read my heart through my words it says who am I !!

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  • sanjana_r 1d

    Lost my cat , lost my world

    What would I do without you ,
    Because each day falling apart ,
    I couldn’t take the broken pieces to work out together ,
    Because pain and experience , made
    Me to reach out for you even more closer !!
    Just come back as you were , let’s face everything as it was before !!
    What would I do without you !!!
    Because you being not here is meaningless !!
    Just come back as you are now !!
    Missing you brownie 😭

  • sanjana_r 1w

    What if you were invisible just to know how everything works in your absence ?
    You would definitely know the true colours of everyone ! Some would move on , some would really feel for you ! But yeah no one is going to remember you for your lavish wealth for a long time ! It’s how you behaved with them , the way you carried yourself with everyone matters a lot ! Remember you can earn money , not the character !! Always be the person in making !! You are never completely a perfect person , always a work in progress of making the betterment of getting better !!

  • sanjana_r 1w

    Don’t lose yourself in the process of pleasing others !

  • sanjana_r 1w

    Delicate in heart ,
    Sensitive echoes around ,
    Positive vibrations , still searching

  • sanjana_r 4w

    The greatest gift of all is to be happy

  • sanjana_r 4w

    She stayed calm , Showing merciless maturity to sea of injustice !
    Silence as waves , this too shall pass !
    Patience is the key for all

  • sanjana_r 5w

    Being you is the most unique thing you can afford !
    Don’t lose yourself


  • sanjana_r 9w

    Death is easy ,
    Simply the end of all ,
    Choosing to live ,
    And to live is the real death !!

  • sanjana_r 13w

    happy and smiling outside ,
    Tremors and pain hidden back under that smile ! Only the inside me knows


  • sanjana_r 17w

    Take a relief
    Life is to relive