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  • saniljwels 2w


    We know that it is very important for us to go to temples and listen to the spiritual speeches but at the same time it is also important for us to follow what is told in those speeches. Just listening and not following will not help. 
    Once a man becomes sick and goes to the doctor for help. The doctor examines him and then writes out a prescription for some medicine. The man has great faith is his doctor. He returns home and in his prayer room he puts a beautiful picture of the doctor. Then he sits down and pays respect to the picture. He takes out the prescription of the doctor and starts reciting it. With all due respect he worships that prescription and puts it back. He does this everyday without forgetting. After a few weeks he realizes that the disease is not cured and so he goes back to the doctor. 
    He asks the doctor about the disease and how the medicine works. He obtains the full knowledge of the cause and cure of the disease. He gets so impressed by the doctor’s explanation that he starts to believe that all other doctors are useless. 
    If we understand this extract carefully than we will realize that we are same as the man mentioned above. The only difference is that what he does with the doctor, we do it with our religion. We listen to all the types of theories, the rituals, rites and principles but do not follow most of them. A patient cannot be cured without taking the medicines. Knowing the prescribed medicines is not enough for him/her to be cured. Similarly we should follow the guidelines given to us in order to be benefitted from what we know. All the Sadhus, Sadhvis, Jain Scholars are symbolic to doctors and we are their patients. We have to follow the given path in order to attain peace and divinity. Everyone worships the divine, but the real worshiper is the one who not only worships but also walks on the path shown by the divine.
    "The greatest mistake of a soul is non-recognition of its real self and can only be corrected by recognizing itself"

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    There are several instances in our day to day life where someone or the other makes a mistake and we have to suffer. What do we do then? Do we forgive the person who has made the mistake? Generally we don’t. Even if we don’t take any actions against him we generate harsh feelings against him. 
    Ahimsa is the essence of Jainism. Any act of disturbance like giving pain, stealing telling lies, cheating etc come under the category of Hinsa (violence). If an ant is walking at ease on the floor of my house and I take care of not keeping my foot on it, it means that I respect the life of the ant and the creation of the creator. Therefore even this small thing is an act of Ahimsa.
    Without Aparigraha, ahimsa is incomplete. It is the principle of staying happy with minimum things. And it is true that those who are content with minimum things are actually happy and stay in peace. We have formed a habit of buying things that we do not need. Ours is a money spending culture, where the rich buys more and more unnecessary things. For attaining these unnecessary things we have to earn a lot of money for which we are ready to go to any extent. Therefore, if we follow the principle of Aparigraha then following Ahimsa would be easier.
    Anekant simply means respecting the views, ideologies, and faiths of others. It seeks to harmonize and reconcile all conflicting view points. The strength of Anekantavada lies in its openness, clarity and impartiality.
    All the remedies of problems of the world lies in the triple gems of Ahimsa, Aparigraha and Anekant.
    "Every soul is in itself absolutely omniscient and blissful. The bliss does not come from outside"

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    There were two very good childhood friends. When they grew big, one friend became a Saint and stayed alone in mountain areas to conduct his prayers and tapasaya. The other friend became very rich like a King and would stay in his palatial house. The saint would wear only a small piece of cloth around and the rich friend was living a lavish life. 

    Once the rich friend desired to search for his friend who had opted to live a life of a Saint. He felt restless and searched for him in every nook and corner. Finally he located his friend, went to meet him and felt very proud that his friend has achieved so much knowledge in short period. He has become a tapasvi. He went to his ashram and requested him to have lunch in his house. The tapasvi friend agreed to visit his house and have lunch with him.

    The rich friend was very happy and made beautiful arrangement and decorations to receive his dear friend. He spread costly carpets so that his friend is not hurt.

    When the sanyasi friend reached his rich friend’s house, he was amused and surprised to see the beautiful arrangements made to greet him. When he reached the main door, a person at the gate told him “See, your friend has intentionally made this arrangement to make you feel low. He wants to prove to you that how much he has attained in life and you are nothing. Hearing that the Saint got very angry and his EGO reached the peak, he felt hurt. He thought that he was such a big Saint and my friend wants to compare his riches with the knowledge I have gained. He went to a nearby dirty drainage, dirtied his feet in it and then went to his friend’s house. He spoilt the beautiful carpet with his dirty feet.

    The rich friend greeted his friend and was surprised to see dirty carpet. He shouted at his servants demanding to know who had spoilt his carpet. At this, the tapasvi friend said that “I have spoilt your carpet to show that I have gained more than you. You have achieved only money, but I have got spiritual knowledge, I am a Saint, a knowledgeable person, a tapasvi". His ego knew no bounds.

    The rich friend was stunned and replied very politely and apologetically “ Oh, dear friend after sacrificing all worldly and materialistic things, being a Saint, a knowledgeable person, your EGO is still intact, it has not gone down. I used to respect you, honour you, used to feel jealous of your achievements, but now I feel very sad that there is no difference between you and me. I have an ego for money and you have an ego for sainthood, your knowledge and tapasya. You have lost all that you have achieved.

    This short story teaches us how ego doesn’t leave anyone. Even a knowledgeable saint comes under the trap of ego and loses his gained respect. The same happens to us. Lesser the ego, greater the life and purity of our soul
    "Every soul is independent. None depends on another"

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    One cannot be afraid of the darkness within each and search happiness outside Similarly one can find real happiness only in oneself and not outside It is the simplicity and purity of the soul that will give the real happiness and not the worldly pleasures or any kind of materialistic things This inner happiness is permanent and far better than the happiness derived from the worldly pleasures which is temporary The soul can be purified only by keeping the mind and the heart clean Keeping the thought process clean and converting those pure thoughts into actions Following the religious rites daily would help the soul to get purer and will free the mind from all kinds of evil thoughts. from all kinds of evil thoughts
    "Fight with yourself, why fight with external foes? He, who conquers himself through himself, will obtain happiness. himself, will obtain happiness"

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    Second Day
    Once upon a time a famous sculptor visits the court of a famous King with 3 similar kinds of statues and each priced differently. The King gets angry on the sculptor that since these 3 statues are similar, why have you priced them differently. The sculptor is asked to justify the prices or else he would be punished. The sculptor displays something very interesting to the emperor, he takes a wire and starts inserting it in the ears of the first statue which is priced lowest. The wire does not enter the ear completely as there is no hole in the ear. The sculptor does same with second statue and shows how the wire enters from one ear and comes out of another ear. In the third statue which is the expensive of all, the wire enters from one ear and keeps on going in but does not come out. This shows that we have three types of listeners to various discourses, one who just listens but does not practice anything, second one listens but hardly remembers anything and third one is the true follower who not only listens but keeps within and follows the same We all should try to be like third statue that we also practice what we listen in the discourses

    "We should carefully think after we read scriptures and listen various discourses that way we can put into practice in our daily life This is true essence of our festival and let us all pledge that we shall not celebrate this festival for eight days only but practice what we learn in these eight days for remaining 365 days"

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    First Day
    The theory of Karma says that if you have done enough good deeds you will get your wishes completed sooner and by good deeds. By good deeds we mean following Jain way of life The main aim of our life should be to purify the soul We should not perform any violent activity to get materialistic success We desire to win in every field of this world Rather than these winnings it is important to win our anger, ego, greed, jealousy etc we should aim at defeating these enemies first in our life and 95% of our problem will be solved Lord Mahavir said that winning these inner enemies will give external peace to us

    "The soul comes alone and goes alone no one accompanies it and no one becomes is mate"

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    ||OneSide Love||

    "Neither did you love me Nor did you honour your promises The whole world makes me realise this Our lives were snapped apart darling Like a broken star from the sky I'd never thought that you would forget my love And that you would forget the promises The hearts met and then got separated God was by my side when you left me After taking my heart you broke it Oh my broken hearts can never join again"

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    "When we were small we used to do fight with mom for money on friendship day For Band now its A time Having A lot of money but no hand of a friends for whom we can purchase Band"

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    PAP I DO"

  • saniljwels 8w


    "Eye For And Eye Will Make A world Blind But Love For Love Will make Everything Alive"