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  • sanika24 9w

    I wish to wear a smile
    But I cannot feel my skin today
    I wish to touch a rainbow
    But I cannot see colours today
    I wish to let my heart breathe
    But I cannot write today

    -Sanika Alwa

  • sanika24 14w

    Skies filled with cocktail colours
    a little of blue, red and yellow
    Sunsets like paintings
    with pastels and shades
    spilling a bit here and there
    Oceans like the calm
    found in an empty space
    Birds chirping
    amongst themselves
    World, bittersweet
    Silence overpowering all

    -Sanika Alwa

  • sanika24 26w

    My heart feels heavy
    bearing the weight
    of its own decisions
    beating at it's own pace
    glowing, sulking, rolling
    and here I am
    sipping black coffee
    wishing for the bitterness
    to heal those
    sugar coated wounds

    - Sanika Alwa

  • sanika24 32w

    Can we just live for once?
    No, by living I do not mean
    Indulging in social outings,
    Or heading to clubs at midnight,
    Wearing glittery clothes
    To make your life glamourous,
    Shopping till you regret spending,
    Going to expensive outlets
    Just to instagram that fancy dish.
    By living, I do not mean
    Anything that takes away your
    essence from you,
    Clicking pictures which don't
    portray the introvert in you,
    And listening to the playlist which
    you only pretend to like.
    By living I mean,
    Breathing every moment like
    a beautiful fragrance,
    Laughing until you realize
    how happy you are
    And crying until you cannot further.
    By living I mean,
    Accepting yourself as it is,
    Loving yourself without a validation
    And dancing in the glory of your survival.
    Can we try to live for once?

    -Sanika alwa

  • sanika24 37w

    My prettiest flower in the garden,
    My nightangle with a shining armor,
    My soft melody on sleepless nights
    And my solid support in bad times.

    I have shared every moment with you
    From baby luney tunes to kuch kuch hota hai
    I have learned so much from you
    From never giving up to always putting humanity forward
    I have adored and admired you in every stage of life
    And will do so for the rest of my life

    You have not only shown me
    How wars are fought
    But also made me realize
    how warriors survive

    I wish to see this broardest smile
    On your face always
    My beautiful mother, young as ever,
    Talented to the brim and the kindest person I have known,
    Happy Mother's day!

    -Your loving daughter

  • sanika24 95w

    I wish to wander in a garden,
    no red roses, just lillies.
    Scent of jasmine
    hidden in the rain droplets.
    The sky, painted purple
    for a change.
    And a rainbow, maybe white,
    full of stars and sunlight.

    -Sanika alwa

  • sanika24 99w

    Do we convince our heart to believe in things we would like to, or does our heart convince us?

  • sanika24 101w

    If everyone is just aiming to be a better human, who is becoming a better human?

  • sanika24 109w

    By unknown writer

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    This year, make yourself a priority.
    Stop cribbing about the mundane routine,
    Feel blessed to have one.
    Let your heart smile often as it beats to keep you alive.
    Live every moment as beautifully as you wish it were.
    Merry Christmas to all!

    Sanika alwa

  • sanika24 125w

    By unknown writer

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    I am a human
    just like you.
    I laugh, cry, love
    just like you.
    But today,
    I feel equal to you.

    Sanika alwa