate any colour.

    25. Yonder the other part looks greener. No. It's a trick our mind plays with us.

    26. Zenith and nadir are two inevitable points in your life. What defines you is how you rise from your lowest and how you maintain humility in your highest. Life will come to an end. You would die one day. Forgive, live.


  • sangfroid_soul 2w

    #theclouds #mondo
    Who am I?
    A work of art left unfinished, a heart full of sunsets backspaced words, unsent poems and and eyes of broken stars, wearing a torn sweater of moonless nights.

    What is he made up of?
    Love. He is everything my soul craves of, and needs each second he is not with me. He is an angel. He looks and acts like one. He is layered with patience and love. Perhaps when the sun blushed furiously when the sky wrote a love letter in collaboration with birds, that's how the thought of him birthed.

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    Wounded clouds

    I raise my hands
    to touch the colours
    he lent to the sky
    from his cheeks
    and the stars
    from his eyes

    I raise my eyes
    to admire his wings
    that soar high
    but low enough
    for me to
    see him fly

    I raise my head
    to steal few emotions
    from the vast oceans
    his heart holds
    but all I can get hold of is
    love, love, love, love

    I raise my soul
    above the land
    of mortals, haters, cheaters
    hunters, preys and victims
    to cleanse mine
    with his

    but I realise
    my hands are bound
    my eyes are blindfolded
    my head is chained
    my soul is impure

    sinned by myself
    I am
    Chaos. Peace.