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  • sanguinesoul 3d


    The daughter brings flowers to her mother's grave.

    Her grief is enveloped in shame.

    It's been long enough so she won't cry but soon enough to still to pay her her time.

    She sits crying near her mother's death
    stone, talking to her, wishing her peace, remembering her beauty, while the corpse of her mother is served out as feast for the little creatures that live deep under the soil.

    Their relationship faded with the tides of time. So she's rummaging through her memories, only in her childhood, lost in adulthood struggling to find more those sweet good old anecdotes of them together to cry over.

    As she reminisces the touch of soft hands that always creased out all the lines of stress from her forehead, those hands of hers having lost their touch are injected with worms sucking what's left of her.

    Whenever she got into a fight she took her side. When she couldn't sleep at night, the mother let her sleep by her side.

    Now her protectress lies strengthless, lifeless like a fish's skeleton on a plate.

    What looks serene on the outside is horrid on the inside.

  • sanguinesoul 4d

    Ocean and her secrets

    The ocean holds secrets so dangerous
    That those who live below it never dared to reveal them
    And the one who live above it, never tried to discover them.
    And such is the case with a woman's heart.
    All her secrets shipwrecked deep inside in the dark.


  • sanguinesoul 1w

    Kiss Me Goodbye

    So kiss me babe
    Before I get in my car
    And pull a belt across my heart.
    Go off livin' another life
    Tell this naive girl in me that you miss her already and you'll never forget her.
    I love this moment
    But i dont want it to last longer
    Coz I love the taste of longin'
    My fingers slipping away from yours
    Tears in my eyes
    Smile on your face
    Oh baby, i can't stay, won't stay.
    Tell me my name
    I wan to hear it in your voice

    Driving away
    Ran over my heart
    I'll remember the pain

    Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear
    Hope it'll be that way
    Even after waves of time,
    You'd still be close to my heart

    Now as i focus forward
    Roll down the window
    Feel the Fresh wind on my face
    Taking tears away with it
    As i drive further
    I feel better
    Now I'm sure that I'll remember
    Don't know about you
    But I'll remember
    Remember this feeling

  • sanguinesoul 1w

    If only... Then maybe

    I had everything when none of it made any sense and it didn't matter.
    But now the echoes in the void remind me of what was and what could be.
    If only I was wise enough
    If only I cared more
    If only I expressed more
    May be... Just maybe... Well forget it.
    It doesn't matter anymore.

  • sanguinesoul 4w

    Beyond Present Future And Past

    I see through you
    Or I wish to
    I wish to see through me
    Look through you, into you

    My stare slitting layers and layers and I watch you ache with the pain , the discomfort. Yet I stare .

    Because I know you want me to , otherwise why didn’t you break the circuit of gaze, you wanted the energy to flow through you, through me, into us, among everyone around us, yet only between you and me.

    Seconds passed, minutes passed, a lifetime passed. I dare you to look away. I know it won’t be long before you break free from the trance.

    A series of emotion passes through your eyes, mine shimmer with the glitter in your eyes. You’re happy, loved and fine but an old bruise hurts from time to time, a bruise I gave you, which hurts me too.

    We stand here beyond the joy of reunion
    Beyond redemption
    In a place and state I never imagined us to be, yet here we are...

    Someone calls for you and now you’re awake , you look around with disturbed urgency, gave me one small glance and walked away.

    I’m yet to recover from the trance
    Forever grateful for yet another last chance.

  • sanguinesoul 13w

    The Beauty Of Holding Hands

    There’s something so profound about holding hands.

    It soothes and comforts me even if we’re walking on the street among strangers.

    It feels like a promise. A promise of togetherness. Of loyalty. Of safekeeping.

    The heat between our hands makes me feel as if I am sitting near the fireplace with the hot coffee mug in my hand on a cold evening.

    When you’re driving and I am on the phone. Both lost in different worlds. But with your fingers entwined with mine, I feel as cosy as I would feel wrapped in a blanket with you.

    I don't need to be rescued or protected

    But with your firm hold around my hand

    I know I don't have to fight my battles alone.

    So much expressed with nothing said.

    That's the beauty of holding hands.
    -Falguni Sharma

  • sanguinesoul 17w


    I can hold it long enough
    I can wait till i see light at the end of the tunnel
    I can wait for days, weeks and months
    But the hours, minutes ans seconds cut
    Slit layers and layers
    Until there's a rotten cadaver
    I can climb the mountain
    I'm afraid of the molehills

  • sanguinesoul 22w

    My Childhood In A Snowball

    Big, white and cold
    It has never experienced the warmth of the summer,
    the beauty of a sunflower
    The yellow bright sunshine of the generous sun.
    It has never laughed with children playing in the garden.
    Never walked on the green grass that tickle your feet.
    It's never felt the warmth of Love
    Never been held like a flower
    I was bitter cold and it only made everyone throw me away.
    I've never been held long enough to let myself feel the warmth and melt all my pain and suffering into a million tear drops.
    All my childhood, as far as I could see, it was all white, all blank. No yellow, no green. Only white stretching into infinity.
    On some nights, in my dreams, I find myself in the same blank white space again, feeling cold...

  • sanguinesoul 23w


    An empty room.
    Only a table and a chair. White all walls. Sitting on the chair. A glass of water on the chair. Half filled. Just like my heart.
    A window. A tiny plant sitting by it. I stare at it.
    Minimal things. Calm I am. Content I am.

    Take a sip of the water and walk up to the window.
    As far as I can see, only sky. All blue and white. No sound. Only the retrieving birds.
    The phone rings...
    I see the road now. Can hear the traffic.
    I turn around, taking one last drag of my cigarette. Keep the beer bottle on the table and try to find my phone in the huge pile of papers and files. The clock on the maroon wall says time's up.